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Eurovision: after a slow post-war start the bold vision that became…

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– Eurovision: after a slow post-war start the bold vision that became…
– Second term for Irish President
– Venetian anthropology.(View)

Eurovision: after a slow post-war start the bold vision that became…
Free with registration – Swiss News – – Oct 1, 2004
But the Swiss are now having second thoughts about competing in its annual pop-song contest. Quick now music lovers everywhere–here’s your Swiss News trivia question of the month: Which classical passage became the theme anthem for all Eurovision related broadcasts? Time’s up. It’s the ‘Te Deum’ from Marc-Antoine Charpentier’s Triumphal March–a reminder perhaps that the early vision of a Europe-wide showpiece tier television first took flight with images of high culture. But “Old Europe” didn’t react to that musical vision as hoped in the early 1950s and another idea took hold instead: pop music as sung and danced by contenders from an ever-growing number of member countries. This “vision” once a mere gimmick has caught on. Its network–one making all Europe’s national TV corporations “co-producers”–today wins the applause of spore fans pop-music lovers and big news-event followers across the continent.

Second term for Irish President
BBC News – Oct 1, 2004
The Belfast woman’s appointment was announced on Friday. She was returned unopposed. The Irish presidential race turned into the one-horse variety when Mrs McAleese’s potential rival the former MEP and Eurovision winner Dana Rosemary Scallon failed to get the support of either four councils or the signatures of 20 Tds and senators. Mrs McAleese 53 said on Friday that she was delighted. She said she would continue with a policy of bridge building and that it was wonderful to watch the peace process grow. Under the Republic of Ireland’s constitution a sitting president can nominate herself. Elected in 1997 as the eighth president of Ireland the Queen’s University graduate has an approval rating of more than 80%.

Venetian anthropology.(View)
Free with registration – Architectural Review – – Oct 1, 2004
Both also require the suspension of disbelief. This was at times a necessary mental prelude to some of the Biennale’s more outlandish offerings and conceits. As usual the action was divided between the Corderie (ropemaking sheds) of the Arsenale (where at its height the serene republic churned out a galley a day) and the Eurovision gaggle of national pavilions in the nearby Giardini. These were augmented by a handful of nomadic exhibitions around the city covering subjects as diverse as Lina Bo Bardi Taiwan and station design. Devised by Swiss writer and academic Kurt Forster a former director of the Canadian Centre for Architecture the thematic cue of this ninth Biennale was.

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