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Eurovision harmony dies a death

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* No points for Eurovision
* CBBC Newsround | Chat | Your Comments | What did you think of Eurovisi…
* Band takes Eurovision loss ‘like men’
* Eurovision harmony dies a death
* Europe’s united vision
* People: Petra Nemcova, Alain Senderens, Warren Beatty
* Anger as Ireland is Eurovision pop flop Anger as Ireland is Eurovision…
* Gülseren ranks higher than expected in Eurovision Song Contest
* Latvia takes fifth in Eurovision
* Tomenko obliged NTCU to report on the use of funds
* IN BRIEF: ‘Revenge of the Sith’ blasts more records; more
* Public calls for You’re a star to be scrapped
* How song contest defeat clouds Dutch euro-vision
* Pop Beats Politics in Kiev
* Two cows slaughtered in Achaia, mass vaccinations planned
* It’ll be all right on the right night little Annie
* A career after boxing beckons
* ‘Love Island’ ratings dip to new low

No points for EurovisionGuardian Unlimited
” A few minutes later it was: “Cyprus always gives its 12 points to Greece, and Greece always gives its to Cyprus. ” Yes, it was the Eurovision Song Contest once again. The viewing was a fascinating political eye-opener into the strong political blocs that still exist within Europe: eg Baltic, Slav, Balkan, Nordic. And was it just a coincidence that the three countries that came bottom – the UK, France and Germany – were the ones that had contributed most to funding the event? Article continues.

CBBC Newsround | Chat | Your Comments | What did you think of Eurovisi…BBC News
I think that Eurovision should be scrapped, it’s only good for one thing – Terry Wogan’s funny commentary!. I think that the fact that Spain, UK, France and Germany (the ones who give most money to it) came bottom is really unfair, as their songs were better than most of them… Much better than Greece and Romania was awful. I mainly watch the Eurovision in hope for funny ones. Moldova was the best lol. I voted for em ‘cos it showed people that Grannys can also compete.

Band takes Eurovision loss ‘like men’Aftenposten
“The Eurovision Song Contest is part of the local rites of spring, with qualifying events and contests taking place in countries all over the region as local performers compete with an original number to represent their nation at the event backed by the European Broadcasters Union. This year’s event was held in Kiev, since the Ukrainians won last year’s contest, with 39 countries participating. Norway has a spotty history in the Eurovision Song Contest, which the Norwegians call Melodi Grand Prix. It infamously placed dead last one year, failing to win any points at all, but Norwegian performers also have scored big. From the depths of despair in the early 1980s, Norway actually won in 1985 when a pair of female singers nailed first place with a tune called La det svinge (“Let it swing”). Then another couple won again in the mid 1990s, and went on to international fame with their “Secret Garden” duo. This year’s Norwegian entry was a rock group from Østfold County whose members dress in wild costumes while they enthusiastically belt out tunes.

Eurovision harmony dies a
One recalls the 1990 finals in Zagreb, when the charming hostess, Helga Vlahovic, presented her own fair country as the perfect Eurometaphor: “Yugoslavia is very much like an orchestra,” she cooed. “The string section and the wood section all sit together. ” Alas, barely were the words out of her mouth before the wood section was torching the string section’s dressing rooms, and the hills were alive only with the ancient siren songs of ethnic cleansing and genital severing. Lurching into its final movement, Yugoslavia was no longer the orchestra, only the pits.

