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Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…

Eurovision News Review:

* Teenager prepares for Eurovision
* Teenager jets off to Eurovision
* Who’s happiest? – Salon
* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
* Eurovision debate on Maltese television tonight
* Junior 2004: A day before the big day!
* Hail the lord of the dance
* Downtown in Dubrovnik

Teenager prepares for EurovisionBBC News
Cory Spedding, 13, from Frizington, jetted out to the town of Lillehammer ahead of the competition, which takes place on Saturday night. She follows in the footsteps of 11-year-old Tom Morley, also from Cumbria, who came third last year. Cory will be performing The Best is Yet to Come, which she wrote herself. About 7,000 people will be watching her perform in Haakons Hall, but Cory says she will not be intimidated by the crowd.

Teenager jets off to EurovisionBBC News
Cory Spedding, from Frizington, travels to the Norwegian town of Lillehammer on Friday ahead of the competition on Saturday night. The teenager follows in the footsteps of 11-year-old Tom Morley, also from Cumbria, who came third last year. Cory is performing The Best is Yet to Come, which she wrote herself. She said: “I just can’t wait to perform.

Who’s happiest? – SalonSalon
Zimbabwe, racked by political insecurity and hunger, is rated the gloomiest, picking up only 3. The figures may be reminiscent of a global version of the Eurovision Song Contest, but the intention behind the study — to find the best country to live in during 2005 — is serious as well as competitive. “Although rising incomes and expanded individual choices are highly valued,” the report says, “some of the factors associated with modernization — such as the breakdown of traditional institutions and the erosion of family values — in part offset its positive impact. “Ireland wins because it successfully combines the most desirable elements of the new (the fourth highest gross domestic product per head in the world in 2005, low unemployment, political liberties) with the preservation of certain cozy elements of the old, such as stable family and community life. ” Ireland’s lifestyle victory represents rapid promotion for a country that until the 1990s suffered from large-scale emigration of citizens in search of work abroad. Membership in the European Union has, however, transformed its prospects.

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
com News. com concluded that after a small survey among parents around Europe. Polls are funny to organise, an excellent way to entertain, but reliable… To 26 families (with one or more kids under 18) in ten of the participating countries we asked: if your family would watch the show, who decides for which country your household votes?

In 18 families the kids can decide for which country to vote. In 5 families they would decide together, in the other 3 the parents would decide. Most of the internet polls are based on the opinion of Eurovision fans, particulary aged above 18. This means that the Eurovision fans are not representative for tonight’s televoting. The bookmakers base their bets on their expectations and the bets from paying members, again people above 18. Although it must be said that this poll is not 100 percent scientific, the results are significant enough to at least take into account that Junior Eurovision Song Contest polls are even more unreliable than those organised for the grown-up’s festival. And we all know how misleading they can be.

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
tv Prevention of smoking among adolescents Junior supports FEEL FREE TO SAY NO FEEL FREE TO SAY NO, the European campaign for the prevention of smoking among adolescents, is the official partner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. FEEL FREE TO SAY NO transports the message of non-smoking to young people all over Europe and is the first European non-smoking brand for young people. The official website junioreurovision. “It is no longer cool to smoke, and anyone who smokes is not genuinely free and independent.

Eurovision debate on Maltese television
The subject will be discussed on TVM tonight. The debate will be attended by Maltasong head Grace Borg, UKAM president John Vassallo, Fleur Balzan, Ivan Grech , Aldo Busuttil, Steve Aquilina and Philip Vella, who composed the Maltese entries Desire (2000), 7th Wonder (2002) and On Again?Off Again (2004). Bondiplus will be aired tonight on TVM at 20.

Junior 2004: A day before the big day!
se) News. Our reporter Jenny Steng?rd from Gylleneskor. se reports! The dress rehearsal before the press started at 16:00 local time at H?kons Hall. First, all the kids line up and walk in and wave before the camera, country by country. The hosts make their entrance with humour, according to another inside source from esctoday.

Hail the lord of the
And it’s the right time for Michael Flatley and his “Lord of the
Dance” to tour Beijing. Enchanting tours
To the many millions of his fans in all corners of the world, Michael
Flatley’s name is synonymous with the wave of Celtic dance mania. His swaggering, muscular style, uncompromising precision and spectacular
speed – 35 taps per second according to the Guinness Book of World Records –
brought the mesmerizing magic of Irish dance to the international arena in 1994,
at the Eurovision Song Contest held in Dublin and broadcast it to a global TV
audience. Flatley’s 7-minute solo performance during the intermission of the contest
catapult Irish dancing into the global spotlight and it was later turned into
the world sensation “Riverdance. ”
In 1996, Flatley left “Riverdance” and produced “Lord of the Dance”, a show
featuring more than 40 dancers who deliver an eloquent and stunning
interpretation of a classic tale of good vs evil based on old Irish folklore as
Don Dorcha, the Dark Lord, challenges the Lord of the Dance. Comprised of 21 scenes, it is also a passionate love story expressed through
dance numbers that transport audiences into a mystical and exhilarating world of
intense passion. Following 18 sold-out shows in Taiwan, Flatley will bring the production to
the Chinese mainland for five shows at the Beijing Exhibition Hall Theatre from
November 17 to 21.

Downtown in
a stirring and seductive collection of superior Croatian Eurovision entries – each rising in a crescendo and sung as if the future of the nation depended on a spot-on delivery. Our rooms were mid-nineties Ikea style, bright and cool, with 15 yards of decking leading to a stunning vista – a neat pebble beach, crystal clear Adriatic, and a tree-covered island. For three of the days we were there, we just lay in the sun, swam, and admired the beauty. The hotel is in a cluster which includes the Argosy and Minceta, both three-star. All were nearly full, well positioned, and a 10-minute bus ride from the old city.

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