GreenJolly – Orange Revolution 2004 Mastermind

Eurovision Song Contest 2005 participant

Ukraine’s Eurovision entry hits wrong note

IT WAS the anthem of last year’s Orange Revolution in Ukraine and a hot contender to win the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev in May.But the catchy hip hop tune Razom Nas Bagato! (Together We Are Many!) has run into its own political controversy.

Eurovision organisers now say that the original song by the band, Greenjolly — nominated as Ukraine’s Eurovision entry after being entered for a national vote at the last minute — is too political.

The words are based on chants used during the protests that helped to overturn a rigged presidential election and sweep Viktor Yushchenko, into power. It includes the lines: “No to falsifications, No to lies. Yushchenko — yes! This is our President — yes, yes!” Svante Stockselius, the Eurovision executive supervisor, said: “The text was too political and this is a non-political competition.” Greenjolly has submitted a new version and must wait until Monday for organisers to decide if it is suitable.

There has also been some controversy over the song’s last-minute entry to the competition — apparently at the behest of Mykola Tomenko, the Deputy Prime Minister.

It beat a song by the previous favourite, Ani Lorak, whose supporters say that the vote was rigged against her because of her alleged support for Mr Yushchenko’s rival, Viktor Yanukovych, the former Prime Minister.

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