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– Dutch production company to stage Euro debate
– UK voters head to the polls for ‘Super Thursday’
– EU Politics News –

Dutch production company to stage Euro debate
Independent Online – Oct 6, 2004
Endemol is discussing prospects for broadcasting the debate to be held on the eve of the December 17 EU summit in a handful of countries Nicolai explained after an informal meeting with his EU counterparts on “Communicating Europe”. The debate will be “a kind of Eurovision” with a central debate with European politicians about the main issues that will be dealt with at the summit and will switch back to national television studios where the audience can vote on specific issues. Turkey’s EU accession would almost certainly be on the agendaThe Netherlands and the European Commission will jointly carry the costs of the debate but it is not clear what the total will be. At the December summit EU leaders are to decide whether or not to open accession negotiations with Turkey. In a widely leaked report that is to be presented on Wednesday the European Commission is expected to recommend that Turkey is ready to begin entry talks while warning there is a long road ahead.

UK voters head to the polls for ‘Super Thursday’ – Oct 6, 2004
WOMAN: The pound is strong the Euro is rubbish and you’re very good looking as well. He’s a handsome man this. PHILIP WILLIAMS: You remember Damien Hockney came second in the Eurovision song contest in 1979 and is now a lead candidate for the UK Independence Party which is stealing disaffected Tories with its anti-EU message. DAMIAN HOCKNEY UK INDEPENDENT PARTY: We’re not opposed to Europe ie. our friends in the different countries but we are totally opposed to the institutions of the EU controlling our country. PHILIP WILLIAMS: Music to Euro-sceptic ears and finding a ready market on the right. DAMIAN HOCKNEY: Yes in the last week or two we know that we’ve taken a good quarter of Tory voters but it doesn’t just come from Tory voters conservative voters it’s coming from a lot of people who have never voted before.

EU Politics News – – Oct 6, 2004
The Dutch production company Endemol has been asked to organise a debate around the issues up for discussion during the December EU summit where the bloc?s leaders will decide whether to begin membership negotiations with Turkey. The broadcast which will switch between a main studio and national TV studios will also give audiences the chance to vote on topical EU issues. The debate will be a ?kind of Eurovision? explained Dutch European affairs minister Atzo Nicolaï. EU ministers met in Amsterdam on Tuesday for an informal brainstorming session on how to ?communicate? Europe to the masses organised by the Dutch EU presidency. Faced with decreasing voter turnout at European elections a series of difficult ratification referendums on a new constitution and an increasingly euro-sceptic populace EU chiefs are increasingly focusing on the need to ?communicate Europe?. Previous attempts at explaining ?Brussels? and promoting a European identity for European citizens have had little impact and the informal meeting in Amsterdam was looking to generate some new ideas. Nicolaï said he hoped that the TV debate would be taken up by member state broadcasters and shown across Europe.

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