Europe’s united visionSofia Echo
The warm turn in nature?s humour signals the start of a flurry of festivals and events all over Europe to mark the beginning of the summer season. One of the perennial events which all good Europeans enjoy is the Eurovision song contest, which has persisted almost as long as another famous European project that started in Rome but with slightly fewer rule changes along the way. Eurovision, however, is infinitely the more successful of these two projects. Support in every affiliated member state is high, while the rate of expansion would be the envy of any economist. Newcomers, despite their absolute lack of experience, have become not only participants but winners. In recent years the titans of the old guard have been deprived of all glory as ?new Europe? has hosted the competition for the past few years. In this time we have seen also the introduction of televoting into the equation, guaranteeing openness and transparency to the once politically charged voting, and ensuring that the enormously sophisticated tastes of the general European public will decree the winner… They have decided, in one last desperate show of resistance, to send as their champions a group of professional musicians trained to the very highest standards. What chance do these poor innocents have against the likes of ?Feminnem? a cut-throat group of fashion-design studying young ladies from Bosnia whose dress sense and emotive lyrics will garner votes from handsets all across Europa. How will they compete against a brother and sister from Eurovision ?galactico? Ireland who love each other very much and who impressed the jury in Ireland so much with their beautiful harmonies. Eurovision experts Israel have entered nothing as dramatic as Dana International this year, but has still managed to cause some drama early in the competition – European superpower Lebanon have withdrawn from the competition, saying that it would contravene local law to broadcast the Israeli entry. A similar law will, in my opinion, come into effect right across Europe after Eurovision, regarding the Norwegians whose entry is truly shocking and definitely deserves some kind of sanctions.

People: Petra Nemcova, Alain Senderens, Warren BeattyInternational Herald Tribune
President Viktor Yushchenko of Ukraine presented her with the prize in Kiev on Sunday for her seductive performance of "My Number One," a midtempo tune with minor-key Balkan flavorings. The singer, whose full name is Helena Paparizou, had been seen by bookmakers as the favorite going into the finals. Norway's Wig Wam, seen as her main competition, finished in the middle of the pack. The surprise runner-up was Malta's Chiara… The surprise runner-up was Malta's Chiara. Romania's Luminita Anghel placed third in the continent-wide telephone voting. Eurovision is one of Europe's most widely watched events. The Czech model Petra Nemcova returned to Thailand to thank doctors and nurses who helped her recover from serious injuries sustained when the tsunami struck the resort island of Phuket. Nemcova, whose boyfriend was killed by the giant waves, spent three weeks in a southern Thailand hospital being treated for injuries to her pelvis. The 26-year-old model met this past weekend with the staff of Songkhla Nagarin Hospital and others who offered their support during her treatment. Alain Senderens, a leading French chef, says he is giving up his top rating of three stars in the famed Michelin restaurant guide to break away from competition in the kitchen.

Anger as Ireland is Eurovision pop flop Anger as Ireland is Eurovision…Stage
They chose the McCaul siblings and a song called Love, written by Karl Broderick. Because of Ireland’s poor performance in last year’s Eurovision, the McCauls had to pre-qualify. But in a Kiev semi-final that featured 25 acts competing for ten places, they failed to get through, setting off a furious debate across the country, which has won the event a record seven times. Westlife manager and The X Factor panellist, Louis Walsh, pulled no punches in his analysis of what went wrong. He said: “We sent an amateur act to a professional event. It was like sending in the Christians to face the lions.

Gülseren ranks higher than expected in Eurovision Song ContestTurkish Daily News – Turkish Daily News (subscription)
G?lseren and Shaman represented Turkey in this year’s contest with the long debated song called, ?Rimi Rimi Ley. ? After the song won the Turkish finals on Feb. 12, many renowned Turkish composers and singers criticized G?lseren. Most of the criticism stated that the song was not original and that G?lseren lacked the charm to make a good appearance on stage.

Latvia takes fifth in EurovisionBaltic Times
After the song competition was held in Riga two years ago, thanks to Marija Naumova’s first place win with “I wonna” in 2002, locals are just waiting for the next circus to hit town. And it came pretty close last week when Latvia’s baby-faced duo Valters and Kaza took fifth place overall with their song “The War is not Over. ” With lyrics as poignant as “The war is not over, everyone knows it. It’s just a reason to make us believe that someone’s the loser someone’s the winner,” who could be surprised? Estonia’s Vanilla Ninja, representing Switzerland, also gave the Baltics something to talk about, placing eighth… But it was Greek singer Helena who stole the contest for her seductive performance of “My Number One,” a mid-tempo tune peppered with Balkan flavorings. The Greek siren may have seduced the whole of Europe, but Valters and Kaza have won over the Baltics. And when it comes to Latvia and Eurovision, the war is not over, as the heroes say.

