GreenJolly – Orange Revolution 2004 Mastermind

Eurovision Song Contest 2005 participant

Kiev goes ‘orange’ for Eurovision

The song that became the anthem of Ukraine’s “orange revolution” has been chosen to represent the country at this year’s Eurovision song contest. The hip-hop tune Together we are many! (Razom nas bagato!) by Greenjolly beat 18 other contestants in an interactive vote in a qualifying final in Kiev.

It became an instant hit with many Ukrainians who rallied against last November’s rigged presidential poll.

Ukraine will host Eurovision 2005 in May as it won the contest last year.

The country’s winning entry at the show in Turkey was Wild Dances by Ruslana.

‘Now or never!’

The chants by the thousands of people who took to the streets of Kiev in November and December echoed the famous revolutionary slogan of El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido! (The people, united, will never be defeated!)

Razom nas bagato! was written by the Greenjolly duo in the early days of those mass protests that eventually brought West-leaning President Viktor Yushchenko to power.

“No to falsifications!… No to lies! Yushchenko – yes! Yushchenko – yes! This is our president – yes, yes!” their song says.

“We aren’t cattle!… We are Ukraine’s daughters and sons! Now or never! Enough with the wait! Together we are many! We cannot be defeated,” it says.

Greenjolly won the right to represent Ukraine in a telephone and SMS vote during Sunday’s final shown live on UT1 television channel.

However, some local music experts have criticised the viewers’ choice, saying the Eurovision is not a contest for political songs.

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