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– You’re A Star launches third series
– The judges sentence the Olympics to lunacy
– What kids are listening to in Athens

You’re A Star launches third series
Ireland Online – Aug 31, 2004
Auditions start at 9am registration closes at 3pm. Bands will audition in one venue only centrally located in Portlaoise for ease of access from most parts of the country – The Dunamaise Theatre & Centre will be equipped to accommodate all musical bands. Because of Eurovision Song Contest rules bands need to number six or less members. RTÉ?s You?re A Star Series 3 will run in the same format as Series? 1 and 2 except songwriters from all genres and the writing of songs will feature unlike previous years. The winner(s) of ?You?re A Star? will go on to represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest next May in the Ukraine. The show will again take the headline slot on RTÉ every Sunday night for 17 weeks commencing November 2004.

The judges sentence the Olympics to lunacy – Aug 29, 2004
So are miners competing for how much tonnage of coal they can shift in five minutes? Or is theirs an event judged on artistic merit as colliers in helmets and hobnail-boots lumber around an underground coal-rink? Arthurrr Scargeeel nul points. This is of course hypothesis. What is not is that the Games are now full of largely judgemental sports Zeus meets the Eurovision song contest in which there is no way in which judgements can be transparently honest. Deals and prejudices are always possible if not actually implicit in such a system. Why in Athens the crowd’s boos even caused the judges’ score for a Russian gymnast to be increased and the American gymnast Paul Hamm was given a gold because the judges miscalculated their scores and gave him higher marks than the true winner Yang Tae-yung of Korea. Even the existence of a maximum score which is occasionally given in gymnastics suggests that final perfection has been achieved. This is the equivalent to giving a runner in the 1952 Olympics who ran the mile in 4.

What kids are listening to in Athens
BBC News – Aug 29, 2004
Fame Story has been the most popular for a while and the programme makers make the most of their success by releasing little five-track CDs from the show every couple of weeks. Super Idol!Now rival show Super Idol is getting more popular and it even has its own Simon Cowell-type judge called Ilias Psinakis. He manages one of the biggest solo stars in Greece Sakis Rouvas who finished third in the Eurovision Song Contest earlier in 2004. Last year’s Super Idol show produced a girl band Hi-5 who Zak described as a bit like the Spice GirlsA bit like Enrique. To see how his style compares with the type of tunes UK listeners are used to Newsround picked up a copy of his latest album.

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