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Original ‘Riverdance’ still stomping – 10 years, several…

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* Ukraine’s Eurovision entrant sparks political row
* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
* Kiev 2005: more information for the delegations
* Original ‘Riverdance’ still stomping – 10 years, several…
* Get behind Eur singers
* Wave of strikes set to paralyze services across Greece tomorrow
* The Local – Green party proposes state loans for immigrant businesses

Ukraine’s Eurovision entrant sparks political
(song excerpt)EMMA GRIFFITHS: “Together we are many, we will not be defeated. ” So goes the chorus of the song by Ukrainian rap duo Greenjolly. Their song is Ukraine’s pick for winning this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. But the lyrics go on to say, “No falsifications, no lies, no machinations, yes Yushchenko”. (song excerpt)All too political for Eurovision’s organisers. They want those lyrics changed, and so Greenjolly has been sitting in their Kiev studio day and night, re-writing their revolutionary anthem. President of the band’s record company, Andre Darkovsky (phonetic)… ANDRE DARKOVSKY: We think our? the name of our President and those few words which were the matter of concern of Eurovision that denies us, but in general the song is the same, a (inaudible) revolutionary song with the same meaning. (song excerpt)EMMA GRIFFITHS: The anthem of the Orange Revolution is a controversial choice in Ukraine too. Under Eurovision rules, a country’s entrant is voted in by television viewers, but the new government intervened when it became apparent that a singer who had supported the old regime was about to win. At the request of the Yushchenko Government, Greenjolly was a last-minute entrant, skipping the heats and going straight to the finals. Last year’s winner, Ukraine’s Ruslana, hedged her bets during the country’s recent political turmoil, starting the election campaign with the incumbents and switching to the new Orange Army halfway through. (Ruslana song excerpt)But Eurovision is no stranger to such political scandals. It was set up 50 years ago with the aim of uniting Europe in song, and since then, most European countries have been accused of imbuing the peaceful protest with a political edge.

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
pl Poland 2005 Ivan & Delfin present new version Czarna dziewczyna Ivan & Delfin, the band representing Poland at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, has recorded a new version of their song Czarna dziewczyna. Moreover, a videoclip to the Polish entry was shot at one of the most popular clubs in Warsaw. The videoclips features some Polish celebrities, among whom are actors and actresses from the popular Polish TV soap M jak Milosc, in which Ivan Komarenko, the lead singer of Ivan & Delfin, plays the role of a Russian immigrant. The new version of the Polish entry for Kiev contains additional backing vocals and some new arrangements added to the music line. Apart from that, Ivan Komarenko has rewritten the Russian stanza and made it longer.

Kiev 2005: more information for the
We advise journalists to contact their national public broadcaster to obtain accreditation. If you have already done so, there is nothing to worry about. NTU’s website
A Ukrainian and English website focussed on the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest will be launched on 21st of March by NTU. The website will be produced by NTU and exists next to the EBU’s official Eurovision Song Contest website.

Original ‘Riverdance’ still stomping – 10 years, several…
“I wanted to see it when it first came out 10 years ago. ” — By now, the story of “Riverdance” is the stuff of theater lore. With Ireland as the host of the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest, Moya Doherty was asked to produce a short filler segment for the televised presentation. She decided to focus on traditional dance and music, bringing in Irish-Americans Michael Flatley and Jean Butler, both Irish dance competition champions, to choreograph and lead the piece. Composer Bill Whelan wrote the music. The response was overwhelmingly positive. “The Irish papers overstated it a bit ? ‘The seven minutes that shook the world,’ ” Doherty recalls… ” His replacement, Colin Dunne, would do same with Butler after they ended their “Riverdance” runs, though their “Dancing on Dangerous Ground” fizzled. Most of the original performers have moved on, but the Boyne company does still boast Susan Ginnety and Niamh O’Connor, whom McColgan calls the “glamorous grannies. ” Ginnety, who danced in the Eurovision show, plans to retire after Radio City, while O’Connor, who performed in the first full-length show, will stop in a few months. — Not surprisingly, “Riverdance” has produced numerous imitators ? not all of them created with an eye toward excellence. “Just put ‘Irish dance show’ in the Internet and see what comes up,” Butler says. There’s one new one where none of the dancers are even trained Irish dancers.

Get behind Eur singersIrish Independent
In the week that’s in it, it’s the decent and patriotic thing to do. East is East and West is West. Eurovision voting patterns are such that if we put together a group comprising Bono, Van Morrison, Enya and Christy Dignam and backed by Westlife, will the voters of Estonia be giving us the elusive ‘thumbs up’ or anything near it? Paul O Sulivan, Mountcharles, Co Donegal.

Wave of strikes set to paralyze services across Greece tomorrowKathimerini
(AFP)Hot spotFollowing weeks of cold weather, many parts of Greece enjoyed a second sunny day yesterday. The temperatures in Athens rose to 17 degrees Celsius, drawing residents out into parks and squares. Eurovision costThe cost of Greece?s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev on May 21 will be 288,000 euros, PASOK Deputy Michalis Karchimakis charged yesterday in a question submitted to government spokesman Theodoros Roussopoulos. Karchimakis disputed the figure of 14,000 euros cited by the president of state broadcaster ERT, Christos Panagopoulos, as the cost of Greece?s participation. Egyptian potatoesA consignment of 80,000 tons of potatoes on their way to Greece from Egypt is to be blocked after tests on a batch of Egyptian potatoes revealed a poisonous bacterium, Deputy Agricultural Development and Food Minister Alexandros Kontos said yesterday. No potatoes from the batch that tested positive have entered the Greek market, Kontos said. Migrants detainedCoast guard officials yesterday intercepted a total of 45 illegal immigrants on Aegean islands.

The Local – Green party proposes state loans for immigrant businessesThe Local
“We regret any mistakes we have made and are prepared to make up for them,” she said. htmlPolitics–>.

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