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Palace of Sports will be venue for Eurovision Song Contest.

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– Palace of Sports will be venue for Eurovision Song Contest.
– Press Release Distribution from
– ‘Riverdance’ aims to tap into the future
– River of no return

Palace of Sports will be venue for Eurovision Song Contest.
Free with registration – Europe Intelligence Wire – – Oct 13, 2004
Palace of Sports will be venue for Eurovision Song Contest. (13-OCT-04) Europe Intelligence Wire.

Press Release Distribution from – (press release) – Oct 14, 2004
Njålsson also admits that the song he contributed was “born in Swedish”. The unique circumstances surrounding the submission are rendered even more intriguing when composer Njålsson divulges the fact that he is a member of the Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) and of the International High IQ Society based in New York NY. For reasons related to the rules of the Eurovision song competition the composer declines to give any detailed information relating to the song including performing artists themes or even musical style. “Though I’m not at liberty to divulge that information until the beginning of next month I can promise that this song will be moving have integrity be of high quality and very non-conventional in the Eurovision context” Njålsson hints while confirming that he has united pop and classical artists in the production of the new ballad. When asked about alternative release plans for his new ballad Njålsson affirms that given the nature of the composition getting it published should not be particularly problematic. “This song is one of the best I have ever composed and the lyrics perhaps the most profound I have ever written. Therefore I am not thinking so much about publication per se but about where and under which circumstances I wish to publish and present the new song” he states.

‘Riverdance’ aims to tap into the future
International Herald Tribune – Oct 16, 2004
Tourists in the orchestra seats posed for photographs in front of the enormous logo onstage before the curtain rose. The enduring response to "Riverdance" on its home turf is testament to the strength of the show which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. But after playing to 18 million people grossing more than $1 billion at the box office and breaking all sales records for home videos the show that vaulted from the Eurovision song contest's halftime act to an icon of contemporary Irish culture has come to a crossroads. Earnings reached a plateau three years ago when an initial wave of enthusiasm peaked and pursuing further growth would have made the show's operations unwieldy or compromised its artistic standards according to its founders. Many Irish have heard enough of its syncopated theme song and now view its glossy Celtic themes as trite even though the show breathed new life into traditional art forms. The recent Dublin run was its first on home turf since 2000 and played in a 1100-seat theater – the smallest venue ever for the show – with half of the tickets sold to tourists. The "Riverdance" husband-and-wife founders John McColgan and Moya Doherty are far from naïve about its future.

River of no return
ic – Oct 13, 2004
Newcastle first hosted Riverdance in 1997 when it played to 30000 people over its run at the Arena. That year alone there were more than 350 performances in the UK and it has now notched up thousands of concerts worldwide. Since its inception as a seven-minute slot in the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest more than 10 million people have seen it in some form or another.

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