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Six good reasons for Turkey’s accession to the EU

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– Six good reasons for Turkey’s accession to the EU
– Brian McFadden – Irish Son
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Six good reasons for Turkey’s accession to the EU – Dec 16, 2004
Moreover, the foundations of modern medicine and economy succeeded exactly because of the Bosporus exchange of things such as coffee. Turkey has had a European vote since 1949, has been a member of NATO since 1952 and has been associated with the EU since 1963. It is a member of the UEFA Football League and, to the joy of 3. 3 million Turks inside the EU, won the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest on their home soil.

Brian McFadden – Irish Son – Dec 15, 2004
He succeeds, to an extent. Listening to the album, his songwriting talent stands out. Having penned some of Westlife’s numbers, plus songs for the Eurovision, we knew he could write popular songs. Here, he writes predominantly with Guy Chambers, Robbie Williams’ former writing partner and the difference is that the lyrics are very personal and heartfelt. ‘Sorry Love Daddy’, an apology to his children for the failure of his marriage to their mother and ‘Almost Here’, a duet with Delta Goodrem, about an unsatisfactory relationship, showcase McFadden’s talent for writing raw emotion. He’s also got a social conscience. The irreverent title track ‘Irish Son’ chronicles his disaffection for the Catholic Church and gives a voice to others who feel the same kind of disillusionment.

The wild one
Guardian – Dec 15, 2004
Yanowsky imagined her career was made – but she hadn’t reckoned with a company whose deepest traditions were hierarchical and xenophobic. As the only dancer who was neither French nor trained at the school, she found her progress bewilderingly slow. The crunch came when she was asked to represent Spain in the Eurovision Young Dancers competition, a touchy political moment made trickier by the fact that her roommate had been chosen to represent France. “That was the crumbling of my future with Paris,” she says. “I came back with a medal and she came back with nothing. After that I was axed from everything. “So in 1994, just before she was 20, Yanowsky moved to the Royal Ballet.

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