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* Eurovision diva should be recognised for her contributions to Irish…
* Junior: Wallonia selects Free Spirits for Belgium
* Noni Razvan Ene to represent Romania
* Radio’s talent show for Estonian preselection
* Junior Song for Europe Festival – Televoting reduced by 10%
* In the hands of some fast talkers
* Michael Ball: “Singular Sensations”
* The Junior Song for Europe Festival
* Klaartje & Nicky to sing for the Netherlands

Eurovision diva should be recognised for her contributions to Irish…The Observer
The above statement might sound strange coming from an ardent secularist who believes in the absolute separation of Church and state and who regards fundamentalist Catholicism of having cast a withering, reactionary shadow over Irish life since Independence. The former Eurovision song contest winner certainly champions all the causes which give liberals and progressives nightmares: opposition to divorce; an insistence on an outright ban on abortion; the promotion of Catholic family values; the rolling back of European democratic imperatives over Irish law and the special position of the Church in Irish society.

Junior: Wallonia selects Free Spirits for
com News. In the final of Eurokids 2004, broadcast live on La Une, the Walloons selected Free Spirits for Lillehammer with the song Accroche-toi. Lorie, often named as a possible representative for Monaco next year in Kiev, opened the final of Eurokids 2004 with a spectacular performance of her current hit Ensorcel?e. Then it was up to kids. After several changes of the rules due to the disqualification of first semi final winner Bess, 7 kids were on stage… They all live in Li?ge, are 14 years old and like the music of the Offspring, Sum 41, Muse, Nirvana and Blink 182. With Accroche-toi, Free Spirits sing a very dark and controversial song, a try to convince one not to commit suicide. The first Walloon selections for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest have come to an end but however they can’t be called a real success. The Walloon Belgians once again proved that their interest in Eurovision is very low as Eurokids scored disappointingly low viewing figures the last couple of weeks. “It’s true that I’m a bit disappointed about the result”, says Leslie Cable, producer of the show. “But the shows we produced looked really good. The songs, the realisations and the choice of participants were excellent.

Noni Razvan Ene to represent
com News. He will represent Romania in Lillehammer with the song Iti multumesc which means thank you. Noni Razvan Ene is not unknown in Romania as he already starred in some TV commercials. His remarkable vocal skills were remarked by music professors and television producers at a very early age. Noni has participated in several festivals and contests in Romania and abroad, where he often won the first prize.

Radio’s talent show for Estonian
The talent competition is held during the radio station’s humorous morning programme. The people behind the show ask singers to send an audio file and a picture before 11th October. A jury will then choose 10 finalists who will have to perform one Eurovision song on the stage of Parlament, currently the most popular nightclub in Tallinn, on 16th October. Another jury, lead by Sven L?hmus, will choose the singer who will be prepared for Eurolaul 2005. The singer concerned will be transformed into a competitive singer and will record the song written by Sven L?hmus, which will be submitted to the Estonian broadcaster ETV for the national preselection. Even though it is not guaranteed the song will make it to the final of Eurolaul 2005 the winner of this talent show gets a free trip to Kiev to the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 final concert.

Junior Song for Europe Festival – Televoting reduced by
The niche audience watching this festival, it is being assumed, is more directly related to the participants and subsequently this decision. Maltasong, in principle, still believes that the audience has a right to be represented and that their vote must be reflected in the result. Forty percent is still a significant representation and therefore it encourages all those who want to see Malta well represented in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest to use this vote to choose the one most deserving to represent us.

In the hands of some fast talkersThe Age
Gordon’s job was to translate Coco’s signing into English. "We worked it into the routine, the fact that I really couldn’t consistently hold a French accent for three hours," Gordon says. "Coco made this joke about how she used to have a beautiful French accent until her interpreter started taking a great interest in Eurovision. She said to the audience, ‘I understand she sounds very Estonian this year’. "Increasingly, signers are joining performers on stage. With show titles such as Sandakan Threnody the only answer is to spell them out. Cast members in one show tied Gordon up with a microphone cord and dragged her offstage and at a Drag King gig at Collingwood’s Star Hotel last year, a drag king poet named Trevor 4Eva made up a poem about her "and so I had to translate all these odd things she was saying about me".

Michael Ball: “Singular Sensations”BBC News
He went on to play Alex on both sides of the Atlantic in the London and New York production of Aspects of Love. He even earned himself his first number one with a song from ‘Aspects’: ‘Love Changes Everything’. In fact Ball’s career has been peppered with highlights: from music industry awards to a hit Eurovision song. No doubt fans will be delighted to see him return to the West End

Michael Ball will be performing his show ‘Alone Together’ as part of the Singular Sensations season at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, London SW1Y 4HT.

The Junior Song for Europe
Colour Dreaming – Ylenia Caruana – Ylenia
15. Don’t You Think It’s Time – Raisa Piscopo – Raisa Pisopo
16. The Contest will be held in Lillehammer, Norway on the 20th November 2004. The voting system for the local festival will be 50% jury and 50% televoting. Televoting numbers will be announced next week.

Klaartje & Nicky to sing for the
Nationaal Juniorsongfestival attracted 1. 000 viewers in the Netherlands, that is about 8% rating and a market share of 18,3%.

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