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Latvia going for a song

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– Latvia going for a song
– Bang-a-Bang teeters on tragic.
– Popstars returns for third series

Latvia going for a song – Jun 25, 2004
How quickly we forget the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest in Estonia where the musical might of Jessica Garlick (Pop Idol finalist with Will Young and Gareth Gates) was silenced by an unlikely winner from lyrical Latvia. Even Ira Losco’s catchy 7th Wonder could claim only runners-up spot for Malta. It was a boom bang-a-bang of a result. The biggest upset since Cliff Richard’s Congratulations got beaten into second… Marian Pahars has endured 18 months of injury problems during which Dynamo Kiev’s Maris Verpakovskis emerged as a golden goal-scoring alternative to the Southampton forward. Representing their country has brought out the best in the nomadic bit-part players who failed to make it in the European mainstream. Now they have the chance to put the record straight before a Eurovision audience. For Terry Wogan read Des Lynam. For Katie Boyle come in Gabby Logan. It is time for the British jury to pull the sofa in front of the television and see what gets the people of Latvia clapping and cheering. There will not be a dry eye in a Riga household if their troubadours can beat ‘nil points’.

Bang-a-Bang teeters on tragic.
Free with registration – Asia Africa Intelligence Wire – – Jun 23, 2004
(From Canberra Times) Y OU’VE seen any number of plays about dysfunctional families but British playwright Jonathan Harvey seems to have carved out a specialty line in comedies about dysfunctional friendships. Boom Bang-a-Bang updated by director Adam Maher to the night of the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest proves to.

Popstars returns for third series
BBC News – Jun 25, 2004
DisillusionA Granada spokesman said Popstars: Boy Meets Girl was one of several ideas being considered. Duos are rare in today’s pop scene. Eurovision entrants Jemini are among the most memorable of recent times largely due to their dismal performance at the competition when they scored “nil points”. No judges have yet been announced but it is thought Pete Waterman will no longer take part following his disillusion with the TV talent show format. He refused to hide his disappointment when Scottish singer Michelle McManus won the final of last year’s Pop Idol for which he was a judge.

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