GreenJolly – Orange Revolution 2004 Mastermind

Eurovision Song Contest 2005 participant

Ukrainian Song Rewritten for Eurovision Contest

Eurovision, the annual pop-song contest that gave Abba its start three decades ago, has approved a Ukrainian group’s entry that had been rejected earlier as too political now that its songwriters have changed the lyrics. The hip-hop-flavored song ”Razom Nas Bagato!” (”Together We Are Many!”), by Greenjolly (right), was the anthem of Ukraine’s recent Orange Revolution and was ubiquitous in the streets of Kiev during the demonstrations there. In its earlier version, it included the lyrics ”Falsifications — no! Machinations — no!” and ”Yushchenko, Yushchenko is our president. Yes, yes, yes!” Viktor Yushchenko won the new elections called in Ukraine after President Leonid Kuchma’s administration was accused of rigging the first vote in favor of a hand-picked successor. Earlier this month, Eurovision’s executive supervisor, Svante Stockselius, disqualified the song on the grounds that the contest is ”nonpolitical.” The BBC reported that last week the band submitted new lyrics at the request of the contest’s organizers. Ukraine’s Communist Party has accused the new Yushchenko administration of rigging the Eurovision vote to favor Greenjolly, a previously unknown group whose name, in its original Ukrainian, translates as ”sleigh.” SOPHIA KISHKOVSKY

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