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* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
* Venue for young gets £50,000 boost
* Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan
* Arise, Sir Terry, knight of the tongue-in-cheek
* Fancy a little adventure? Follow an Eastern star
* – It will be tough for Blair to turn the tide of scepticism in Europe

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
The Maltese singer, runner-up of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, will be promoting Angel which has earlier been released on single in Germany. Beginning July Chiara’s Angel entered the German single charts at the 95th spot. The single however left the charts the week after. This year’s Maltese entry flopped in Switzerland, Austria and Belgium where it did not succeed in entering the official single charts after its release. On Sunday morning 10th July, Chiara will be one of Andrea Kiewel’s guests in ZDF-Fernsehgarten.

Venue for young gets £50,000 boostNorwich Evening News
The Open project was presented with the cheque from Norwich Union during a special drug, alcohol and tobacco free party night on Saturday. Despite a sudden change in the bill, which saw Eurovision Song Contest performer Javine replaced by chart stars Freefaller, the night was a massive success. Lord Mayor Michael Banham also visited the event, which was for 12 to 17 year-olds and ran from 5pm until 10pm. PC Colin Lang, who works with the Open venue in Bank Plain, said he was very disappointed that Javine had pulled out of the event at the last minute. “Her management said they hadn’t put it in her diary and despite having paid her £3500 in advance I was informed on Thursday she was pulling out. ”He said the £50,000 donation from Norwich Union would help towards achieving the project’s ultimate goal, which was to secure the £3.

This week, young Kyrgyz were treated to a free showing of the Hollywood movie “Troy,” as well as “The Turkish Gambit,” a Russian blockbuster about the 19th-century Russo-Turkish war. On 8 July, the group is hoping to stage a large concert. Among the invited guests is Ruslana, the Ukrainian pop diva who won the Eurovision song contest in 2004 and supported Yushchenko during his presidential campaign. But what else can be done to attract young voters to Bakiev’s cause? Ivanov says he helped the interim president think of ways to bring in the youth vote. “If you look at the program, it’s very broad, but there is a shorter version for voters. And unfortunately, it doesn’t say much about youth,” Ivanov said. “We pointed this out [to Bakiev].

Daily Times – Leading News Resource of PakistanDaily Times
Biker Sean Carr, 36, struck up an unlikely romance with Eugenia Timoshenko after their eyes met in an Egyptian bar. He has moved to Ukraine where his friends were amazed to see him on TV sitting next to President Viktor Yushchenko at the Eurovision Song Contest. Sean misses his daughter Charlotte, 10, but has moved his Harley Davidson and Rottweiler, Salem, out and formed a rock band called Death Valley Screamers. In the autumn Mr Carr will be back in Yorkshire for his wedding, which will be witnessed by 25-year-old Eugenia?s mum, Yuliya Timoshenko, the Ukrainian Prime Minister. Mr Carr, who has left behind his Heel and Key bar in Leeds? Kirkgate Market, said: ?I know it?s mad. I can?t really believe it myself, it?s just bizarre.

Arise, Sir Terry, knight of the
Sir Terry, 67, known to millions as the tongue-in-cheek presenter of the Eurovision Song Contest and the host of Children in Need, was honoured at Buckingham Palace. He had even tried to tempt her into turning on a set of Christmas lights in return for a festive tipple. “The Queen said she had been listening this morning,” Sir Terry said.

Fancy a little adventure? Follow an Eastern
Even if the negotiations are concluded successfully, membership is by no means guaranteed – France has mandated that it will hold a referendum and it would take a dramatic change in public opinion to obtain a ‘yes’. “Readers of The Daily Telegraph have already given their verdicts. David Thurlow of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, said: “If Israel can take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, surely Turkey can be part of the European Union. “While the reaction of Fran Morris of Chinnor, Oxfordshire, was simply: “There goes another cheap holiday destination. “For now, I intend to hang on to my Eastern European shares. They certainly make a more interesting home for this year’s Sipp than the residential property everyone else is talking about – despite the fact that Halifax said this week house prices only edged up by 2. 8 per cent this year.

– It will be tough for Blair to turn the tide of scepticism in EuropeCalcutta Telegraph
It will be interesting and somewhat nerve-wracking to see if the UK presidency can succeed in forwarding essential changes to the EU. Overnight successes seem improbable but progress may be made. The pan-European Eurovision Song Contest last month showed the disfavour with which Old Europe is viewed by its new neighbours from the former Soviet bloc. The competition is taken extremely seriously in all the contesting countries except the UK, which, encouraged by the now traditional tongue-in-cheek commentary of our Irish comp?re, has always considered it a bit of a joke. Increasingly though, and however pointlessly, it has become a forum for paying off old scores. The message, this year, was loud and clear ? the new states of Europe don?t like us. They voted for their new allies and traditional friends and neighbours, not for us.

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