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Grant joins Bullock on red carpet

Eurovision News Review:

* – Malta’s new Eurovision portal launched
* Ukraine’s Eurovision entry hits wrong note
* Scandinavian Eurovision Entry Song Makes Its Way to America
* Grant joins Bullock on red carpet
* European Urology Congress to be held in Istanbul
* Vodafone Sweden sponsor of health and sports centre in Karlskrona -…
* Who’s In The Newspapers?
* The Local – “Over 1,000 war criminals in Sweden” – Malta’s new Eurovision portal
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Ukraine’s Eurovision entry hits wrong noteSunday Times – The Sunday Times
But the catchy hip hop tune Razom Nas Bagato! (Together We Are Many!) has run into its own political controversy. Eurovision organisers now say that the original song by the band, Greenjolly — nominated as Ukraine’s Eurovision entry after being entered for a national vote at the last minute — is too political. The words are based on chants used during the protests that helped to overturn a rigged presidential election and sweep Viktor Yushchenko, into power. It includes the lines: “No to falsifications, No to lies. Yushchenko — yes! This is our President — yes, yes!” Svante Stockselius, the Eurovision executive supervisor, said: “The text was too political and this is a non-political competition. ” Greenjolly has submitted a new version and must wait until Monday for organisers to decide if it is suitable.

Scandinavian Eurovision Entry Song Makes Its Way to AmericaMediaSyndicate – MediaSyndicate (press release)
That music written from the depths of the soul is bound to make an impression on listeners is no overstatement of the facts, if one follows the success Njålsson has had with “En sista vers�. From the very start the song was exposed to the scrutiny of critics. It was first en entry in the Finnish national Eurovision contest and then went on to become a surprise success almost overnight in the Nordic countries. Praised for quality arrangement and lyrics, the promo CDs were out-of-stock nearly every week and orders began pouring in from Italy, Turkey, North America and Asia. Finnish record label GKAN Composition in Espoo, Finland was founded to provide quality classical and jazz music to the broadcasting and film industries in the Nordic countries and South America. The little record label could, however, no longer handle the amount of orders coming in for “En sista vers�. The unexpected surge in popularity of the unique ballad led to their having to engage separate distributors in the process, that is, when the CD was in stock.

Grant joins Bullock on red carpetBBC News
“I figured I had to redeem myself,” she said. “I thought if I walked in normal this time it would make up for it,” she added. Celebrities at the premiere, at the Vue Cinema in London’s Leicester Square, included Eurovision hopeful Javine Hylton, Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton and model Nell McAndrew. Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous sees Bullock reprise her role as FBI agent-turned-beauty queen Gracie Hart. The film, which also stars Star Trek actor William Shatner, opens in the UK on 25 March.

European Urology Congress to be held in IstanbulTurkish Daily News – Turkish Daily News (subscription)
The congress will be the scene of 28 symposiums and some 65 scientific sessions. EAU chooses ISEVV: Preparations for the congress are now in full swing in Istanbul, which has attracted world attention in recent years thanks to its successful hosting of various organizations. The ISEVV consortium, which has proven itself to such international organizations as Habitat II, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), NATO summit and Eurovision, was chosen to organize the 20th EAU congress. What will the congress bring to Turkey? Some 113 pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies will participate in an exhibition to be staged as part of the congress. The 20th EAU Congress will fill an area of 120,000 square meters. It is expected that 8,000 delegates will spend close to 20 million euros in Istanbul during the congress. The congress will be a good opportunity for all hotels, restaurants, entertainment and shopping centers of the area.

Vodafone Sweden sponsor of health and sports centre in Karlskrona -…
Vodafone Sweden has concluded an agreement with Karlskrona Municipality to sponsor the new health and sports centre in Karlskrona, which will provide the town with a state-of-the-art sports facility for tennis, handball, badminton, ice hockey, curling, boule, figure-skating, gymnastics and football. Among other sport events the Swedish Championship in figure-skating will be held in the arena this December. The centre will also be hosting a whole new kind of entertainment and cultural happenings in Karlskrona: the knock-out stages of the Eurovision Song Contest, is just one of many upcoming highlights. The Vodafone Arena Rosenholm will be officially opened on 29-30 October 2005. Vodafone Sweden will be investing SEK 10 million over the next five-year period. Five million is earmarked for the arena itself while the remaining five will go towards promoting sports in Karlskrona, aimed at establish sport at top level in the region. “This is fantastic.

Who’s In The Newspapers?BBC News
So why the sudden return? Well, what really put her in the limelight – and on the front of most of the tabloids was her Janet Jackson meets Judy Finnigan moment. No she didn’t sing What Have You Done For Me Lately with Richard Madeley. No, she had her very own ‘Nipplegate’ incident and the girl previously known as the Girls Aloud reject, is now known as ‘that girl who showed her boob at the Eurovision Song Contest decider’. Credit to her though, she was picked to represent the UK before the aforementioned incident. An overwhelming 38 per cent of you voted for Javine to be added to the site. Terry Wogan put up a good fight with 28 per cent of your votes but the likes of Amy Nuttall and Gina G were left standing. In the ‘boot ’em off’ vote you went for the ‘All of Them’ option which means we’re waving goodbye to Brigitte Nielsen, John Lydon, McCririck and Tabby Callaghan.

The Local – “Over 1,000 war criminals in Sweden”The Local
“We regret any mistakes we have made and are prepared to make up for them,” she said. htmlNational–>.

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