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He’s the Jewish Michael Jackson – so why does a group of rabbis…

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– He’s the Jewish Michael Jackson – so why does a group of rabbis…
– I had afternoon tea with James Fox
– ‘Best 0-0 draw I have ever seen’

He’s the Jewish Michael Jackson – so why does a group of rabbis… – Jun 20, 2004
“These trouble-makers really believe they are doing God’s will as do suicide-bombers to be quite frank. ” This is not the first time that the Jewish community has spoken out against a popular singer. In 1998 ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel were outraged by Dana International a transsexual singer who won the Eurovision Song Contest for Israel. Rabbi Shlomo Ben-Izri the deputy health minister at the time claimed that Dana’s performance would “bring darkness unto the nations”. A spokesman for the Manchester Beth Din – the Orthodox Jewish religious court – said that the ban did not represent their views and that the individual rabbis were acting in a private capacity. Mordechai Ben David was unavailable for comment.

I had afternoon tea with James Fox
BBC News – Jun 20, 2004
When I was full I started talking to James fox. My job was to be a roving reporter for the day this is what I asked him:. It was such a fantastic honour to represent my country and be a part of the whole thing. If you could who would you duet with?JF: Um.

‘Best 0-0 draw I have ever seen’
Guardian Unlimited – Jun 20, 2004
It is one of the biggest shocks in a European Championship. ‘ ‘It was a shock to qualify it’s the first time in our history. Now we can show Europe that we exist and we play football we aren’t just Eurovision Song contestants. ‘ As more people piled into the bar throughout the game by full-time it seemed that every London-based Latvian and honourary had packed into the smokey basement of this cultural centre to watch their side take on Germany. Initially the atmosphere was nonchalant as the punters seemed reluctant to get their hopes up. A group of Scottish men were the first to take their seats around the old television set which was smaller than the portable aerial under which it sat. ‘We’re supporting Latvia because Scotland aren’t in it’ said Alistair Vitch.

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