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Swiss final on 5th March

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* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
* Melodifestivalen 2005: public silenced
* & start junior site
* Swiss final on 5th March
* French Junior final on 20th September
* Semifinals in Belgium and the Netherlands
* Final in Cyprus and Spanish selections
* France 3 selected 12 junior finalists
* Money, money, money in these rich men’s worlds
* IMF: Flexible exchange rate best measure against economic shock Saudi…
* Concerns about Cypriot junior results
* Seventies live again with a little nylon nostalgia

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
In order to have the best chances for high viewing rates, RTBF earlier postponed the final of Eurokids 2004 from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th September, a day with less competition on the Walloon TV screen. But RTL-TVI decided it will be different. The Walloon commercial broadcaster will show Titanic while the Walloon final for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be running on La Une, RTBF’s first channel. A remarkable decision since RTL-TVI is not used to broadcast movies on Sunday evenings. The tension between both broadcasters has risen agin. The question is if another replay of Titanic can still sink the Eurokids 2004 ship.

Melodifestivalen 2005: public silencedThe Local
In an attempt to break with the ’08’ flavour that the competition has gained after several years? placement of the final in Stockholm, Swedish Television initially offered the chance to host the final to the Scandinavium in G?teborg. But despite a strong sense of pride at the offer, they had to turn it down as they were already booked with a Fr?lunda hockey match. It?s the fiftieth year of the Eurovision song contest, so expect more ‘Schlager’ than usual in the coming months. The fun starts with a Christmas special this year and will continue with a Eurovision retrospective, all on Swedish Television. SVT has committed extra money to the 2005 Melodifestival, and producer Christer Bj?rkman tried to explain what this might mean for an artist like E-Type:

“If he had fifty-seven explosions on stage this year, he?ll be able to have closer to one hundred eighteen next year,” Bj?rkman told Sydsvenskan. Budding songwriters have until September 28 to send their contributions to Swedish Television. & start junior
The pages are not as detailed as the Eurovision Song Contest pages, but contain the most important details. com will cover all national selections and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with frequent news items. Details about the participants can be found on the special website produced by oikotimes.

Swiss final on 5th
In 2005 the Swiss German speaking broadcaster is responsible for the Swiss selection. SFDRS has scheduled the final for 5th March 2005. Besides selecting the Swiss entry for the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest by televoting, the national final will also pay attention to the 50th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest, which was organized for the first time in Switzerland back in 1956. The Swiss selections will happen in a different way than before. In a first phase, a singer or group will be selected to represent Switzerland in Kiev. Applications are accepted until 15th October 2004. Candidates are expected to have released at least one CD and one videoclip and should have reached the top 50 of an official singles sales charts.

French Junior final on 20th
net News. The finalists have been selected at castings Marseille Lille. The final will be hosted by Pierre Sled and Sophie Davant. France will organise the French national Junior final on Monday 20th September. The show will be broadcast on France 3 at 20.

Semifinals in Belgium and the
com News. In Belgium the Walloons start their search tonight, the Dutch start tomorrow night. Belgium

This year it’s up to the French speaking Belgians to select the Belgian song for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Walloon broadcaster RTBF holds the first of two Eurokids 2004 semifinals tonight. These are the five semifinalists:

? B-Cocktail – L’?ge d’aimer (The age of loving)
? Kevin – J’ai envie (I feel like.

Final in Cyprus and Spanish
com News. In Spain, the Eurojunior Festival finalists will sing their own songs for the first time. Cyprus

Cypriot broadcaster CyBC holds its junior final tonight. The show begins at 20. 00 CET and will also be broadcast on CyBC SAT.

France 3 selected 12 junior
The French national junior final takes place on 20th September. These are the 12 participants selected for the French junior final:

? Thomas (14)
? Julien (14)
? Julie (13)
? Julian (10) & Marine (11)
? Tiffanie (10)
? Joris (11)
? Christopher (11)
? Axelle (16)
? Lucie (14)
? Cindy (12)
? Marion (15) & Julia (15)
? Erika (15), Jordan (14), Amaury (15), Myriam (13) & Manon (14)

The French national junior final will be held on Monday 20th September and broadcast live on France 3. On the French junior website you can now find videos of the finalists’ casting.

Money, money, money in these rich men’s worldsIrish Independent
Ulvaeus, tieless and sporting a double-breasted pinstripe suit, could be an accountant while Lyngstad has a regal quality about her, which is hardly surprising as she was married to the late Prince Ruzzo of Germany. It’s been more than 20 years since they performed together, but for the 2,800 people tonight their being here is very special indeed. Together with fellow Swedes Benny Andersson and Agnetha Faltskog, Ulvaeus and Lyngstad became a phenomenon after winning the 1974 Eurovision, shifting 350 million albums. It’s a haul that makes the Swedish outfit the third highest selling act of all time, after Elvis and The Beatles. Such sales are extremely lucrative, with Ulvaeus and Andersson as songwriters, getting the lion’s share of the millions. Both women are millionaires many times over, although the reclusive Lyngstad is the poorer of the two, as she never invested in Mamma Mia! There have been many estimates about how much Abba are worth, with most suggesting a figure in the region of €300m. The BBC’s Liquid Assets, which sets out to uncover the wealth of celebrities, puts the figure at €296m.

IMF: Flexible exchange rate best measure against economic shock Saudi…Turkish Daily News – Turkish Daily News (subscription)
He added that discussions about Izfas Inc. — organizer of the IIF — and the dismissal of General Manager of IZFAS Dilara Surgu Ersozlu just before the opening, was the main reason for its disorganization. Despite these negative comments, visitors were pleased with the cultural and artistic activities, such as the Turkish winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Ruslana, and the world famous group The Gypsy Kings performing concerts, as well as Anadolu Atesi and Dawool Show enchanting visitors with their great performances. It was reported that 79 children went missing at the fairground. Happily, all were found by the missing child center and returned to their families. Turkish people deserve more than $4,000

In his speech Unakitan stressed countries undertaking change may face difficulties. Noting Turkey will overcome such problems, he said Turkey is already in a period of normalization

ANKARA – Turkish Daily News
The Minister of Finance Kemal Unakitan announced Turkey has experienced a national income of $4,000 per capita for the first time in its history.

Concerns about Cypriot junior
1,056 votes | Stella Maria Koukkidi – Afta pou hriazome (All I need)
9. 750 votes | Andreas Christoforou – Tha se agapo (I will love you)
10. 663 votes |Christodoulos Tsagaris – Diakopes (Holidays)

Parents asked CyBC to reveal the jury results, to find out how the jury voting affected their kids’ ranking.

Seventies live again with a little nylon nostalgiaIrish Independent
In the mid-Seventies and early Eighties Abba were the biggest popstars inthe world. The two married couples had their first international hit with Waterloo. “We had to do the Eurovision; it was the only way to break though,” Bjorn says with a smile. “Record companies were very biased against acts that weren’t Englishor American. ” A string of number-one hits followed and even as the marriages were falling apart the couples continued towork together. “It wasn’t difficult,”remembers Bjorn, as I wonder aloud whether it was strange to have his ex-wife singing his break-up music. “We had two children together and anyway, 90 per cent of the songs are fictional.

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