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Ukrainian premier sings duet with Eurovision winner.

The News Review:

– Ukrainian premier sings duet with Eurovision winner.
– Greece: Is Faliraki finally growing up?
– Lord Of The Dance @ Palace Theatre

Ukrainian premier sings duet with Eurovision winner.
Free with registration – Asia Africa Intelligence Wire – – Jul 18, 2004
Ukrainian premier sings duet with Eurovision winner. (18-JUL-04) Asia Africa Intelligence Wire.

Greece: Is Faliraki finally growing up? – Jul 16, 2004
Misdemeanours ranged from drugs possession and mooning in public to in the worst cases rape and even murder. It was a tawdry catalogue of events. Jemma Gunning 19 from Frome Somerset received an eight-month prison sentence for baring her breasts in a bar during a “Eurovision Thong Contest” and was told by the judge she had “insulted our Greek values”. She was released after her family paid £1675. Steve Ireland also 19 of Thurrock Essex cost his family £2250 for offending public morals by “mooning” in the street. Then Paddy Doran 17 from Peterborough Cambridgeshire died after being stabbed with a broken bottle in the Q Club. Russell Anderson 25 from Birmingham died from a heart attack after he was found staggering and raving “like a wild animal” on the roadside; and Ben Matthews 30 from Swansea was crushed to death after bragging that he could roll under a moving dustbin lorry and emerge unscathed.

Lord Of The Dance @ Palace Theatre
Manchester Online – Jul 16, 2004
While the image of the leg-flailing dancers being forced to board planes and ships is a wry one sobriety is soon resumed when you consider the fact that ités 1996 spin-off has gone on to become one of the most lucrative stage shows of all time witnessed by over 50m people in 36 countries. In fact since straying into our consciousness as a last minute replacement at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest Michael Flatley has transformed from jobbing dancer to amassing one of the biggest fortunes in theatre retiring in 2001 to enjoy his legacy. On last nightés form it doesnét appear if the Midas touch of the diminutive Chicago-born star is about to desert him just yet. Based loosely around a sparring duel between the Lord (Des Bailey) and his nemesis (Chris Hannon) for a pair of Irish belles and of course the audienceés affections it all makes for an enthralling ride of peaks of troughs. Mixing the bravado and energetic tap of the male half of the troupe with the fleet of foot serene Irish dancing of the females it plays out like a finely tuned instrument. Erin While Erin the Goddess (Collette Todd) serenades us sweetly intermittently when a pause for breath is required.

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