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Kosovo Won’t Be Televised

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– Kosovo Won’t Be Televised
– James to don his Jesus sandals
– Athens gets ready for party of Olympic proportions
– SJ Super 7

Kosovo Won’t Be Televised
Wired News – Aug 28, 2004
When [Eurovision staff] asked who they were they were essentially shoved aside. ” The equipment included computers and satellite transmission gear. “I think you’re going to see far less [live video]” Naets said. “You won’t see what you saw in Baghdad. What viewers see could depend on how the one available feed from the local Serbian TV station is allocated… What viewers see could depend on how the one available feed from the local Serbian TV station is allocated. “It could be Chinese TV that has live video” said Naets. Eurovision is a “backhaul” satellite service authorized by the Yugoslav federal ministry of telecommunications to service live video transmissions for the world’s broadcasters and their correspondents. It operates out of several rooms at the Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Belgrade. Companies who have been using the satellite include US broadcasters CNN NBC CBS ABC and Fox as well as both private and public broadcasters from Japan Australia and Europe Naets said. The company obtained approval to operate the transmission service in February following a lengthy appeal to Yugoslav authorities. A CNN spokesman confirmed that the Yugoslav government is not allowing any international TV companies to feed video from the country.

James to don his Jesus sandals
ic – Aug 27, 2004
The Bill Kenwright and Bob Tomson produced show opened at Birmingham Hippodrome last night and will be in the city for three-and-a-half weeks before embarking on a national tour. And James who also represented the UK in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest admits to having butterflies about stepping into such prime roles… “It gives you an opportunity to showcase your material” he says. “Before Fame Academy I tried for five or six years to get record companies to listen to my material but all those doors were closed. “Now after Fame Academy Eurovision and this I have a record deal with an album due out in February. “But it is a double-edged sword. You are always always put inside that box. I am hoping that with the Eurovision and this show people are now seeing me as someone other than Fame Academy. “James has yet to begin rehearsing for the role of Jesus but knows he will be learning from the experts as the man currently wearing the Messiah’s sandals is Glenn Carter.

Athens gets ready for party of Olympic proportions
Kathimerini – Aug 28, 2004
“It will be a party like those we used to have up on the roof with the record player going and us dancing singing and falling in love under the stars” said the director describing the show. Only instead of records on the turntable we will have before us all the great voices of Greece from Domna Samiou the golden voice of Greek folk song to the singers of the greatest hits of all time: Marinella Giorgos Dalaras Haris Alexiou Dimitra Galani and Yiannis Parios in the first half directed by Stavros Xarhakos. Composer-singer Dionysis Savvopoulos takes over in the second half with singers Eleftheria Arvanitaki Anna Vissi Alkistis Protopsalti Antonis Remos Michalis Hadziyiannis and the cherry on the cake Sakis Rouvas of Eurovision hit “Shake It” fame. A field of golden wheat in the center of the stadium where the lake was situated in the opening ceremony is where a typical Greek wedding is to take place with bride and groom music and traditional dances which will launch the party followed by the victory ceremony for the marathon winners and another ceremony to honor the legendary Spyros Louis whose name became synonymous in the Greek language for anyone who could run like the wind an indication that the victory of this Greek man from a humble background who defeated sporting heroes and experienced runners has survived through successive generations. Then it will be the athletes’ turn to enter the stadium led by a band this time not a DJ the farewell speeches by Athens 2004 President Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki IOC President Jacques Rogge and the handing over of the flag to Beijing which is to stage the 2008 Olympics and a farewell to the flame to music by Manos Hadjidakis. It is then that the spectators will be invited to join in and dance under a shower of balloons lightning and fireworks there are no trees in the Olympic Stadium so no fear of fires! The show will be broadcast under the direction of Manolo Romero who successfully filmed the opening ceremonies. After we extinguish the flame no doubt a lively debate will begin in Athens and culprits sought for the Games’ huge cost.

SJ Super 7
Something Jewish – Aug 27, 2004
“Watch out for the full interview on the site in October. Israelis who rock: Israeli music isn’t just about middle-of-the-road falsetto singers at Eurovision ? nor are they all transsexuals. There is a booming underground scene ? and one of the country’s up and coming bands is Izabo. This four-piece release their debut single Morning Hero in the UK next week and if you’re in London you can catch them at the Camden Barfly on August 30. Rebbe re-name: Fancy getting yourself a full-on frum name? Fed-up with plain old George Cohen or Jane Goldberg? Help is at hand.

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