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Eurovision Song Contest Serbia 2008 | Special – Promise for Ukraine

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– Eurovision Song Contest Serbia 2008 | Special – Promise for Ukraine
– Castration jibe cut from Israeli “Shrek”
– Will brains beat beauty?
– SJ Super 7

Eurovision Song Contest Serbia 2008 | Special – Promise for Ukraine – Jul 14, 2004
From the old folk legend her Grandmother used to tell her about the promised girl to Ruslana who brought great promise. It’s now Ukraine’s turn to shine in the spotlight as all attentions turn to this magical kingdom. Many wait with baited breath for this new nation in Eurovision to host the 50th Eurovision Song Contest. There is an old legend which my Grandma used to tell me.

Castration jibe cut from Israeli “Shrek”
TVNZ – Jul 13, 2004
In its original Israeli dub the hit animated comedy had onecharacter threaten to emasculate another by saying “Let’s do aDavid Daor on him” – referring to the leading contralto whorepresented the Jewish state at the Eurovision song contest thisyear. “This film intends to present me in perpetuity as a eunuch a manwith no testicles and turn me into a laughing stock” Daor toldYedioth Ahronoth daily before bringing the case to court. A spokesman for the Tel Aviv District Court said it had decided inthe singer’s favour. A representative for the film’s producers in Israel said thechanges had been ordered to the film as soon as they got a letterfrom Daor’s lawyers. Yossi Cohen told Channel One television hebelieved the singer’s claim was exaggerated.

Will brains beat beauty?
Manchester Online – Jul 13, 2004
These competitions aren’t held in rich Western Europe any more. I find these contests interesting from a sociological point of view because I think they reflect the gender relations of our times. “But I am anxious that these pageants will be smuggled back onto our screens in an ironic way – like Eurovision – because it’s a bit naff a bit tacky and has a tinge of the Seventies to it.

SJ Super 7
Something Jewish – Jul 14, 2004
Shrek Jew: The Hebrew-dubbed version of the smash hit film Shrek 2 has fallen foul of Israeli singer David D’Or who took offence to a joke which implied he has been castrated. D’Or who is known for his falsetto voice and for failing to get Israel into the final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest (for the first time in recent years) was none too happy with a line in the film in which one character suggested they ‘do a David D’Or’ on another character. The offendingdialogue has now been removed. Mr Rak’s TV appearance: Eager kitchen watchers who tuned into Channel 4’s Wife Swap this week may have been stunned to see Mr Rak’s mini-latkes and Osem soup Croutons making their TV debut. They turned up in the home of the Kingstons from Liverpool who are the first Jewish family to take part in the reality TV show.

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