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16 names Andorra revealed

Eurovision News Review:

* Alsou to make horror movie debut
* Latvia: Eirodziesma 2005 finalists known
* Ruslana ends hunger strike
* 16 names Andorra revealed
* Serbia and Montenegro hold final on 4 March
* A Revolution in Orange
* People power? Or George power?
* Mine the gaps
* Kiev rocked by music revolution

Alsou to make horror movie
net, Gylleneskor News. The film release is set to the end of 2004, beginning of 2005. One year after L?cia Moniz (Portugal 1996 – O meu cora??o n?o tem cor) starred in the success movie Love Actually, another Eurovision Song Contest representative will be making her movie debut. Russian star Alsou will soon be appearing in Spirit Trap, a horror movie about a group of students haunted by an evil legacy. Alsou plays the role of beautiful, exotic and mysterious Tina.

Latvia: Eirodziesma 2005 finalists
elements, Z-Scars, Iedomu Sparni, Chilli, Amber, Nicol, Elina Furmane have participated in Eirodziesma in the past years. Gunars Kalnins makes his Eirodziesma come-back with the only song with lyrics in Latvian. The names of the members of F. (who represented Latvia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2003) can be found among the song authors. The songs will be performed in two semifinals, 10 songs in each semifinal, on 29th January and 5th February.

Ruslana ends hunger
The Ukrainian parliament doesn’t have the right to officially declare it invalid, but it’s an important signal. “In case the developments change into negative ones again, I will start my hunger strike again”, Ruslana said to several international media. Last week, Ruslana gave a concert for her fans in Kiev’s Palats Sportu, the venue for the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. tickets were made available for the demonstrators supporting opposition candidate Yuschenko.

16 names Andorra
Two days later, the final three participants will be announced in the television programme Diagonal. The last phase of the selection procedure is the selection of a song, which will take place 22nd January. Due to Marta Roure’s result in Istanbul this year, Andorra has to go through the qualifier round of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place on 19th May, 2005.

Serbia and Montenegro hold final on 4
Serbian broadcaster RTS and Montenegrin broadcaster RTCG will cooperate to select the song that will represent Serbia & Montenegro at next year’s Eurovision Song Contest and will both organize a semifinal. The songs can only be submitted in one of the languages used in Serbia and Montenegro. The two national broadcasters will each be in charge of one semifinal. Radio Televizija Srbije (RTS) will organize Beovizija in Belgrade on 19th February 2005. Radio Televizija Crne Gore (RTCG) will organize Montevizija in Podgorica on 2nd March 2005.

A Revolution in OrangeSpiegel Online
on Thursday, the Polish Nobel Peace Prize laureate steps onto the stage on Kiev’s Independence Square and calls out: “Long live the Ukraine. ” The speakers preceding and following him include former world champion boxer Vladimir Klitschko, Ruslana Luzychko, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest who is currently on a hunger strike, and Patriarch Filaret, the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, wearing his bishop’s crown, leading an entire band of priests in full regalia. There are also uniformed police officers who have decided to join forces with the protesters. It was an exciting week in Kiev. The Pope sent his greetings from the Vatican, the country’s top rock musicians provided entertainment to protesters standing in a freezing snowstorm, and, in keeping with the nature of the Ukrainians, things have been more peaceful than aggressive.

People power? Or George power?New Statesman
Mightn’t a Yanukovich voter be shy of stating a preference to them? Despite allegations about media bias towards the prime minister, you would hardly have known, from what I saw of local TV channels in western Ukraine, that he even existed. Even on polling day, Yushchenko and other public figures were shown voting, but not the prime minister. And on election eve, the Eurovision Song Contest winner Ruslana and other pop stars big in Ukraine appeared sporting orange (pro-Yushchenko) symbols. One observer, the Tory MEP Charles Tannock, compared Ukraine to despotic Turkmenistan because Yanukovich was almost unanimously endorsed by his home region in eastern Ukraine. But then Yushchenko got votes of 90 per cent or more in western regions. Maybe both candidates have enforcers in their own regions who can stuff ballots. What is certain is that western observers never cry foul when a Soros-backed candidate gets a Saddam-style result.

Mine the gapsThe Age
He hums a few bars of a Holly Valance song – “she’s Australian,you can’t blame me for her” – that he says was a Turkish pop songbefore it was adapted for her. “The Turkish version is far better. And they won the Eurovision song contest, so they must be doingsomething right. Watch this cultural space. Whatever the next big thing might be,it is probably just around the next street corner. Transglobal Underground play Ballarat’s Eureka FestivalDec 4 & 5. Tel: 136 100 Top of Page Page Tools.

Kiev rocked by music revolutionSunday Times – The Sunday Times
“These elections were so far from being fair and democratic I thought to myself: why should I be silent when my voice can make a difference?” Mr Vakarchuk, 29, told The Times. He has also made speeches in support of Mr Yushchenko and given copies of his new CD to policemen. Ruslana, the Eurovision Song Contest winner, initially backed Viktor Yanukovych, the Prime Minister, but later switched sides. Mr Yanukovych has also enlisted the help of musicians, but the stars that back him play mostly old Soviet songs or commercial pop.

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