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Javine plans career move?

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* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
* Take a reality check – in Slovenian
* Javine plans career move?
* It’s all Greek to me
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Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
His remarks are not too coaxing for broadcaster ORF. “Austria is free! Free from the Song Contest and thus free from any intrigues, non-democratic election systems and wrong decisions which are connected to it year after year. In a sense, one should be glad that there won’t be any more suicidal actions like Global.

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
The one and a half hour lasting show will be repeated every other two hour. Unfortunately, two commentators are filling the image and commenting the whole contest. The 1962 Eurovision Song Contest took place in Luxembourg on Sunday 18th March 1962. Sixteen countries participated and awarded three, two and one point to their three favourite songs.

Take a reality check – in SlovenianSunday Times – The Sunday Times
Tony Blair loves having something new to believe in and it shows. He may have begun his “I have a Eurovision” speech a bit tentatively, for the Brussels Parliament has all the intimacy of an aircraft hangar, but soon he was in full flow. By the end, his hands and arms swooped like gulls over the sea. It was as if he was dancing with himself. That amount of swooping (not to mention swaying) is rare for Mr Blair. In Britain he is much more controlled, and his movements jerkier.

Javine plans career move?Digital Spy
The singer has been seeking advice from Peter Stringfellow on how to run a successful business. “I’d love to open up some really cool places,” she told the Daily Star. “I’d definitely keep it in the family just like Peter. I’d get my older sister Collette to help me and my mum Paula.

It’s all Greek to meGuardian Unlimited
“This is not our problem,” the greengrocer told me. “We are more concerned with the price of tomatoes. ” Winning the European Football Championship and the Eurovision Song Contest, and successfully staging the last Olympic games may not, strictly speaking, be linked to Greece’s membership of the EU but the wider truth is that being part of Europe has transformed this country beyond all recognition. The trauma of the Greek civil war, in which more than a million people died, at last seems to be fading into history; the dark night of the colonels seems to have been deliberately consigned to the national subconscious. News
Martin Tomzyk unveiled the secrets of the DTM tothe winner of the “2004 Eurovision Grand Prix”. Ruslana was even giventhe chance to take a seat in the cockpit of Tomczyk’s Audi A4 DTM andwas absolutely thrilled afterwards: “I drive an Audi myself and am agreat Audi fan. At Oschersleben, the Audi drivers not only caused a sensation on thecircuit but in the paddock as well: on a race track specially set up forthis purpose, Mattias Ekstr?m, Martin Tomczyk and Frank Stippler foughta few really tough duels with remote-controlled Audi A4 DTM cars thatlooked the worse for wear afterwards.

The packages will be available on a single country or a group of countries basis. ”Athens 2004 highlighted the ever increasing appeal of the Olympic Games. European television audiences reached record levels with viewers watching an average of 14 hours of broadcast coverage over the 17 days of the competition,” said Stefan KCThe official publication and launch of the invitation to tender is due shortly. Those interested in receiving the ITT can contact the EBU at: tender@eurovision.

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