Tomenko obliged NTCU to report on the use of fundsThe Forum – ForUm
"I instructed that directorate of Eurovision and National Television Company report to the public and journalists how the funds were used, and I will issue a report on audit of the use of funds," he said. According to Tomenko, the new equipment and equipment for competition, purchased at the expense of the state, reinforced NTCU. He said that over UAH 10 million of state funds were saved because of drawing of advertising funds. He added that Europe saw Ukraine anew after Eurovision and assured that the new power can make good-quality and professional performances. As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Ukraine held Eurovision after singer Ruslana Lyzhychko won this competition in 2004 in Turkey.

IN BRIEF: ‘Revenge of the Sith’ blasts more records;
HAWTHORNE, CALIFORNIA – Monument marks former home of Beach Boys Beach Boys band members Al Jardine and Brian Wilson were on hand as a historic marker was unveiled at the location of the Wilson family home in Hawthorne, California. (AP Photo) The home was demolished in the 1980s to make room for a freeway. The landmark – a brick wall adorned with names of donors, a bronze plaque and an etching of the six Beach Boys carrying a surfboard – alludes to the group’s Surfin’ Safari album cover. Hundreds of people gathered at the spot Sunday as state officials revealed the mini monument to the home where the group created their unique California sound… Viewers across Europe and Israel voted over the weekend to give the piece the top prize out of 24 songs. Clad in a short gold dress, Paparizou , who was born and raised in Sweden, gave a rousing performance that included elements of Greek dance. Eurovision is one of Europe’s most widely watched events, with more than 150 million people in 39 countries tuning in for the spectacle. “This is the prize for the song that unites all Europe,” said Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, according to Associated Press. He presented the award. Kiev hosted the competition this year, after Ukrainian singer Ruslana won last year in Istanbul. Malta’s Chiara placed second with the song Angel while Romania’s Luminita Anghel and Sistem ended up third with Let Me Try.

Public calls for You’re a star to be
Even though unofficial record viewing figures were recorded for the semi final, estimated at 614,000 for RT?’s secondary television channel RT? TWO, alot of people felt that “You’re a star”, the format of selection for the Irish entry, needed to be scrapped, because contestants were amateurs. “You’re a star”, a representative of RT? said, “was an enormous success for RT?”, receiving on average a 40% share of the Irish audience each week. Speaking on RT? Radio, Shay Healy, who wrote “What’s another year?”, said that Ireland was “trying too hard to write a winning Eurovision song. ”

However, Julian Vignoles, the head of the Irish delegation, said that there was”a mix of talent this year” and that “alot of investments were put into this year’s Eurovision entry”. Also opinions were expressed about the reality of “Eastern block voting” or “Neighbour country voting” with countries voting for each another. Opinions suggest that the EBU changes its rules on Televoting. It was suggested that juries should award points 1 to 10, and the result of the televote awarding the 12 points only.

How song contest defeat clouds Dutch euro-visionSunday Times – The Sunday Times
Used on article pages to rotate the images of a story. The rejection of the Dutch entrant from this year’s contest by a coalition of Eastern European states has intensified opposition to the European constitution in the Netherlands ten days before the country holds a referendum. Pollsters say that it is now all but certain that the Dutch people will reject the constitutional treaty in the vote on June 1. Three opinion polls indicated a huge advance in the “no” vote, which now outnumbers the “yes” vote by as much as two to one. Although EU leaders have shown most concern about France, whose referendum on Sunday is too close to call, rejection of the treaty by the Netherlands, an EU founding member, could also kill off the treaty.

Pop Beats Politics in KievSt Petersburg Times, Russia
None of the possible distractions – the 300,000 people on Independence Square, opposition pickets or a tent city organized by pro-Orange Revolution youth group Pora – could distract Europe’s 120 million television viewers from rooting for their favorite act. The contest – the 50th since Eurovision began in 1956 – attracted 39 entries, the most ever, from as far afield as Iceland and Israel. Bulgaria gave its maximum vote of 12 points to Greece, as did Albania, Serbia-Montenegro and Cyprus, as traditional allies helped Helena Paparizou’s seductive, Balkan-inspired performance, "My Number One," claim the top prize early Sunday with 230 points. Malta came a distant second with 192. A favorite of the crowds in Kiev was Zdob Si Zdub, or West Meets East, from first-time entrant Moldova. The group’s frantic chorus and drumming grandmother helped win the audience over to its weird folk-inspired tune, "Boonika Bate Doba" (Grandmama Beats the Drum-a).

