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Russia: Last three finalists selected

Eurovision News Review:

* Ukraine to Ease Visas for Eurovision
* Maltasong for Europe Festival: All set for this weekend!
* Changes in Spanish participants list
* Russia: Last three finalists selected
* LEGAL ALIEN: The National Movement Trifon Zarezan – Life&Leisure…
* Star by their side: Tom and his brother Jim with England and Mancheste…
* The Local – Royal couple thank Thailand

Ukraine to Ease Visas for EurovisionMoscow Times – The Moscow Times
Ukraine to Ease Visas for Eurovision
By Greg Walters Staff Writer

KIEV — EU citizens will soon be able to forget about invitations, long lines and hefty processing fees when applying for Ukrainian visas. As part of its effort to bring Ukraine closer to Europe — and attract more fans to the Eurovision Song Contest — the government intends to roll out the welcome mat as early as April, said Oleg Rybachuk, the deputy prime minister in charge of European integration.

Maltasong for Europe Festival: All set for this weekend!
The festival is an opportunity for the population in general to show that Malta is equally talented to other larger countries albeit its small size. He augured the organisers and all those who participated including the 22 finalists. Malta has been participating in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1971. There were times when Malta did not take part, however it has participated regularly since 1991. To watch the Maltasong for Europe Festival 200 Live on di-ve.

Changes in Spanish participants
Pierre N’Sue – Quiz?s mejor as? (Pierre N’Sue, Sergi P?rez, Berq)
11. Gema Casta?o – Santo Job (Gema Casta?o)
12. Mar?a Lorente – Vente pal sur (Jos? Luis Santamar?a & Javier Robledo)

Because the country is one of the so-called ‘big four’ (together with France, Germany and the United Kingdom), the Spanish representative is granted a place in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest final, which takes place on 21st May in Kiev, Ukraine.

Russia: Last three finalists
7% | Irina Shott – Identify yourself
2 – 22. 5% | Panayotov & Chumakov – Balalayka
3 – 9. 7% | Slava – I wanna be the one
4 – 8. 7% | Nikolay Demidov – Differences
5 – 8. 1% | Lada Dance – Mixed up world
6 – 6. 4% | Polina Griffits – Justice of love
7 – 6. 3% | Anita Tsoy – La la ley
8 – 1.

30pm totally smelling like ashtrays. Poor little Slavi In good Bulgarian tradition the national final of the Eurovision Song Festival was turned into a scandal. Slavi Trifonov will not be able to display his good looks at the real final in Kiev and instead Bulgaria will be represented by the six piece band Kaffe. It seems that Kaffe?s supporters sent more SMS messages then the supporters of Mr. I think it was a brilliant idea to give free phone cards to Kaffe fans to send loads of messages since there do not seem to be any rules governing this activity.

“The question has not reached this level,” Hrytsenko said, adding that he believes Ukraine's armed forces may meet NATO standards in the next two to three years. Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko is expected to meet with the heads of state and government of NATO member countries during the summit in Brussels, within the framework of a Ukraine-NATO Commission session. JM
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk pledged in Kyiv on 17 February to ease Ukraine's visa regime with regard to many European countries ahead of the Eurovision 2005 song contest in the Ukrainian capital in May, Interfax reported. “The new visa policy should comply with European legislation and standards existing in this sphere,” Tarasyuk said, adding that the simplified visa regime will possibly be maintained for the entire summer period. Tarasyuk was speaking at a news conference jointly with EU External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner. Ferrero-Waldner assured Ukrainians that Brussels' goal is to bring Ukraine closer to the EU. She promised that greater rapprochement in Ukraine-EU relations will be possible after all the provisions of a recently updated Ukraine-EU Action Plan have been fulfilled.

LEGAL ALIEN: The National Movement Trifon Zarezan – Life&Leisure…Sofia Echo
My story led to an excited chairwoman phoning me to offer me proof that the story of the wedding at Cana had been mistranslated for years, and that her belief was that the story involved Jesus transforming water into grape juice. I declined this offer). Those who followed the Bulgarian-language media for the past two weeks will know that, betwixt and between the acres of coverage of the political soap opera, and the Eurovision controversy (my suggestion for a slogan for the Slavi Trifonov Car Hire Company: ?Because we?re second, we don?t try harder?) there have been the now-customary nationalistic rumblings that February 14 really should be a celebration of Trifon Zarezan (the vine-pruner?s day) and not that foreign interloper, Saint Valentine. Ahem, I must agree, far be it from me ever to join in any nationalistic rumblings, and not that I didn?t hand over my Valentine?s Day tributes with all the love in my heart. I just think that dear old Trifon deserves a better place in the imagery of Bulgaria. Never mind how the legend of Trifon started (to save you looking it up: the Virgin Mary was walking in the fields and Trifon mocked her, not knowing who she was. In revenge, she made him cut off his nose with his pruning shears.

Star by their side: Tom and his brother Jim with England and Mancheste…News & Star
Rio was so impressed with Tom and Jim’s performance that he told fellow England Man Utd player Gary Neville about them. He went to congratulate them personally, much to the delight of Jim, who is a huge football fan. Success in the competition could be the big break Tom has been waiting for ever since he came second in the first ever Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen in 2003. He has appeared on national television and travelled extensively since, winning the children’s jury award in the Golden Star Festival in Romania last year and more recently singing in Egypt. The President’s wife Suzanne Mubarak, who is heavily involved with children’s groups in her country, has followed Tom’s progress and invited him to perform as a special guest star. She was also so taken with Tom’s sister, Demi, eight, that she invited her to go on stage too, dressed as a mini ‘Miss UK’, complete with tiara, gown and sash. Tom, who is passionate about the history of Ancient Egypt, found time to visit the pyramids, see mummies and meet some camels in between rubbing shoulders with international record producers and a director of cult cartoon series The Simpsons.

The Local – Royal couple thank ThailandThe Local
“We regret any mistakes we have made and are prepared to make up for them,” she said. htmlNational–>.

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