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New legal dispute over Diva

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* The European brain teaser
* Kdam-Eurovision presenter announced
* Brian McFadden – Irish Son
* New legal dispute over Diva
* Macedonian finalists unplugged on Sunday
* Kiev 2005: Participant list to be announced on Monday
* Malta: one week left for composers to confirm entry
* The wild one
* What They Believe
* Six good reasons for Turkey’s accession to the EU
* “The United States of Europe”: Powerhouse across the pond
* City Pages – Afternoon Delight

The European brain teaserGuardian Unlimited
e) Yes, although I do think of the UK as being more isolated from the rest of Europe, because it’s an island. I wish you guys would get the euro, though. Svante Stockselius, head of (Eurovision) song contest unit, European Broadcasting Union
a) Yes, Turkey hosted the competition in May this year. b) Only active members of the EBU are entitled to participate in Eurovision. I am quite sure that French Guiana is not a member. c) Israel is the contrary – it is a member of the EBU, as it is of Uefa. d) Russia has been participating for several years.

Kdam-Eurovision presenter
On the other hand, Atias is described as one of the most popular TV personalities in Italy, where she has been living in recent years. Atias is now hosting her on television show in one of Italy’s broadcasters. Moran Atias will present the 2005 Kdam-Eurovision, which will, most probably, be broadcasted at one of the first days of March, from Jerusalem. This year’s Kdam will only include one final, without several qualifications rounds, as it was initially planned.

Brian McFadden – Irish –
He succeeds, to an extent. Listening to the album, his songwriting talent stands out. Having penned some of Westlife’s numbers, plus songs for the Eurovision, we knew he could write popular songs. Here, he writes predominantly with Guy Chambers, Robbie Williams’ former writing partner and the difference is that the lyrics are very personal and heartfelt. ‘Sorry Love Daddy’, an apology to his children for the failure of his marriage to their mother and ‘Almost Here’, a duet with Delta Goodrem, about an unsatisfactory relationship, showcase McFadden’s talent for writing raw emotion. He’s also got a social conscience. The irreverent title track ‘Irish Son’ chronicles his disaffection for the Catholic Church and gives a voice to others who feel the same kind of disillusionment.

New legal dispute over
lt 6 years after the Eurovision victory New legal dispute over Diva 6 years after Dana International won the Eurovision Song Contest in Birmingham (pictured) with Diva, an Israeli musical arranger is now suing the song’s composer, claiming he was denied of his legal rights over the song’s musical arrangement. The musical arranger, Alon Levin, has recently appealed to the Tel Aviv court against Tzvika Pik, composer of Diva, claiming Pik had denied him his legal rights over the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest winner. Levin claims he was called upon to create a musical arrangement to Diva by Tzvika Pik himself, prior to the internal Eurovision selection the Israeli braodcaster made in 1998. Furthermore, after the song was chosen to represent Israel (performed by Dana International) at that year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Levin was asked to shorten the entry so that it’s length would match the EBU’s regulations. A few months after the song had won the contest in Birmingham, Alon Levin was amazed to find out he was left out of the song’s copyrights owners list, leaving Tzvika Pik as the sole owner of the song’s musical copyrights.

Macedonian finalists unplugged on
The mini concert to be broadcast on MKRTV’s first channel as of 21. The Macedonian song for the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest will be selected during a final on 19th February 2005 in which Aleksandra Pileva and Martin Vucic will both perform four songs.

Kiev 2005: Participant list to be announced on
com, doteurovision. com News. Svante Stockselius reported that to esctoday. One thing is already for sure: not all of the 41 countries that appeared on the European Broadcasting Union’s provisional list of participants for the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, as announced on 17th November 2004, will be present. Two of the newcomers have already withdrawn.

Malta: one week left for composers to confirm
Singers can only sing two songs in the second phase of the Maltese Eurovision Song Contest selections, to be held on 8th January 2005. If a singer has still more than two entries running among the current list of 50 songs, the composers of the other songs by that same artist will have to find new singers for their songs. In this eventuality composers can also opt to completely withdraw the entry from the competition. Such a situation will lead to the inclusion of the reserve entries in the competition. The line-up of the 50 songs, as announced on esctoday.

The wild oneGuardian Unlimited
Yanowsky imagined her career was made – but she hadn’t reckoned with a company whose deepest traditions were hierarchical and xenophobic. As the only dancer who was neither French nor trained at the school, she found her progress bewilderingly slow. The crunch came when she was asked to represent Spain in the Eurovision Young Dancers competition, a touchy political moment made trickier by the fact that her roommate had been chosen to represent France. “That was the crumbling of my future with Paris,” she says. “I came back with a medal and she came back with nothing. After that I was axed from everything. “So in 1994, just before she was 20, Yanowsky moved to the Royal Ballet.

What They BelieveOpinion Journal
26, this nonviolent people-power movement will likely make pro-Western reformer Viktor Yushchenko the country’s next president. On the surface, the Orange Revolution has had a secular look, with students, members of the middle class and workers rising up against corrupt rule. The movement has on its side the sexy Ukrainian girl group Via Gra, Eurovision song-contest winner Ruslana and the Klitschkos, Ukraine’s boxing brothers. Not to mention Sting and Gerard Depardieu. But there is another side to Ukraine’s peaceful revolution. Interspersed with earnest youths, families and grandmothers who braved subzero temperatures at daily rallies for Mr. Yushchenko were nuns bearing orange sashes, proto-deacons and priest-monks.

Six good reasons for Turkey’s accession to the EUCafé Babel
Moreover, the foundations of modern medicine and economy succeeded exactly because of the Bosporus exchange of things such as coffee. Turkey has had a European vote since 1949, has been a member of NATO since 1952 and has been associated with the EU since 1963. It is a member of the UEFA Football League and, to the joy of 3. 3 million Turks inside the EU, won the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest on their home soil.

“The United States of Europe”: Powerhouse across the pondSeattle Times
Other examples of groundbreaking European entrepreneurship include Nokia cellphones and Red Bull energy drinks. Equally compelling, though perhaps less germane to the book’s thesis, are Reid’s depictions of the European social model. Europeans enjoy better health care and more vacation time (five weeks on average for a first-year worker) than their American counterparts, and they share a rabid love for soccer and Eurovision, an annual pop-song contest akin to “American Idol. ” Reid, however, never really makes clear how Europe’s different social policies and pop-culture tastes threaten U. While Reid forcefully documents the continent’s growing influence over global affairs, he’s no European cheerleader.

City Pages – Afternoon DelightMinneapolis City Pages
“I’ve been saying, ‘Whatever itch there was has been scratched. ‘”

Many tunes surely have been mangy. Over the years, Slop’s playlist has included Eurovision song-contest winners, forgotten mainstream songwriters with strange back catalogs, and vintage Midwestern AOR tracks–“our secret weapon: the meat rock,” chortles Tomlinson. A choice funk rarity such as “Nobody” by Larry Williams and Johnny Guitar Watson could lead into game-show host Wink Martindale’s turgid religious recitation “Deck of Cards. ” At times, the regular Cosmic Slop listener couldn’t help wondering whether the men playing some of the shaggiest records in American history hadn’t been infected by the lunacy of those tunes. Advertisement

Stitzel, who has tidy black hair and horn-rimmed glasses, admits to working out some issues on the air–but the deranged music had little to do with it. Describing himself as “extremely shy,” Stitzel originally found freedom in doing his talking from an isolated booth.

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