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Eurovision Song Contest – Njalsson Submits Swedish Ballad for Finland

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– Eurovision Song Contest – Njalsson Submits Swedish Ballad for Finland
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Eurovision Song Contest – Njalsson Submits Swedish Ballad for Finland – (press release) – Oct 17, 2004
Though some might see the outcome of the jury?s decision as politically important for the country?s linguistic minorities including the Swedish-speaking minority making up six percent of the country?s population Gunnar K. Njålsson is convinced that the eyes of the jury will be focused on the quality of music and lyrics whatever the language. “In principle I could have submitted a song in Finnish English Spanish Danish Norwegian or Swedish.

Press Release Distribution from – (press release) – Oct 17, 2004
Njålsson also admits that the song he contributed was “born in Swedish”. The unique circumstances surrounding the submission are rendered even more intriguing when composer Njålsson divulges the fact that he is a member of the Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) and of the International High IQ Society based in New York NY. For reasons related to the rules of the Eurovision song competition the composer declines to give any detailed information relating to the song including performing artists themes or even musical style. “Though I’m not at liberty to divulge that information until the beginning of next month I can promise that this song will be moving have integrity be of high quality and very non-conventional in the Eurovision context” Njålsson hints while confirming that he has united pop and classical artists in the production of the new ballad. When asked about alternative release plans for his new ballad Njålsson affirms that given the nature of the composition getting it published should not be particularly problematic. “This song is one of the best I have ever composed and the lyrics perhaps the most profound I have ever written. Therefore I am not thinking so much about publication per se but about where and under which circumstances I wish to publish and present the new song” he states.

Southern comfort
New Statesman – Oct 18, 2004
However from the opening track – a slow sexy take on “You’re the One That I Want” from Grease – to Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper” you cannot help but be charmed by the audaciousness of it all. Sure the band is having a bit of fun – “the perfect opportunity to ruin songs we liked and turn songs we didn’t into masterpieces” according to Heaton. But as with the Irish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest even if it sounds the same every time people will still love it. The best moments are the pure pop songs: the first single ELO’s “Livin’ Thing” could have been written by the Beautiful South; and S Club’s “Don’t Stop Moving” is bubblegum pop ripped apart and recast as catchy country and western. It takes gifted songwriters to pick up on what makes other compositions work and Golddiggas Headnodders and Pholk Songs is full of the hooks and melodies that made the originals so popular without the stigma that normally accompanies them. Hull never sounded so good. The Beautiful South’s Golddiggas Headnodders and Pholk Songs is released by Sony on 25 October Post this article to.

My acting days are over – Oct 19, 2004
I had to prove that I could understand other aspects of human beings and not just little fat girls. By the time she directed Harvey’s Eurovision comedy Boom Bang A Bang in 1995 she was a household name thanks to Mr Wroe’s Virgins for which she won a Bafta Common as Muck and above all Waynetta. I had no desire to be a film actress but if you win a big award like that then suddenly all these scripts are there and you’ve got to make really quick decisions and it was like crumbs all of a sudden I’m a film actress. ” It was on the set of Brian Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa that she felt the full force of her disgruntlement.

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