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* Eurovision star’s father dies
* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
* Irish president to stand for second term
* Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan
* Latvia: new date for junior national final
* Fair queen: This year’s Crab Fair Queen, Jade CarsonMike McKenzie
* Sex and the single woman
* Mary prepares to do battle
* Voice of an angel: Tom Morley sings at the wedding

Eurovision star’s father diesBBC News

Mr Mullett, who had been separated from James Fox’s mother for a number of years, was said to have been an inspiration to his son’s musical career after playing in a band. James Fox found stardom after appearing in the BBC TV series Fame Academy. He was selected to sing in this year’s Eurovision Song contest, finishing 16th with the ballad Hold On To Our Love.

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
com, Murat Bolat News. Julie & Ludwig, this years Maltese participants at the Eurovision Song Contest with On again. off again came second. Nusa Derenda, who represented Slovenia in 2001 with Energy, came third… Nusa Derenda, who represented Slovenia in 2001 with Energy, came third. Megahit 2004 took place last weekend in Fethiye, Turkey. Italy may not have participated at the Eurovision Song Contest since 1997, but they still do at the Mediterranean Song Contest. Italian singer Linda won the third edition of Megahit, organised last weekend in Fethiye, Turkey.

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
To commemorate this event, UK’s ITV channel will broadcast this Tuesday a documentary where Abba open their hearts and talk about those (happy or sad) days. The EBU paid a tribute to Abba’s 30th victory anniversary last May, during the Eurovision Song Contest’s semi-final in Istanbul with The Last Video. Now, British channel ITV joins the celebrations, by broadcasting this Tuesday a special documentary, which tells the true story of Abba (at least it seems like it), by the band’s members themselves. The most profound confessions will probably be made by the blonde star of the band, Agnetha Faltskog, who is portrayed as the main reason why the band never re-united or ever made a comeback, despite the molti-million pounds offers they got throughout the years.

Irish president to stand for second termIndependent Online
“It is my ambition to serve my country and to serve it for another seven years,” she said. McAleese had been expected to stand unopposed for the position but two other candidates announced their plans to run on Monday. Former independent European Parliament member Dana Rosemary Scallon – who won the 1970 Eurovision song contest with All Kinds of Everything as plain Dana – and Green Party politician Eamon Ryan still need to be formally nominated if they want to challenge the popular McAleese. McAleese comes from the British-governed province of Northern Ireland. She is allowed to run for president because, under the Irish constitution, almost anyone born in either part of Ireland is entitled to claim citizenship in the republic.

Daily Times – Leading News Resource of PakistanDaily Times
Almost 20 percent revelled in the thought of being able to outlive their archenemies. Eleven per cent said they?d use the extra time to add more notches to the bedpost. And when asked what would be the worst thing, over a third said they couldn?t face watching another Eurovision song contest; 31 percent were afraid they wouldn?t be able to blow out the candles on their cake, and a further 23 percent dreaded platform shoes making a comeback.

Latvia: new date for junior national
No reason was given for the change. The junior selection now takes place on 2nd October. According to the latest information from the Latvian national broadcaster, the selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place on 2nd of October in Ventspils. Meanwhile, it has been announced that the host of the final will be Lauris Reiniks (Latvia 2003) and his sister Ruta Reinika, a member of the pop group 4th Element. 4th Element has so far taken part in three national selections, and is one of the most attractive girl pop groups in Latvia

Dzintars Cica, who ended 9th last year, is invited as a guest to this years national selection. The 2004 winner will be selected by televoting.

Fair queen: This year’s Crab Fair Queen, Jade CarsonMike McKenzieNews & Star
Despite the loss of the greasy pole – a fair regular since the 13th century – because of insurance problems, this year’s crab fair promises to be better than ever, Derek added. “We’re disappointed that we can’t have the pole, we just couldn’t get covered for it even though it’s more of a landmark now as not many people climb up it, but there’s lots of other things happening,” he said. The fun kicks off tonight with a fancy dress wheelbarrow race around the pubs, more than 50 horses and their riders marking the boundary of the town, a concert by schoolboy Eurovision singer Tom Morley and a host of attractions including a rodeo ride. Tomorrow sees the traditional crab fair activities start at 12. 30 with the apple cart and field events, including the various animal and vegetable shows, at 1pm. A market, featuring local traders, will be running. Comedy act Dingle Fingle, who have a huge water cannon, will also take the stage.

Sex and the single womanThe Age
Most of us prefer to keep those areas as hidden as possible. ” If even Pelling is squeamish, no wonder there is a glaring absence in this explosion of sexual frankness. In what one might term “the Eurovision thong contest”, no British woman has stuck her head above the parapet and written down absolutely everything about her sex life. Weidenfeld & Nicolson think they may have found Britain’s entry. Belle de Jour, who claims to be a working prostitute, has been writing a hugely entertaining weblog since last year. The notable thing about Belle de Jour is that she writes incredibly well, with a witty turn of phrase and a worldly honesty that belie her alleged age (mid-20s). Here she is on a Boxing Day shopping trip: “26 decembre 2003.

Mary prepares to do battleIrish Independent
Her priority is to be President and it’s ludicrous to suggest that she should resign. ” Seven years ago, Dana was first to enter the Aras race. The Derry Eurovision winner of 1970 was a novelty when she returned from her US bible-belt home to contest the presidency. Her third place finish after Mary McAleese and Mary Banotti prompted Fianna Fail and Fine Gael overtures to join their ranks, according to John Brown. During her spell as a Euro MP she gained an international reputation as a right-wing champion of the Catholic Church, an impression reinforced by her campaign to have God included in the European Constitution. Asked if she ever received financial support from the Church, her brother replied: “Never, never, never. ” Her EU declaration of financial interests recorded no source of income.

Voice of an angel: Tom Morley sings at the weddingNews & Star
The couple, who live at Red Lonning in Whitehaven, are jetting off to Thailand tomorrow for their honeymoon. Tom wrote My Song for the World following the war on Iraq and the September 11 atrocities. He was chosen to represent Britain in the first ever Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen last year and came third with the moving tune. He is now preparing to take part in the prestigious Golden Star Festival in Romania on September 26 , against young performers from around the world. The Golden Star has been running in Bucharest for four years and will feature young competitors from around the world. Other stories from this category that may
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