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Cory Spedding: West Cumbria’s latest singing sensation

Eurovision News Review:

* Olympic Eurovision achievements
* Cory Spedding: Junior Eurovision Song Contest runner-up
* France Gall: unreleased songs to appear
* Cory Spedding: West Cumbria’s latest singing sensation
* Cypriot junior final on Tuesday 7th September
* Malta: 118 entries for junior contest
* When it comes to the Olympics, I shall cheer for the sore losers and…
* Israeli ‘spy’ wants to live in Ireland
* Making a good noise: Wadada Leo Smith and Henry Kaiser
* The exquisite agony of being Greek
* Kerygma Volleyball Marathon kick-starts
* go Quest winner spends celebrity night with Julie and Ludwig

Olympic Eurovision
But what about that other big television event, the 2004 Olympics? Suddenly, newspapers spoke about a miracle last week. An Olympic miracle! Against all expectations, Athens is ready to host the 2004 Olympics, just like they did in ancient times. For years, the media and the audience were worried about the planning and ?suddenly?, roads are finished, the new subway is ready to use and the streets look clean and friendly thanks to the colourful decorations. Friday, an expected number of one billion people will see the opening act… Friday, an expected number of one billion people will see the opening act. ?All this unnecessary panic, while everything is ready in time?, many intend to say now. But is it really unnecessary?

Those who are closely involved with the organisation of the Eurovision Song Contest, recognise a pattern here. Estonia, Latvia, Turkey and even Ukraine are victims of the panic. Months before the contest, fans, media and critics come up with the possibility that the preparations might not be finished before the deadline. In 2003, the executive producer of the contest was replaced because not all necessary contracts were signed. Everything to make sure they?d made it! After all, everything was finished when the first delegations arrived in Riga.

Cory Spedding: Junior Eurovision Song Contest runner-upNews & Star
Or you might choose your Cumbrian of the Year from the field of sport, like Carlisle United owner Fred Story, or millionaire businessman Brooks Mileson of Gretna FC. Your champion of champions could be Carlisle United manager Paul Simpson, who is fighting for league promotion for the Blues who are currently near the top of the Conference. Or perhaps you want to acknowledge someone who has promoted Cumbria abroad, like 13-year-old Cory Spedding, from Frizington, who represented the county and the country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Norway. You could vote for Carlisle pensioner John Quinn, who fought for almost 50 years to clear his name after being convicted of handling stolen lead in 1957. Mr Quinn spent every waking moment trying to get his conviction quashed and then last month he was finally vindicated by the Court of Appeal. Or your Cumbrian of the Year could be someone who hasn’t hit the headlines. But it could be someone who has inspired you with their achievements, courage or work for others.

France Gall: unreleased songs to
For this occasion, her record company WEA releases two yet unreleased singles, an album and a DVD. France Gall won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1965, representing Luxembourg with Poup?e de cire, poup?e de son. On 20th August, WEA releases France Gall’s first yet unreleased song La seule chose qui compte. This song was recorded when France Gall recorded the album Babacar in 1987 but wasn’t included on the album. The second yet unreleased song was recorded in 1977 and is called Une femme, tu sais. The song will appear on the compilation album Evidement to be released 5th October.

Cory Spedding: West Cumbria’s latest singing sensationNews & Star
The 13-year-old Frizington singer, who won the British final on Saturday, is set to appear on This Morning, GMTV and Richard and Judy, where she will sing her winning song, The Best Is Yet To Come. Not only is she following in the footsteps of fellow West Cumbrian singer, Tom Morley, who sang for the UK in the first ever Junior Eurovision last year, but Cory will also be following her father Alan on to national television. A safety officer at Sellafield, Alan is also a keen cook, a passion which has taken him on to programmes such as Master Chef, Richard and Judy and Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook. But now its Cory’s turn in the limelight.

Cypriot junior final on Tuesday 7th
Cypriot junior final on Tuesday 7th September The date of the Cypriot Junior Eurovision Song Contest preselection has been set. The Cypriot broadcaster CyBC has scheduled the final with 10 competing songs for Tuesday 7th September. A total of 54 entries were submitted to Cypriot broadcaster CyBC. A jury consisting of six members evaluated the songs and selected the 10 best songs for the final of the 2004 Junior Eurovision Song Contest preselection in Cyprus:

• Stella Maria Koukkidi – Afta pou hriazome (All I need)
• Nikol Papahristodimou – Ena latin se prokalei (One latin is challenging you)
• Louis Panagiotis – Gela tragouda (Laugh sing)
• Andreas Christoforou – Tha se agapo (I will love you)
• Loreni Kalliopi Kostantinou – Kalimera sto mellon (Goodmorning to the future)
• Malvina Charalabidi – Parti kalokairino (Summer party)
• Marios Tofis – Oneira (Dreams)
• Georgina Panagi – Mpla,mpla,mpla (Bla, bla, bla)
• Rafail Georgiou & Anna Loizou – Doste ta heria (Give your hands)
• Christodoulos Tsagaris – Diakopes (Holidays)

CyBC had earlier announced 13th September as possible date but finally changed it to Tuesday 7th September.

