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Brussels: Anna Maria Jopek & Justyna in concert

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* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
* I had afternoon tea with James Fox
* OT4 to select 2005 Spanish representative?
* Brussels: Anna Maria Jopek & Justyna in concert
* He’s the Jewish Michael Jackson – so why does a group of rabbis…
* Pork choc on the menu in Ukraine
* Istanbul to Grind to Halt during NATO Summit

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
Since relegation was introduced as a means of limiting the number of entries, the Big Four have been guaranteed participation as the largest financial contributing nations to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). Despite their useful financial contributions to the Eurovision Song Contest, the same cannot necessarily be said of their musical contributions with just one win between them in the last 20 years ? and that was sung by an American. As new entrants to the EU, former soviet republics and former men have taken the crown, the Big Four have thrived in the modern Eurovision world like Eskimos in Ethiopia. In this article, I?ll be looking back at some of the records and some of the highlights ? or low-lights ? of the Big Four?s contributions since 1985 and giving some insight into where it?s all gone wrong for them… Jessica Garlick pulled up to 4th place in 2002 with a strong entry, but the UK are on a downward spin, hitting rock bottom the following year. The French stereotype wants to win everything they enter and even some things they don?t, so a victory famine stretching back to 1977 hurts French pride deeply. To be fair, the French have put good runs together, finishing in the top ten for eight years running from 1988. Frank Neuff, the Eurovision legend himself, had to explain that Sweden had won on a count-back of highest scores and France, as usual, would return home without the trophy.

I had afternoon tea with James FoxBBC News
When I was full, I started talking to James fox. My job was to be a roving reporter for the day this is what I asked him:. It was such a fantastic honour to represent my country and be a part of the whole thing. If you could, who would you duet with?
JF: Um.

OT4 to select 2005 Spanish representative?
They are demanding changes to the format after this year’s Operaci?n Triunfo 3 failed in the viewing rates chart. Following poor viewing figures of Operaci?n Triunfo 3 rumours have already been popping up saying that there wouldn’t been a 4th edition before the summer of 2005. Thus the 2005 Spanish Eurovision Song Contest representative would not be selected by this popular format. Nevertheless TVE started negotiations with GestMusic, the producer of Operaci?n Triunfo, about producing a 4th edition in October 2004 or January 2005. TVE however, is demanding changes to the format in order to kick up the viewing rates again. Knowing that Operaci?n Triunfo 4 will probably take place before the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, the format can still be used to select the Spanish representative for Kiev. TVE however, did not make a final decision yet! Related polls… great place for retirement in the future ( I only hope!). I would very much love the Eurovision to come to Spain for 2006! about time!. As Spaniard, I do love Rosa, but for the way of she really is, her inocence and her voice, but the song was very popular in Spain.

Brussels: Anna Maria Jopek & Justyna in
be News. Justyna Steczkowska (1995) and Anna Maria Jopek (1997) will be on stage for the occasion of the Festival d’Et? at which Poland is this year’s guest of honour. On 19th June the biggest ever Polish event in Brussels takes place at the Grand Place. For the occasion of the 2004 edition of the Festival d?Et?, guest of honour Poland gets the opportunity to show its culture and folklore to the Brussels? population and the many tourists. Two former Polish Eurovision Song Contest entrants are among the performing artists: Anna Maria Jopek, who sang Ale jestem in 1997, and Justyna Steczkowska, the 1995 representative with Sama.

He’s the Jewish Michael Jackson – so why does a group of rabbis…
“These trouble-makers really believe they are doing God’s will, as do suicide-bombers, to be quite frank. “This is not the first time that the Jewish community has spoken out against a popular singer. In 1998, ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel were outraged by Dana International, a transsexual singer who won the Eurovision Song Contest for Israel. Rabbi Shlomo Ben-Izri, the deputy health minister at the time, claimed that Dana’s performance would “bring darkness unto the nations”. A spokesman for the Manchester Beth Din – the Orthodox Jewish religious court – said that the ban did not represent their views and that the individual rabbis were acting in a private capacity. Mordechai Ben David was unavailable for comment.

Pork choc on the menu in UkraineBBC News

After Ukraine’s victory at the Eurovision song contest, Kiev is gearing up to welcome thousands of visitors from Europe. Chocolate salo is likely to be one of the dishes they are offered especially as Ruslana, Ukraine’s winning entry is a fan of it. And you can also get hold of the sweet salo – nicknamed Ukraine’s Snickers – in Ruslana’s home city of Lviv in Western Ukraine. “I love it as it’s unusual. I was given the first serving of Lviv’s chocolate salo.

Istanbul to Grind to Halt during NATO SummitZaman Online
Access will only be allowed through checkpoints. Istanbul Governor Muammer Guler held a NATO Summit Informational Meeting at the Istanbul Police Department. Governor Guler said that Istanbul successfully hosted the Eurovision Song Contest, the World Association of Newspapers (WAN), the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) Foreign Ministers meetings within the last month and that it was prepared for NATO as well. According to information provided by Guler, neighborhood officials of the affected area have submitted information about the people who live or work in NATO Valley. These residents have been given identity cards that they will use to enter through checkpoints. Police forces from around Turkey will provide security for the Summit. If necessary, an Istanbul Gendarme Commando regiment could be called into action to provide additional support.

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