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* Eurovision Song Contest
* interview with Marian van de Wal
* Fake Austrian list circling around
* MKRTV celebrates 60th anniversary
* Two songs per artist in Malta Song for Europe 2005’s second phase
* Yushchenko claims victory in Ukraine’s presidential election
* Arts + Features Living through a revolution
* Right-wing opposition forms coalition, ponders homemade ‘orange…

Eurovision Song ContestThe Age
30PMThroughout history, European civilisation has given the worldmany cultural flashpoints: the unfettered romanticism ofRachmaninov’s Second Piano Concerto, the arch sensualityof Picasso’s Les Demoiselles D’Avignon, the existentialangst of Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being. And, now, the Eurovision Song Contest Junior,which,coincidentally, is also light and unbearable, at least whenconsidered from a purely aural perspective. Needless to say, the music performed by the 18 competitorstonight is pretty much uniformly dire. The child performers do, however, look as if they are having funon stage, and perhaps that’s the most important thing. Aged between eight and 15, they already have all the blissfullyidiotic rituals of the adult pop world down pat: the hairspray, theorthodontically correct smiles, the spangled jackets that hint atmothers rather too familiar with the BeDazzler stud gun, and eventhe weird artificial names. The Norwegian contestant, for example, goes by the moniker of”@lek”, which, when you think about it, seems reasonable enoughcompared to, say, “Madonna” or “Prince”. interview with Marian van de
Actually I believed it would all have been over very soon. But every time I proceeded to a next round, I realised what a wonderful experience this could become. What’s the relationship between Marian van de Wal and the Eurovision Song Contest?

I will always remember the Eurovision Song Contest as an evening, watching television with the whole family who’s the best. The best memory I still have is the time that Nicole won for Germany with Ein bisschen Frieden. Everyone had such trendy, fluent and up-tempo songs. And then suddenly that girl with the guitar appeared with a very simple song that ended in three languages. The whole family agreed that Nicole would win!

Do you feel Dutch and were you surprised when you defeated Ishtar Ruiz and Mar Capdevila, two popular Andorran girls?

It’s simple.

Fake Austrian list circling
Fake Austrian list circling around It happens more and more lately, fake Eurovision Song Contest news reaching news papers and Eurovision related websites. This time a fake list of participants at the Austrian national final has widely been spread. In a reaction to esctoday. com Austrian broadcaster ORF emphasizes that the list concerned is completely wrong. The list that was initially published by an Austrian news paper contains the names of 10 popular Austrian singers and the title of the song each one of them is supposed to perform in the Austrian national final… In a reaction to esctoday. com this morning, Austrian broadcaster ORF said not to have a clue where this list is from and stressed on the fact that the list is absolutely not correct. ORF added that the participants list of the Austrian national Eurovision Song Contest selections will not be announced before 10th January 2005. As soon as the list will be made public, you’ll find it here on esctoday.

MKRTV celebrates 60th
MKRTV has been active member of EBU since 1993 and participates in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1998. Vlado Janevski reached a 19th place with Ne zori zoro. In 1996, the song Samo ti failed to reach the Eurovision Song Contest, when an internal selection took place to reduce the number of participating countries. com congratulates MKRTV with its 60th anniversary! Related polls.

Two songs per artist in Malta Song for Europe 2005’s second
Additionally, singers can only perform two songs in the second phase of the Maltese Eurovision Song Contest selections, which will be held on 8th January 2005. According to esctoday. com if a singer still has more than two entries running among the current list of 50 songs, composers of other songs by the same artist will have to choose a new singers to perform the songs. In this eventuality composers can also opt to completely withdraw the entry from the competition. This will lead to the inclusion of the reserve entries in the competition.

Yushchenko claims victory in Ukraine’s presidential electionPittsburgh Post Gazette

After his speech on the square, as the crowd cheered, Yushchenko embraced the raven-haired singer Ruslana, the other Ukrainian who could be credited with putting the nation on the map in 2004. She won the Eurovision song contest. Kuchma, the outgoing president, said yesterday he hoped the results of the vote would not be disputed. “In my opinion, the one who loses should call and congratulate the winner. and put an end to this prolonged election campaign.

Arts + Features Living through a revolutionSt Petersburg Times, Russia
During the day, employees left their places of work in shifts to "stand duty" for several hours in the square; in the evening, restaurants, clubs and theaters were nearly empty as the city’s citizens forsook them for trips to the square. Opposition figures and national heroes, such as champion boxer Vitaly Klitschko, gave speeches. Ukrainian musicians and pop stars, among them this year’s Eurovision Song Contest winner Ruslana, treated the protesters to free marathon concerts. The square was full of people through the evening and into the early morning. The focus of the evening was always a speech by Yushchenko, who buoyed the crowd by recounting the day’s opposition victories and its plans for the next day. As the crowd swelled to hear Yushchenko speak, the breadth of the protest became clear: not only was the square filled with students and young people, but representatives of every demographic group from children to the elderly, were there. Over the entire course of the revolution, not one case of physical assault or crime was reported on the Maidan.

Right-wing opposition forms coalition, ponders homemade ‘orange…Baltic Times
Under the agreement, both the opposition leader and the deputy parliamentary chairman will be able to speak on behalf of the coalition only on jointly coordinated issues. In a separate story, left-of-center politicians have impugned Kubilius’ statement about the possibility of an “orange revolution” in Lithuania, quipping that it was likely brought on by a kiss from Ukrainian singer Ruslana. “The orange revolution in the Homeland Union leader’s mind has obviously been stirred by a kiss of the winner of Eurovision – Ruslana of Ukraine,” reads a statement issued by the New Union (Social Liberals) faction on Dec. During a Homeland Union council meeting in Kaunas last weekend, Kubilius stated that an “orange revolution,” similar to the one in Ukraine, was fomenting in Lithuania against the ruling nomenclature. “I don’t think that one will have to go to the streets, but one could forecast that a revolution similar to that in Ukraine, which is willing to get rid of the old nomenclature, is brewing in our minds,” Kubilius said. “One can feel a smell of Soviet nomenclature coming from the current authorities,” he said, speaking about the ruling coalition formed by the Labor Party, the Social Democrats, the Social Liberals and the Union of Farmers and New Democracy parties.

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