Malta: 118 entries for junior
The first round of eliminations will be held today and tomorrow at the Golden Tulip Vivaldi Hotel, in St Julians and the songs that make it through this round will be announced on Tomorrow evening. The second round of eliminations will be held on August 18 when 16 songs will be chosen for the final festival, which will be aired live on TVM. The winner of this festival will go on to represent Malta in the second Junior Eurovision Song Festival being held on November 20 in Lillehammer, Norway.

When it comes to the Olympics, I shall cheer for the sore losers and…Sunday Times – The Sunday Times
Used on article pages to rotate the images of a story. To remind you, rivals to the biggest event in the world have been man landing on the Moon and the ravishing transsexual Dana International winning Eurovision 1998 and plunging Middle Eastern heterosexual instincts into crisis. Against this, jocks drinking isotonic drinks and doing star-jumps start to look a bit shabby. Once you get past the opening ceremony, you are just basically watching Holmes Place CCTV, but without all the post-yoga flirting in the juice-bar. It is not as if the Olympics do not have potential. Any event where there are a few dozen winners and thousands of losers always shapes up well for entertainment possibilities.

Israeli ‘spy’ wants to live in IrelandIrish Independent
Mr Vanunu, who has spent more than 17 years in jail for revealing details of Israel’s nuclear programme, is currently not allowed by authorities to leave Israel. In an interview with Newstalk FM he discussed his admiration of Ireland, praised its democratic achievements, its anti-nuclear stance and bizarrely , the country’s success in the Eurovision Song Contest. In 1986, Mr Vanunu travelled to London and revealed Israel’s nuclear activities to the Sunday Times. He was then lured to Rome by an Israeli female agent and captured by Mossad. After being smuggled back to Israel he was found guilty of spying, then spent 17-and-a-half years in prison. Since his release he has not been allowed to travel outside or within the state of Israel.

Making a good noise: Wadada Leo Smith and Henry KaiserGuardian Unlimited
” There are two bonus remixes (by Bill Laswell and Philippe Verge) of this convincingly poptastic song, which also features a sparky accordion part by Clive Bell. Though Wobble’s unfeasibly low bass is prominent throughout, this is definitely a pop album, with tunes that wouldn’t be out of place at the Eurovision Song Contest. Not the British entry, I hasten to add. Tango Crash (Galileo, £13. 99) looks at first glance like another album put out in the wake of the Gotan Project’s success, such as the patchy Piazzolla Remixed, or the Bajafondo Tango Club. But there’s much more to it, partly because it is so musical, with a highly original approach to rhythm (the percussionist and co-producer is the talented Marcio Doctor).

The exquisite agony of being GreekIndependent Online
Being the cradle of western civilisation, democracy, maths and physics is a tough act to follow. Winning Euro 2004 may not rank with ancient triumphs but for 10 million Greeks in their homeland and another seven million dotted around the world, it was a chance, briefly, to quell their collective paranoia. This year’s Eurovision song contest was a classic example of that. Greek pop star Sakis Rouvas landed third place but endless theories abounded on why he lost to Ukraine’s Ruslana. Who on the national voting juries for the annual pop kitsch contest was plotting against Greece?

“That was a typical Greek reaction,” said Panoutsos. “We can convince ourselves there is a conspiracy. ”

Reflecting on the agony and ecstasy of being Greek, author Nikos Dimou conceded: “Greece is a small country with an immense ego, its people are burdened with history and myths.

Kerygma Volleyball Marathon
Mgr Lawrence Gatt, director of Siggiewi Homes, is then expected to bless the court in the presence of the representatives of the Ursoline Sisters and Lourdes Home, the other beneficiaries of the Solidarity through Sports 2004 campaign. The first “symbolic service” will be delivered at 2200CET by Jonathan Chetcuti – a volleyball national team player. The focus of attention will then split between the volleyball court and the stage, the latter hosting a number of entertainers including choirs, Eurovision singers Joe Grech and Mary Spiteri, Zowwi the magician, tenor Aldo Busuttil, singers Marvic and Olivia Lewis, the Peruvian band Sayari as well as Paul Curmi Dancers and the Msida Dance Centre. The Malta Volleyball Marathon of this year promises to be not just a charitable event but also entertaining event for the entire family and age brackets.

go Quest winner spends celebrity night with Julie and
The celebrity night was organised by go mobile and the Malta Song for Europe Committee. The twenty-four year-old winner was accompanied by his mother, Mrs Annie Schembri, to an unforgettable evening at a four-star hotel. A limousine car, courtesy of Limousine Services Ltd, picked the guests from their home and drove them to the Victoria Hotel, Sliema, where they were received by Charles Saliba, the hotel’s butler. A welcome drink was followed by the arrival of Julie and Ludwig at the hotel.

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