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93 Bulgarians Compete for Eurovision Participation

The News Review:

– 93 Bulgarians Compete for Eurovision Participation
– Capital on the cusp
– Oddball German designer’s death sparks murder hunt
– Meanwhile, back in Chernobyl

93 Bulgarians Compete for Eurovision Participation
Sofia News Agency – Jan 15, 2005
Bulgaria is to participate for the first time in the prestigious competition due to the efforts of the National Television. An expert jury will choose 24 singers who will perform January 22. Only 12 of them will compete in the final stage of the competition for pointing out a person to represent Bulgaria at the Eurovision in May. TV audience will chose the Bulgarian singer to perform at Eurovision by phone voting.

Capital on the cusp – Jan 15, 2005
All around me I see posters of Ruslana Lyzhichko, the singer who gained top spot for the country in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul. Thanks to Ruslana’s wild dancing, Kiev will stage this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, an event that will be remembered as the city’s coming-out party (wear orange). Kievans are eager to impress the rest of Europe: they’ve switched to a more pro-Europe government and planned the party for the end of May, when the chestnut trees explode into white blossoms and the capital looks angelic. Some Ukrainians fear Kiev will not survive the transition, but they’re handling commercialism with aplomb. Kiev’s dozen or so McDonald’s are packed, but a competing chain sells great Ukrainian fast food in just as many locations.

Oddball German designer’s death sparks murder hunt
San Diego Union Tribune – Jan 14, 2005
News bulletins paid tribute to him as one of the most "shimmering" stars of Munich’s high society. "He was an institution, somebody whose absence from the public eye was unthinkable," film maker Christian Baudissin, who made a documentary about Moshammer for Bavarian broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk, told Reuters. While eagerly courting fame and celebrity – he once failed in a bid to represent Germany at the Eurovision song contest – Moshammer, a bachelor, was also active in helping the poor. Such was his fame within Germany that he became a tourist attraction in his own right, with many deeming a trip to Munich incomplete without a stop-off at his boutique in the city’s Maximilianstrasse. Often heavily made-up and with a wig of swept back jet black hair, Moshammer was instantly recognisable alongside his constant companion Daisy, a Yorkshire terrier.

Meanwhile, back in Chernobyl
St Petersburg Times, Russia – Jan 14, 2005
Petersburg Times Ukraine has been a happening place since Ruslana, dressed as a warrior, won the Eurovision Song Contest earlier this year. Now that the Orange Revolution has put Ukraine squarely on the map, tour operators are expecting a boom this summer. Kiev, or Kyiv, as the Ukrainians say, is a gorgeous panorama of golden-domed churches. If you go to the Kyiv-Pechersk Cave Monastery and then take in the adjacent World War II memorial complex with its giant silver statue of the grieving Mother, you can see Ukrainian history from the 11th to the 20th century in a single sweep. As for the night life, well, this autumn there was no need to go in search of clubs, as the main thoroughfare, the Khreshchatik, was one continuous orange street party.

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