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* Norway marks its ‘100th birthday’
* Wogan given honorary knighthood
* Wogan knighted by Queen
* From Peckham to the palace: arise Sir Del Boy | Special reports |…
* Crick on the continent
* Gulf Times – Qatar’s top-selling English daily newspaper – Britain/Ire…
* Mum, I want my butler!

Norway marks its ‘100th birthday’BBC News
Norway answered by reinforcing its defences along the Swedish border but – despite strong nationalist sentiments in both countries – democracy prevailed. After negotiations both countries agreed to let the Norwegian people decide for themselves through a referendum whether they wanted full independence. Today the only animosity between the two countries seems to be found on the football pitch or during the Eurovision song contest where there can be only one winning team.

Wogan given honorary knighthoodBBC News
The former TV chat show host boasts the biggest radio audience with his breakfast show on BBC Radio 2. He is also famed for his wry commentary at the Eurovision Song Contest. But he will not be called Sir Terry because he is not a British citizen. Wogan joins the likes of Bill Gates and Bob Geldof to have gained the honour.

Wogan knighted by QueenU.TV – UTV
The radio presenter and Eurovision host revealed that the monarch told him she had tuned in to his long-running breakfast show this morning. He had tried to tempt her into turning on a set of Christmas lights in return for a festive tipple and bite to eat… “The star has entertained the nation on the airwaves for more than 40 years and is one of the country`s most popular DJs. His BBC Radio 2 breakfast show, Wake Up With Wogan, attracts more than eight million listeners. He is also famed for his tongue-in-cheek coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest, which he has presented for more than 30 years. “They`ll have to shoot me to stop me. I shall cling to the wreckage as long as I can,” he said of the annual musical bonanza. He described his role in presenting the Children In Need telethon as his greatest achievement. “We have raised about ?40 million now.

Its original lyrics, “Machinations, No. Falsifications, No. Yushchenko, Yushchenko,” had to be changed for the Eurovision contest to the ostensibly less political, “We won’t stand for this — no! The revolution is on! Because lies are the weapons of mass destruction!”
Following the Orange Revolution, rock music, like many things associated with young people, is being subjected to new scrutiny in Russia. “They have learned from the events in Ukraine that popular music can be a very powerful force. And they hope to cooperate with this force. Therefore they are trying to attract to their side our rock elite, which is up for sale. ”
Ukrainian rock musicians played an energizing role not only by singing anthems to tent dwellers on Kyiv’s Independence Square during the Orange Revolution but also during the presidential campaign.

From Peckham to the palace: arise Sir Del Boy | Special reports |…Guardian Unlimited
Like his fellow Irishman Bob Geldof, he will not actually be knighted by the Queen. No 10 said he should not formally be known as Sir Terry, although this has held few back from calling Geldof Sir Bob. “I hope I can prove worthy of it,” Wogan, the presenter of the Eurovision song contest, said. Geldof’s fellow Live 8 rock stars Brian May of Queen and Midge Ure are also honoured. Another ageing rocker, Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, is given an OBE in the diplomatic list, for services to street children in Brazil. Jonathan Ross, the garrulous talk show host and Comic Relief presenter, is given an OBE. The self-styled “dawn patroller” of Radio 2, the presenter Sarah Kennedy, gets an MBE.

Crick on the continentBBC News
Should British builders fear that they will be undercut by rivals who commute back to Warsaw at weekends?Are German car workers right to think their jobs will be exported to the Czech Republic unless they take pay cuts?Is the Euro strangling the Greek economy?Are the Dutch being ousted from the centre of Europe by a conspiracy of Eastern Europeans as they were in the Eurovision Song Contest?Is the EU a byword for fraud and bureaucracy?What are the questions you want Michael Crick to ask and who should he put them to?We’d like to hear from Newsnight viewers from across the continent as well as from home. Email your thoughts via the form below.

Gulf Times – Qatar’s top-selling English daily newspaper – Britain/Ire…Gulf Times
0pt; mso-bidi-font-family: ‘Times New Roman’">?It is totally unexpected and I can only hope it will bring a little pleasure to the viewing public as it has brought great pleasure to me and my family,? he said. 0pt; mso-bidi-font-family: ‘Times New Roman’">There was an honorary knighthood for Terry Wogan, the veteran broadcaster and gently mocking voice of the Eurovision Song Contest. ?I hope I can prove worthy of it,? said Wogan. 0pt; mso-bidi-font-family: ‘Times New Roman’">Dame Judi Dench, the Oscar-winning actress, becomes a companion of honour, while Rod Eddington, outgoing chief executive of British Airways, received a knighthood for reviving the company?s fortunes.

Mum, I want my butler!Sunday Times – The Sunday Times
But older kids should find plenty to keep themselves occupied. And it wouldn’t be Club Med without “entertainment”: one evening we wandered down for dinner to find the entire guest population seated in the courtyard watching a musical rendition of Cleopatra, with all the staff dressed up as pharaohs and belly dancers. It was Hi-de-Hi meets Eurovision, but Felix was impressed. “I love the party!” he said — and so, it would seem, did all the smiley happy people around him, floating on that slightly surreal, but rather comfortable planet of Club Med.

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