GreenJolly – Orange Revolution 2004 Mastermind

Eurovision Song Contest 2005 participant

Greek Contestant Wins Eurovision

Helena Paparizou of Greece won the 2005 Eurovision song contest in Keiv, Ukraine, with her performance of “My Number One.” Many oddsmakers favoured Paparizou going into Saturday night’s finals. Greeks reacted with joy and exhilaration, with many people taking to the streets in celebration.

Eurovision was first staged in 1956 and introduced the world to such artists as ABBA (1974) and Canadian Celine Dion, who won under the Swiss flag in 1988. Paparizou previously performed at Eurovision in 2001 with the band Antique, garnering a third-place finish.

Ukraine’s Greenjolly stirred up controversy by playing “Razom Nas Bahato (Together We Are Many).” Protestors sang the song during last year’s “Orange Revolution,” which paved the way for new elections and ultimately handed the presidency to the Western-oriented Viktor Yushchenko. Based on the choice of song, critics accused the new Ukrainian government of manipulating the vote that picked the group.

Other notable contenders in the contest included Norway’s Wig Wam, second place finisher Chiara from Malta, and Romania’s Luminita Anghel, who placed third.

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