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BBC heads size up Eurovision tweak.(News)

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– BBC heads size up Eurovision tweak.(News)
– ‘It’s like singing in a cloud’
– Peter Robinson watches Popworld score a cheeky hit

BBC heads size up Eurovision tweak.(News)
Free with registration – Music Week – – May 29, 2004
(News) BBC Eurovision bosses are pondering whether to "go cabaret" for 2005’s UK entry after a series of visual stage spectacles dominated this year’s voting. With skimpily leather-clad Ruslana giving Ukraine victory for the first time to date and British hopeful Jamie Fox’s more straightforward performance managing 16th place the BBC’s competition producers sac a.

‘It’s like singing in a cloud’
BBC News – May 29, 2004
And when I’m singing I have to keep a cough sweet in my mouth so that I can sing clearly. During the 1960s Brian who now lives in Lincoln was one half of The Allison’s who wrote and performed the Top 10 hit ‘Are You Sure’ after being spotted in a talent contest to find “the new Cliff Richard” – which was judged by the man himself. The song later came second in the 1961 Eurovision Song Contest – one of the UK’s highest ranking results. Non-smoking venues ‘rare’It was after this overnight success that Brian and his partner Colin Day began touring the UK’s pubs and clubs. “We were doing two shows a night seven days a week. “At first we were performing at big venues so whether they were smoky or not wasn’t clear. “Then the bookings changed and we were playing in ballrooms and working men’s clubs and pubs and I became more aware of the smoky atmospheres.

Peter Robinson watches Popworld score a cheeky hit
Guardian Unlimited – May 29, 2004
It is un-secondguessable. In a new regular feature stars are filmed on one end of telephone interviews with a distracted Amstell. During luckless Eurovision entrant James Fox’s own phone interview Amstell absent-mindedly took a call on line two from Neil Tennant whose response “Who the hell is James Fox?” prompted Christopher Biggins to appear on line three with a shriek of “If that’s Neil Tennant tell him I want my stepladder back. ” Fox was still droning about songwriting on line one. “You don’t get that on TOTP Saturday” notes Amstell from the popstarless comfort of his London home. “I phoned the BBC to complain about Fearne Cotton but she’s still working there. ” Amstell is rightfully dismissive of other shows’ somewhat dimwitted pop interviews but admits that Popworld’s confrontational interview style had uneasy beginnings when the show launched four years ago.

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