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The countdown to real Eurovision

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– The countdown to real Eurovision
– British and Dutch voters go to the polls today
– Jesus musical set for star-studded resurrection
– Jesus Christ Superstar @ Palace Theatre

The countdown to real Eurovision
Western People – Jun 10, 2004
The World Cup was the be all and end all and nothing else really mattered. Gradually that has changed and now there is a school of thought which suggests that the European Championships have exceded the World Cup in importance. It’s difficult to argue with as bar Brazil and Argentina (admittedly two significant absentees) the cream of world’s footballing teams are European. As is usual our nearest neighbours are starting to work themselves into a bit of a sweat about their chances.

British and Dutch voters go to the polls today
Times Online – Jun 10, 2004
Out of the 14670 candidates of whom a third are women voters must select 732 people to send to the European Parliament for five years. The division of MEPs is so heavily weighted towards small countries that speck-like Malta has one MEP for every 80000 citizens while gargantuan Germany has one for every 830000. The candidates include two astronauts a Nobel prize-winner Olympic medallists an Oscar winner a supermodel a Eurovision Song Contest winner a porn star assorted TV celebrities and Big Brother finalists. There are also serious politicians including half a dozen former prime ministers. Despite the colourful cast list of candidates however the turnout is expected to be very low. A recent study by the European Parliament suggested that only 48 per cent of the electorate will vote just under the 49 per cent of the 1999 election. That was the first time the turnout had fallen below 50 per cent.

Jesus musical set for star-studded resurrection
Baltic Times – Jun 10, 2004
For him being martyred eight more times in Tartu should be like falling off a log. More familiar to audiences will be the Estonian stars involved. Vaiko Eplik the lead singer of Estonia’s failed Eurovision band Ruffus plays Judas (read into it any irony you want) and Liisi Koikson plays Mary Magdalene – quite a reversal from her recent role as good-girl Sandy in “Grease. ” The performance will be in English with Estonian titles. Tickets should still be available during the week of the show. In Tartu they can be bought directly at the Vanemuine Theater’s box office and range from 125 kroons (8 euros) to 295 kroons. They will also be on sale throughout Estonia via Piletilevi or Piletipunkt agencies at the same price.

Jesus Christ Superstar @ Palace Theatre
Manchester Online – Jun 10, 2004
Charismatic Glenn Carter who has an amazing vocal range was terrific in the title role. It’s not surprising – he has played Jesus in London and won awards on Broadway as well as appearing in the film version. Making his professional stage debut James Fox from Fame Academy 2003 and this year’s Eurovision Song Contest makes a fair stab at the showier role of Judas. There are strong performances from Tim Churchill as Pontius Pilate and Emma Dears as Mary Magdalen while Mancunian Martin Callaghan who trained at the Abraham Moss Centre proved a real crowd-pleaser as Herod. Jesus Christ Superstar is on at the Palace Theatre until Saturday October 16. Tickets are priced é9.

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