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Eurovision Song Contest Serbia 2008 | News – France selects Thomas…

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– Eurovision Song Contest Serbia 2008 | News – France selects Thomas…
– In the hands of some fast talkers
– That Dana’s got guts
– Izabo |

Eurovision Song Contest Serbia 2008 | News – France selects Thomas… – Sep 20, 2004
France 3 had made a great effort to produce a good show but however missed the point of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. No songs written by the children but a simple soundmix show decided over the Fr’;.

In the hands of some fast talkers
The Age – Sep 22, 2004
Gordon’s job was to translate Coco’s signing into English. "We worked it into the routine the fact that I really couldn’t consistently hold a French accent for three hours" Gordon says. "Coco made this joke about how she used to have a beautiful French accent until her interpreter started taking a great interest in Eurovision. She said to the audience ‘I understand she sounds very Estonian this year’. "Increasingly signers are joining performers on stage. With show titles such as Sandakan Threnody the only answer is to spell them out. Cast members in one show tied Gordon up with a microphone cord and dragged her offstage and at a Drag King gig at Collingwood’s Star Hotel last year a drag king poet named Trevor 4Eva made up a poem about her "and so I had to translate all these odd things she was saying about me".

That Dana’s got guts
The Observer – Sep 19, 2004
26 BST Dana deserves a medal for her services to Irish democracy. This might sound strange coming from an ardent secularist who believes in the absolute separation of church and state and who thinks fundamentalist Catholicism has cast a withering reactionary shadow over Irish life since and arguably before independence. The former Eurovision Song Contest winner certainly champions all the causes from which liberals and progressives have recoiled: opposition to divorce; insistence on an outright ban on abortion; promotion of Catholic family values; rolling back of European democratic imperatives over Irish law; the special position of the church in Irish society. None the less Dana now Rosemary Scallon has demonstrated more political courage and stuck closer to her principles than the two major opposition parties. While she has made it clear from the outset that she would contest next month’s presidential election both Fine Gael and depressing it is to say Labour have run away from the battlefield. The reason for their diffidence is obvious: the overwhelming popularity of Mary McAleese the current occupant of Aras an Uachtarain. No one not even her liberal detractors back in 1997 would deny that President McAleese deserves a second term.

Izabo |
Something Jewish – Sep 19, 2004
The band whose EP Morning Hero is out now recently made their live debut in the UK playing dates in several cities including London Cardiff Hull and Glasgow. Lead singer and chief songwriter Ran Shem Tov spoke to SJ’s Caroline Westbrook about musical influences singing in Hebrew and how the band was inspired by an obscure Michelle Pfeiffer film?How did the band come together?I formed the band with my girlfriend Shiri who plays keyboards ? the band have actually been around for 12 years with various line-ups. Then five years ago another drummer came in and this is the new Izabo. There are four of us now.

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