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Teenager jets off to Eurovision

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– Teenager jets off to Eurovision
– Ukraine’s Eurovision winner backs opposition candidate.
– Who’s happiest?

Teenager jets off to Eurovision
BBC News – Nov 19, 2004
Cory Spedding from Frizington travels to the Norwegian town of Lillehammer on Friday ahead of the competition on Saturday night. The teenager follows in the footsteps of 11-year-old Tom Morley also from Cumbria who came third last year. Cory is performing The Best is Yet to Come which she wrote herself. She said: “I just can’t wait to perform.

Ukraine’s Eurovision winner backs opposition candidate.
Free with registration – Asia Africa Intelligence Wire – – Nov 17, 2004
Ukraine’s Eurovision winner backs opposition candidate. (17-NOV-04) Asia Africa Intelligence Wire.

Who’s happiest? – Nov 18, 2004
Zimbabwe racked by political insecurity and hunger is rated the gloomiest picking up only 3. The figures may be reminiscent of a global version of the Eurovision Song Contest but the intention behind the study — to find the best country to live in during 2005 — is serious as well as competitive. “Although rising incomes and expanded individual choices are highly valued” the report says “some of the factors associated with modernization — such as the breakdown of traditional institutions and the erosion of family values — in part offset its positive impact. “Ireland wins because it successfully combines the most desirable elements of the new (the fourth highest gross domestic product per head in the world in 2005 low unemployment political liberties) with the preservation of certain cozy elements of the old such as stable family and community life. ” Ireland’s lifestyle victory represents rapid promotion for a country that until the 1990s suffered from large-scale emigration of citizens in search of work abroad. Membership in the European Union has however transformed its prospects.

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