The former Ukrainian authorities, now in opposition to President Viktor Yushchenko, are trying to attract public attention to their problems. The popular Eurovision Song Contest, held May 19 in Kyiv, provided an opportunity to play to the visiting international media. Protesting against “political persecution,” the Party of Regions (PRU) of presidential election loser Viktor Yanukovych and the Social Democratic Party-United (SDPUo) organized protests in Kyiv, while radical youths linked to them tried to storm the Sports Palace, where hundreds of journalists had gathered for Eurovision’s opening ceremony. A crowd of some 3,000 PRU supporters picketed the parliament building in Kyiv early on May 19, while PRU and SDPUo deputies blocked the parliamentary rostrum, delaying the start of the morning session. The protesters demanded that the authorities release Donetsk regional council head Borys Kolesnykov and drop criminal charges against former Trans-Carpathian governor Ivan Rizak. Kolesnykov, who also manages the PRU’s local branch, remains in prison, awaiting a court verdict on extortion charges (see EDM, April 11).

Two cows slaughtered in Achaia, mass vaccinations plannedKathimerini
Toy threatState inspectors have confiscated nearly 2,000 laser guns and lighters resembling toys which can deliver electric shocks, the Development Ministry said yesterday. The trade of toy-shaped lighters is henceforth illegal, Development Minister Dimitris Sioufas said. Eurovision receptionPrime Minister Costas Karamanlis yesterday congratulated Eurovision song contest winner Helena Paparizou and her team of performers and songwriters during a reception in their honor at the Maximos Mansion. Meanwhile, government spokesman Theodoros Roussopoulos said Greece should make the most of its victory in Kiev. ?The Eurovision victory gave Greece another chance to make a positive impression in all corners of the world… Eurovision receptionPrime Minister Costas Karamanlis yesterday congratulated Eurovision song contest winner Helena Paparizou and her team of performers and songwriters during a reception in their honor at the Maximos Mansion. Meanwhile, government spokesman Theodoros Roussopoulos said Greece should make the most of its victory in Kiev. ?The Eurovision victory gave Greece another chance to make a positive impression in all corners of the world. should be exploited to boost the flow of tourism,? he said.

It’ll be all right on the right night little AnnieNews & Star
Robbie Dee who recently starred in Carlisle Musical Society’s Me and My Girl, and will be Buttons in the Cinderella Christmas pantomime in Carlisle, is expected to be a huge crowd puller. He will be playing Daddie Warbucks to Cory Spedding’s Annie. Cory, 13, who came second in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest last year, beat off competition from 49 other young hopefuls to land her dream role of Annie. She and Robbie will be joined by 16 ‘orphans’ – aged from six years old up to 15 – and Ruby, a mongrel dog taking on the role of Annie’s faithful mutt, Sandy. Kath Smith will be playing Daddy Warbuck’s secretary, Miss Farrell, while Jayne Vincent takes on the role of drunk orphanage boss, Miss Hannigan, in her eighth starring role for the group. The show runs from June 7-June 11 at 7pm, with a Saturday matinee at 2pm. Tickets for the musical are available from Yvonne on 01946 692468 or the Civic Hall on 01946 852821 from May 31.

A career after boxing
It?s Saturday night; I am sitting in the house, lounging around on my favourite chair. I have a beer in one hand, my wife is reading a magazine and the kids are arguing with one another, again. I am about to enjoy the most addictive television show in the world, the Eurovision Song Contest hosted by the Ukraine. Stick with me people; I?ll get to the point soon. This annual treat highlights not only the worst in European music, but also which countries like their neighbours the best. No one likes the UK. We always put out the best song, but we are now destined to finish either last or very near last every year.

‘Love Island’ ratings dip to new lowDigital Spy
4%) on BBC One at 5. The channel also enjoyed predictable success with the Eurovision Song Contest, which averaged 7. 7%) between 8pm and 11. ITV1 managed a respectable defence, however, with an average of 3.

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