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Shock! Javine Beats Jordan In Euro Contest

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* Aline Lahoud to Festival de la Francophonie
* Sound of discord puts Euro vision out of tune
* Cleo replaces Stephanie in Dutch junior selection
* Shock! Javine Beats Jordan In Euro Contest
* I’m drunk on my new way of life
* The road from here
* Mentor for Norway | Mentor | Mentors | Global | Telegraph
* The Local – Swedes sceptical towards National Day

Aline Lahoud to Festival de la
com News. Her official website reported that. Representing Lebanon at the French music festival, Aline Lahoud will perform Quand tout s’enfuit, originally produced to represent Lebanon with in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. 21st October 2004, Ibrahim El Khoury, President Director General of public broadcaster T?l?-Liban, informed esctoday. com that Lebanon was going to be present at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv… T?l?-Liban faced a difficult situation, as they had to broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest in accordance with the rules. The EBU asked T?l?-Liban to assure they would broadcast the contest without interruption, but the Lebanese broadcaster could not assure that. T?l?-Liban finally decided to pull back from the 50th Eurovision Song Contest, leaving a devestated delegation behind. Aline’s involvement with the Festival de la Francophonie is, finally, a new challenge, which she seems to take with both hands. We will continue following Aline on her new adventure and wish her the best of luck! Related polls.

Sound of discord puts Euro vision out of tuneSunday Times – The Sunday Times
Now the “old” members of Eurovision, and I include Britain, don’t get a look in, despite putting up most of the cash. It is won by discordant tunes from places such as Latvia, Estonia, Israel, Ukraine and Greece. I used to be quite pro Eurovision but now I think we should consider withdrawing. It has become a racket in more ways than one. Compare that with the EU. The original six (France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands) made hay for many years, benefiting from their own free(ish) trade area during a time when global tariffs and quotas were high. The European Economic Community was not the only reason for the impressive recovery of the Continent’s war-devastated economies but it had quite a lot to do with it… Gradually, the sands have shifted within the EU. Smaller, newer members have done better than older, larger members. As with Eurovision, there is a bias in favour of the newer underdog. Often in the EU that is backed up with hard cash. Ireland is successful enough to stand on its own feet now, but there is no doubt that largesse from the EU’s structural funds and the common agricultural policy gave it a big leg-up. New members also benefit from a honeymoon period that is almost built into EU entry. In the early years new entrants get the maximum gains from the removal of trade barriers, together with an influx of foreign investment.

Cleo replaces Stephanie in Dutch junior
Therefore, she cannot participate in the Dutch national selection for the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Broadcaster AVRO today announced that Cleo will replace her. About ten girls got the leading role of Annie; Stephanie is only one of them. Due to child labour regulations, young kids can only work for a few hours a week and thus the producers of Annie had to find more girls to play the leading character. 12-year old Stephanie from Amsterdam was supposed to sing the song De wereld om je heen (The world around you) in one of the two semifinals.

Shock! Javine Beats Jordan In Euro ContestGigwise
Javine first found fame on the Pop Stars: The Rivals show when she lost out on a place in the line-up of bony pop clones Girls Aloud. She has since had four top 20 singles as a solo artist. Gina G, who represented the UK in the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest, was the voters’ least favourite act on the night.

I’m drunk on my new way of lifeIrish Independent
Nothing for it but to have loads more wine and start talking through my dainty posterior. The fact that I ended up doing a one-woman Eurovision show is entirely attributable to the French man. I bet he couldn’t wink like Sean Dunphy and dance barefoot like Sandy Shaw if put to the test. But, then again, he has read the section on alcohol.

The road from hereGuardian Unlimited
BritainPrime minister Gordon Brown, despairing of the European economic reform process, calls and wins referendum on UK withdrawal from the EU to join North American Free Trade Area or expanded European Free Trade Association. EnlargementTurkey told it cannot proceed with membership negotiations because of popular opposition. Offered associate status instead but rejects that to join Saudi Arabia in loose, US-backed Middle Eastern federation. Will it happen?About as likely as the UK winning Eurovision again. Muddle throughWhat could happen?EU rules revert by default to the 2001 Nice treaty, but there is a deep crisis of confidence as stagnation sets in and policy initiatives are blocked by the cumbersome voting system. There are bitter quarrels between Brussels-bashing member states and the European commission. It becomes difficult to forge EU policies on environment and foreign policy to stand up to the US.

Mentor for Norway | Mentor | Mentors | Global |
Norway shares boarders with Sweden, Finland and Russia, and has a population of 4,524,000 with over 10% living in the country’s capital, Oslo. People: Norwegians are a proud flag-bearing nation, and extremely passionate about their Olympic skiing achievements, it is also said that they are born with skis on their feet!Norwegians take great pleasure in being outdoors and spending time with the family, and any opportunity to escape to the ‘hytte’ cottage is never wasted. A few famous Norwegians include Edvard Munch, Henrik Ibsen, explorer Thor Heyerdahl, and not forgetting Jahn Teigen – famous for his ‘Nil Points’ in the Eurovision Song Contest. Climate: A third of Norway lies north of the Arctic Circle, where there is almost continuous daylight from May through July. In midwinter the far north is dark almost all of the time with recorded temperatures of -51°C in Karasjok.

The Local – Swedes sceptical towards National DayThe Local
“We regret any mistakes we have made and are prepared to make up for them,” she said. htmlNational–>.

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