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Eurovision Song Contest 2005 participant interview with Aline Lahoud

Eurovision News Review:

* The best man won’t always win, especially when he goes first
* Eurovision: it’s all about singing last
* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
* interview with Aline Lahoud
* Lithuania: Ergo Fine and NEO to final
* Cory’s comfort hits right note
* When the devil is in the details | Business | The Observer
* Henry Girls First in You’re a Star Poll
* Abba will never be re-Björn
* The Maker: David Kram
* A life through music Who says power corrupts?
* King of Norway
* Serbia & Montenegro: Draw held today

The best man won’t always win, especially when he goes
An analysis of almost 50 years of competitions – including Eurovision Song Contests and world skating championships – has found that contestants are more likely to win if they are among the last to appear before the judges. The study by an American university appears to provide scientific proof that the best man, or woman, does not always win. It found that, on average, the last competitor to appear in the Eurovision Song Contest was more than twice as likely to win as the one who went on first. The first candidate had only a six per cent chance of winning, compared with a 13 per cent chance for the final contestant.

Eurovision: it’s all about singing lastSunday Times – The Sunday Times
MUST BE IN THE HEAD. getTime()); Eurovision: it’s all about singing last… ” The finding means that the secret to Ireland’s record tally of Eurovision wins may be out. The republic has won the contest seven times, and most of the victories were secured by late performers. Six Eurovision winners in total have performed last and on a further eight occasions the winners performed one of the last three songs. “If you do that, then every new person with something unique and positive will look better than the ones before,” she said.

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
12 songs will compete for representing Finland at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. The winner will be selected in two rounds. This is the running order of tonight’s Finnish national final:

1. Christian Forss – Everything but still nothing
2. I’Dees – Yeah, yeah
3. interview with Aline
com interview with Aline Lahoud Born in 1981, Aline grew up in an artistic family: her mother Salwa Katrib is a famous singer, her father Nahi Lahoud a well-known producer and her uncle Romeo Lahoud, one of the most famous musical directors and composers in the Arab world. 24 years later, Aline Lahoud will be on stage of the Eurovision Song Contest, representing Lebanon in its first participation. Aline will be singing Quand tout s’enfuit, a song written by Jad Rahbani and Romeo Lahoud. To get to know them better, esctoday. com had an interview with Aline Lahoud and Jad Rahbani… com had an interview with Aline Lahoud and Jad Rahbani. The participants in Megahit and the organizers were impressed by her talent and very nice character. Since Aline won the Fidof prize, T?l? Liban and the committee in Lebanon thought that she was placed best to represent our country in its first Eurovision Song Contest participation. What was your reaction when you were approached to represent Lebanon? Did you watch the Eurovision Song Contest before? Do you have any favourite songs, singers or memories?

Aline: When I heard that I was going to represent my country in the Eurovision Song Contest, I felt scared and happy as well. The Eurovision Song Contest is one of my biggest dreams.

Lithuania: Ergo Fine and NEO to
to final The seventh and last Lithuanian semifinal took place tonight. Six participants competed for two places in the final of the 2005 Lithuanian Eurovision Song Contest selections. are this week’s participants who proceed to the final.

Cory’s comfort hits right noteNews & Star
The Frizington teenager was asked to write a tune for a festival being organised in London this summer as part of the Beat Bullying campaign, launched by the Department for Education. It came about because the Government believes one in three children are bullied at some point at secondary school, and a quarter of pupils at primary school. As well-meaning as any government campaign may be, it won’t offer much comfort unless the intended audience can identify with the message and feel that help is really at hand. Which is why Cory is bravely playing a very important role in this particular campaign, using her own experiences of being bullied to write the song Orange Flame.

When the devil is in the details | Business | The ObserverGuardian Unlimited
But divorces will annul all points and consideration will be given to the introduction of a penalty-points system. Conversions: a points total will be introduced, with the lowest scores awarded for Christians rejoining the Church of England, while highest scores will go to atheists, with Muslims, Jews and Hindus in the intermediate band. God will seek sponsorship for the launch of a new special-blessings competition for vicars nationwide to showcase high achievers. Note to Archbishop: potential for Eurovision priest contest. html> Observer sections _______________________.

Henry Girls First in You’re a Star –
This week each contestant stepped into their blue suede shoes with their impersonations of Rock and Roll King, Elvis Presley. The eventual winner will represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest. The host of the show for the last three years, Ray D’Arcy, will be taking part in a live webchat at.

Abba will never be re-BjörnEdinburgh Evening News
The 70s super troupers reunited publicly in Stockholm, much to the delight of the fans who turned up for the opening performance of Björn and Benny’s smash hit musical. It was only the second time that the group had been in the same room together since the band split in 1982 but, as Björn had hinted, fans hoping to see the former husband and wife pairs pose together for a photo were left disappointed when only the boys took to the stage. So with a reunion now no longer a dream, might the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest winners be tempted to reform? Not according to Björn: “People want to remember us as we were – youthful and energetic. Not four 60-somethings. ” And he’s right. Can you imagine it? Four spandex-clad, glitter-encrusted, platform-wearing grandparents belting out Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (A Man After Midnight) would definitely have the audience sending out an SOS. • Hear Liam Rudden on the Bob Malcolm Show on Forth2 every Wednesday at 6.

The Maker: David
While he does write back to Italy asking Risata to join him, the postcard is lost and each thinks they’ve been forgotten by the other. A Postcard from Carlton uses the usual operatic tricks of misplaced objects and mistaken identity to tell the comic tale. And Dr Kram uses a variety of musical styles in the work, from Italian opera to rock and Eurovision. A Postcard from Carlton is a project of More than Opera Ltd, founded to help make opera more accessible and relevant to the Australian culture. Dr Kram is its chair. MTO has performed in Melbourne and regional Victoria and currently focuses on operas and workshops for young children. Further information:

More Than Opera
A Postcard from Carlton is at Melbourne’s Trades Hall until February 27.

A life through music Who says power corrupts?The Observer
By now I was eight years old and I could see my father – a fan of T Rex – was uncomfortable. I really did have terrible taste in music, and I was not going to grow out of it. The following year I developed a fascination with the Eurovision Song Contest, spiritual home of the power ballad, thus sowing the seeds for future Celine worship (she won for Switzerland in 1988 with the memorable ‘Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi’). I would lie in front of the television on my stomach, gazing up in wonder at the huge hair, dramatic melodies and most of all, the emotion. This was the precursor to the hysterical passion of Pop Idol – people whose destiny could change for ever if they could only just hold that note or screw up their face into a more pained expression. I dreamt of competing. Again, there was no irony here.

King of NorwaySunday Times – The Sunday Times
Used on article pages to rotate the images of a story. Presumably, had this been Oslo, there would have been security guards, a Pøsh Spice on his arm, and whoever constitutes the Norwegian Elton John (that guy who kept finishing last in the Eurovision Song Contest?) in tow. The “Norwegian David Beckham” is just the kind of soubriquet that is easy to satirise and which could end up haunting somebody, in the same way that “Pontypridd’s Man of the Year, 1997” dogged the golfer Phillip Price. Luckily, Morten Gamst Pedersen does not take himself too seriously. “The hair, the colouring — maybe it reminds people. It’s become part of me and I feel comfortable about it,” he says with a smile.

Serbia & Montenegro: Draw held
Dušan Zrnić – Nebo
24. 2nd place from Montevizija

Montevizija 2005 is the Montenegrin semifinal and takes place in Podgorica on 2nd March. The final Europjesma – Evropesma 2005 takes place two days later on 4th March.

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