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It’s neck and neck in home stretch

Eurovision News Review:

* Dino’s sister Lorena to represent Croatia in Hasselt
* Bucks Fizz release Ultimate Anthology
* Istanbul hotels benefit from the city’s new vogue
* It’s neck and neck in home stretch
* SPIEGEL’S DAILY TAKE And the Olympic 2012 Winner is … London!
* A cynic recants — London can beat those Frenchies at their little…
* Young Talent Team’s ‘The Heart of Gold… the Festival’……
* The Local – Victoria’s boyfriend in tax trouble

Dino’s sister Lorena to represent Croatia in
The final was won by Lorena Jelusic, sister of 2003 Junior Eurovision Song Contest winner Dino Jelusic, with the song Rock baby. Lorena succeeds Nika Turkovic who finished third for Croatia at last year\”;.

Bucks Fizz release Ultimate
The CD includes the UK’s 4th Eurovision song contest winners – Bucks Fizz’s hits in chronological order for the first time from previously unreleased master tapes, several mixes of some of their biggest hits and a previously unreleased 1987 remake of My camera never lies. The CD cover features Bucks Fizz’s mainstay members Cheryl Baker, Bobby Gee and Mike Nolan together with original 4th member, Jay Aston, and her replacement, Shelly Preston. This is the first time the 5 singers have been included in the same picture. Bucks Fizz are the seminal 80s pop band whose career kicked off with the Eurovision-winning stormer, Making your mind up. They had 20 chart entries during their career including The land of make believe, My camera never lies and Piece of the action.

Istanbul hotels benefit from the city’s new vogueTurkish Daily News – Turkish Daily News (subscription)
?It started last year with the Eurovision contest, followed by the NATO summit, which attracted massive coverage from the global media,? said Soper. This spring saw the UEFA Champions Cup final and the local hotel market has finally turned around after a big slump following the March 2003 invasion of Iraq and the terrorist bombings in November that year. ?I think we were all off target on the speed of the turnaround,? said Soper, who added that Ceylan finished June at some 87 to 88 percent occupancy, ?which is phenomenal. ? Other factors in the increasing awareness of Istanbul as a destination city include the possibility of entering the European Union and an atmosphere of economic and political stability, said the Hong Kong-born hotelier. ?Instability discourages tourism and conferences and business in general,? said Soper.

It’s neck and neck in home stretchThe Observer
Like the Eurovision Song Contest, which seems rarely to be decided on the basis of the best act, national coalitions remain strong between old allies and prejudice against old foes runs deeper than the sea between them. IOC president Jacques Rogge has predicted a race as close as that between Sydney and Beijing in 1993, which ended with Sydney ahead by only two votes for the right to stage the 2000 Olympics. In the bidding process for the 2008 Games, Beijing beat Toronto, who finished second, by 34 votes, so when word comes out of Singapore that there is all to play for, believe it. For anyone who believes passionately in the educational value of sport, in its capacity to heal, its ability to bring pleasure into people’s lives and to improve the physical health and mental welfare of those who participate, this is a seminal moment. If London wins the right to host the 2012 Olympics, the capital city will never be the same again and the national view of sport will change for ever… He will have memorised his speech so carefully that, if he appears to go off script, it will be a well-rehearsed move aimed at pulling in the swaying voters who have been left uninspired by the aloof efficiency of Paris. London has a great chance, but this race is too tight to call and there could be a big surprise. With four European cities splitting the ‘Eurovision’ vote, Britain’s unpopularity with its nearest continental neighbours is diluted. Madrid is the most natural choice of most of the South American votes, while Paris will appeal to many of the African countries. The London bid team have worked hard to gather in the North American votes and those of any members supporting New York, which is expected to drop out in the first or second round. The Australasian votes would tend to lean towards London, while the Asian votes are impossible to call. The recent lobbying has seen Madrid and London develop strong ties, promising to support each other when one drops out.

SPIEGEL’S DAILY TAKE And the Olympic 2012 Winner is … London!Spiegel Online
All even elicited massive star power, as soccer star David Beckham and Tony Blair arrived in Singapore, where the IOC met to make its selection, to pitch for London, Hillary Clinton and Muhammad Ali flew in for New York, Russia sent President Vladimir Putin and Madrid sent both the Spanish prime minister and the queen. Even the coverage of the Singapore decision did what it could to underscore the high-stakes decision, with shots cutting back and forth from one capital to the next and the crowds gathered to await their city’s fate. Even more high drama than the Eurovision song contest. But when it came down to the actual voting, it seemed the IOC wasn’t quite up to the gravitas… But when it came down to the actual voting, it seemed the IOC wasn’t quite up to the gravitas. All the secret balloting, sealed envelopes and odd vocabulary (what, pray tell, is a scrutineer?) were reminiscent of the highly ritualized papal elections. And the instructions to the voters — broadcast across the world — were classic: “Once the voting has been opened, you will be allowed to vote,” for example. London, however, couldn’t care less at this point. Let the Games begin.

A cynic recants — London can beat those Frenchies at their little…Sunday Times – The Sunday Times
And if the British are supposedly not much good at the grand projet then we are worse at the grand bung when it is called for. Besides which, we remain firmly in the sin-bin for backing the Americans in Iraq. Hell, the assertion runs, if we cannot win the Eurovision Song Contest anymore, how can we expect to win the Olympics? Twelve months ago I would have concluded that the combined impact of these three arguments was overwhelming. In truth, though, while they have superficial weight, they are pretty feeble when placed under sustained analysis. The notion that the British do not do grands projets is, if you think about it for around 30 seconds, ludicrous. What is much of London but a hugely impressive grand projet assembled over the centuries? St Paul’s Cathedral is, I put it to you, not a piece of mere prefabrication. We have architects who are respected throughout the planet, a flair for design for which there is enormous international demand and a major collection of buildings erected in the past ten years (notably on the South Bank) that are stunning.

Young Talent Team’s ‘The Heart of Gold… the Festival’……
The Festival’ on Friday August 26 with the aim of raising funds for 14 homes where over 300 children live in residential care, and for ‘Ir-Razzett tal Hbiberija’ where over 1,000 persons with special needs attend daily. This festival will have lots of Maltese top artistes, all with a superb heart of gold, creating a 3-hour spectacle not to be missed. Last year’s Malta Junior Eurovision representatives, The Young Talent Team, have celebrated their fifth birthday in April. Now they also have a new single ‘Celebration’, music by Andrew Zammit and lyrics by Chris Azzopardi. A London based website,.

The Local – Victoria’s boyfriend in tax troubleThe Local
“We regret any mistakes we have made and are prepared to make up for them,” she said. htmlNational–>.

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