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Eurovision Song Contest 2005 participant

Terry Wogan

The News Review:

– Terry Wogan
– Ex-pop star fined for sex arrest
– Vote for us – or else
– Is Europe playing our tune? As UK contests continue to falter…

Terry Wogan
Guardian Unlimited – Jun 4, 2004
Nobody could breathe. There was a lot of what can only be described as hysterical laughter. Will there ever be a better Eurovision entry than My Lovely Horse? No. My Lovely Horse should be an entry every year. And if we could possibly have some striptease going on and some people playing Xena the Warrior Princess that would probably be a winner. And if it came to the Balkans… I really have little patience for midgets. [Small Talk guffaws noisily] Sorry I should say persons of restricted growth. So what’s your favourite TV show? The Eurovision Song Contest followed by Children in Need and anything else in which I’m involved [laughs]. No my favourite show is the Terry and Gaby show. You were in that as well.

Ex-pop star fined for sex arrest
BBC News – Jun 4, 2004
Working with producers Stock Aitken and Waterman Brother Beyond had a number of chart hits in 1988-89. These included The Harder I Try which reached number two in July 1998. Mr Moore later joined Worlds Apart enjoying success in the UK and France in 1993 and 94. He now manages pop act Phixx Eurovision contestant James Fox and former Pop Idol contestant Hayley Evetts.

Vote for us – or else
ic – Jun 4, 2004
It’s A Knockout will return with Stuart Hall. The people we know again We’ll win Eurovision. Think about the people we know. And I know who I want to lead our European negotiations. We want someone who will be able to skilfully articulate our views but listen to any concerns from our European partners. Someone we can trust.

Is Europe playing our tune? As UK contests continue to falter…
Free with registration – Building Design – – Jun 4, 2004
Damian Arnold speaks to three architects that have found greener pastures. (News Analysis) If design competitions across Europe were entered into a Eurovision Song Contest-style showdown would Britain get nul points? If the last six months are anything to go by Britain would probably end the night languishing in the doldrums with the weird Icelandic entry. This year UK design competitions have come under the spotlight like never before after a string of problems. These have included the client not having garnered enough local support for its proposal resulting in mass public disapproval when the winner is revealed; or the client simply changing its mind about the one it wants alter a winner has been chosen fairly and squarely. Mention of the word Middlesbrough Plaistow Bexhill-on-Sea and after last week Northampton will prompt many a scheme-winning designer to retire rapidly into their recliners with a stiff drink and a wet handkerchief to sooth their fevered brow. So what’s the answer? The RIBA is talking about expanding its competitions office to offer more best-practice to clients inexperienced in running contests.

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