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Abba reunited for Eurovision

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– Abba reunited for Eurovision
– Telly talk: Terry’s ready to talk Turkey
– From poolside to pyramids – a tale of two holidays

Abba reunited for Eurovision
Ireland Online – Dec 5, 2004
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document. Thirty years after the band won the event with Waterloo, they will make cameo appearances in a one-off video. Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Agnetha Faltskog make individual appearances at the window of a record company executive, played by comic actor Rik Mayall. Four puppets also appear as caricatures of the singers and perform some of the band?s hits to the record company executive. The tribute video also features a brief appearance from American singer Cher. A BBC3 spokeswoman said: ?Whilst the puppets perform, a host of familiar faces appear at the window of Rik?s office to watch and listen, with each member of the line up taking a cameo role.

Telly talk: Terry’s ready to talk Turkey
Manchester Online – Dec 5, 2004
Jemini’s off-key performance of Cry Baby had everyone in tears at last year’s Euro songfest. Fans of the Eurovision Song Contest will know to expect anything in Istanbul when battle recommences on Saturday. There’s no doubt that Euro politics will once again influence the crazy voting patterns which emerge at the end of the night. Fame Academy finalist James Fox sings the UK entry – Hold Onto Our Love. He says: “I don’t get nervous. I’ve been gigging for six or seven nights a week since I was 15… You’re supposed to vote for the best song, not your next-door-neighbour. On the other hand, James is very personable, he’s got a charming way about him, it’s a nice ballad with a strong vocal and I see no reason why it wouldn’t win. There’s an extra treat for Eurovision devotees this year. For the first time in the contest’s near half-a-century history, 22 countries – not including the UK – have to fight for a place in Saturday’s final via tonight’s live Eurovision Semi-Final. Lorraine Kelly is in Istanbul to co-host the evening with Paddy O’Connell. She’s sure there won’t be a repeat of the Jemini disaster when Saturday comes. “I just think they were overawed.

From poolside to pyramids – a tale of two holidays
The Observer – Dec 5, 2004
Cyprus joined the EU in May, comfortably the wealthiest of the new members, but also the most controversial. In April the 640,000 Greek Cypriots compre hensively rejected a Kofi Annan-sponsored peace plan, while their 88,000 Turkish counterparts across the wire endorsed it. A month later, in a small but significant act of rapprochement, the Turks kept their tellies on when Kent-dwelling Greek Cypriot Lisa Andreas stepped out on to the Eurovision stage, and awarded ‘Stronger Every Minute’ the first point ever exchanged between the two nations. Improbably, the pariah non-state, known internationally as the ‘so-called Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’, bolt-hole for outlaws from Kenneth Noye to Asil Nadir, had seized the moral high ground. The exit from Larnaca airport is dominated by lest-we-forget propaganda billboards, and it’s generally a mistake to engage any local on the topic. For such a gracious and welcoming people, perhaps the bile-steeped enmity offers an outlet. That and their driving: a Cypriot cossets his no-claims-bonus like a taverna owner cossets his crockery.

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