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Land of make believe!

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– Land of make believe!
– How to be unfashionable
– The winners take it all

Land of make believe!
Free with registration – Europe Intelligence Wire – – Jun 26, 2004
Land of make believe! (26-JUN-04) Europe Intelligence Wire. Amanda of Mountsorrel was introduced to the Eurovisio.

How to be unfashionable – Jun 26, 2004
By the end of the 1960s the two men were already by-words in naff. In an age of cool they both seemed to be trying too hard and they were always a couple of steps behind the fashion wearing flowery shirts with overbearing collars when everyone else had moved on to grubby T-shirts and grinning over-enthusiastically when everyone else was busy looking sulky. In 1968 Cliff appeared in the Eurovision Song Contest singing Congratulations in a double-breasted velvet suit and tie (or was it a cravat?). In the same year Tony who had never given up hope of becoming a pop star released an album called Tony Blackburn Sings which included a notably thin rendition of The White Cliffs of Dover. Whenever he was photographed Tony liked to point a daft finger at his companion or to put his hands around their throat in a comical gesture. For at least 30 years both Tony and Cliff seem to have realised that despite their best efforts or perhaps because of them they are destined to be always out of kilter with the times.

The winners take it all
The Age – Jun 26, 2004
” A scathing write-up in Melody Maker (it was great because it gave them street-cred Tyrrell says); the fortuitous release of the Abba Gold greatest hits album; a blessing from Bjorn (he sent a telegram saying anyone who looked like him deserved a successful career) and the international Bjorn Again franchise and virtual world domination soon followed. The interlopers have now been around for 15 years longer than the originals. (Abba’s career took off after their Eurovision song contest victory in 1974. They declared they were “resting” in 1983 but never officially announced their retirement. ) Bjorn Again are Australia’s greatest unsung rock export says rock historian Glenn A Baker. “They are crisp clever witty and hardworking.

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