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Do you want to sing Waterloo or fight it?

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– Do you want to sing Waterloo or fight it?
– Edinburgh reports: diamond geezer girls in deep water
– Dana to run for ‘the park’.

Do you want to sing Waterloo or fight it? – Aug 17, 2004
But Europe increasingly resembles those insulated celebrities being shuttled around town from one humanitarian gala to another – like Barbra Streisand flying in by private jet to discuss excessive energy consumption with President Clinton. Just as elderly rockers and Hollywood divas are largely free from the tedious responsibilities of rich industrialists or supermarket magnates – payroll costs and plant upgrades – so the EU can flaunt its “concerns” about the world and leave the logistics to others. The US security umbrella along with the Eurovision Song Contest was really the prototype pan-European institution. The Americans helped build a continent in which you could sing Waterloo rather than fight it and if in their excessive generosity they accelerated an inclination to softness and decadence well it’s not their problem. For the wars of the future it makes sense to have a mobile presence using old colonial bases in the Horn of Africa or old Soviet bases in Central Asia as temporary homes. The EU meanwhile has challenges of its own and in the coming clash between a shrinking secularised Euro-elite and its swelling Islamist populations it’s not clear whether as James Baker would say America has a dog in that fight. The only question for the Continent is whether it’s over over there in a more profound sense than those singing doughboys ever contemplated.

Edinburgh reports: diamond geezer girls in deep water – Aug 16, 2004
Undeterred he’s written Taking Charlie a monologue for a 30-year-old woman that also features a number of songs written by its performer Abi Roberts. She plays the eponymous Charlie a mixed-up woman in a hideous bright pink tracksuit who finds herself in rehab after overdoing the drink and the cocaine and embarking on a doomed affair with a gay vet who has left her pregnant. The songs ranging from Eurovision parody to touching ballads are witty and tuneful and Harvey’s account of a woman’s life careening out of control is both amusing and touching. Nevertheless I experienced a feeling of déjà vu during this show and realised that it was because Taking Charlie owes such a heavy debt to both Alan Bennett’s matchless Talking Heads and the Andrew Lloyd Webber song-cycle.

Dana to run for ‘the park’.
Free with registration – Europe Intelligence Wire – – Aug 16, 2004
Dana to run for ‘the park’. (16-AUG-04) Europe Intelligence Wire. Dana Rosemary Scallon from Londonderry has revealed her determination to go he.

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