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Your views: Eurovision 2004

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– Your views: Eurovision 2004
– Fans make Eurovision pilgrimage
– Your verdict on Eurovision 2004
– New Europe? New Eurovision!
– Turkish TV ponders how to announce Greek Eurovision singer.
– Eurovision star to advise Ukraine PM
– Eurovision Song Contest Serbia 2008 | Special – Under the same sky:…

Your views: Eurovision 2004
BBC News – May 16, 2004
The song beat spirited competition from the Greek and Serbia and Montenegrin entries but accusations of political bias in the voting may have marred the event. Below are some of your views of Eurovision 2004. Did anyone notice that the small countries didn’t give any points to the three big ones of Europe (UK Germany and France)???!!! But Max (Germany) and James Fox should have been on a better position!!!Diana Stuttgart GermanyBrilliant! I am from Serbia and my wife is Ukrainian what better result could we hope for!! 2 great Slavic songs Slava Ukrajini! Zivela Srbija!Mihailo and Olja Bristol UKIt was a hilarious show as always. The presenters were priceless and the voting entirely predictable.

Fans make Eurovision pilgrimage
BBC News – May 15, 2004
Among the crowds of people milling around the venue are many British fans of the annual spectacle who have made the trip to Turkey especially for Eurovision. Simon Bennett has been making the annual pilgrimage to Eurovision for five years and says his earliest memory of the contest is 1972. “I always thought it was a TV event and that’s where I wanted to watch it” says Mr Bennett. “But live it is even better – there’s such an atmosphere” adds the Londoner.

Your verdict on Eurovision 2004
BBC News – May 19, 2004
Ukraine were the winners a British girl representing Cyprus took fifth and UK entry James Fox came in at 16th out of 24 competitors. As usual the show was filled with cheesy banter and colourful costumes. Did you tune in? Did you think Ukraine’s Ruslana was a worthy winner?And how did you rate the performances by Lisa and James?E-mail us with your thoughts!Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

New Europe? New Eurovision!
BBC News – May 6, 2004
We’ve seen the political photocall and the leaders of each country lined up; there they were the men in suits. Now thank goodness we await men in Lycra and women in stockings. At the Eurovision Song Contest politics isn’t centre stage.

Turkish TV ponders how to announce Greek Eurovision singer.
Free with registration – Asia Africa Intelligence Wire – – Apr 28, 2004
Turkish TV ponders how to announce Greek Eurovision singer. (28-APR-04) Asia Africa Intelligence Wire.

Eurovision star to advise Ukraine PM
BBC News – May 26, 2004
Ruslana would like a brand new concert hall put up especially for Eurovision. “In Kiev we have no venues which are suitable for hosting the competition” she said. “I think that a new venue should be built and I think that everyone here is coming to the same conclusion. Many of the potential venues in the capital are either too small or were built during the Soviet era and need major modernisation work.

Eurovision Song Contest Serbia 2008 | Special – Under the same sky:… – Jun 2, 2004
In this first edition of a two part special Kemal Shahin takes a look at how the final contest shaped up from the vocals to the music to the catwalk queens of fashion. An insightful look at the 12 who didn’t make it to finals and a whole lot more as we step into ‘the greenroom’. And so just like that the 49th Eurovision Song Contest is over and the 50th one is already fast approaching! What can I say? TRT did a brilliant job in delivering a show of the highest quality and professionalism which gripped viewers across Europe and as a Turk I can say that they made Turks living everywhere truly proud. So to all those who said they couldn’t wouldn’t or shouldn’t I hope you enjoyed the show! I will say no more on the matter regarding the silly rumours and remarks but learn and take note as the baton is passed over to NTU.

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