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* Eurovision off key with OASA
* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
* The euro-derision contest
* The Other Katrina
* Javine speaks about nightclub nightmare
* Centenary dinner date
* Culture & Lifestyle | 09.01.2005 German Lyrics Crossing Borders
* A day in the half-life of Chernobyl
* Wogan hits the target amid all-star hackers

Eurovision off key with OASAKathimerini
Sources said the Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) opposed a proposal by organizers to set aside a separate traffic lane for Eurovision visitors. Athens won hosting rights to the 59th Eurovision song contest after singer Helena Paparizou won with Greece?s entry, ?My Number One,? at this year?s contest in Kiev, Ukraine, in May. Organizers anticipate that 45 entries ? each with at least 30 people on their teams ? will participate in Eurovision next year. The competition is popular in Greece, attracting the attention of mainstream media.

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
The entry to represent the country in Hasselt, Belgium, and will be chosen on 17th September by televoters. Walters & Kazha, who represented Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, hosted the draw. They had to find ten bottles with numbers hidden all around Ventspils, the town where the Latvian junior event will take place. When the number was found the passers by were involved in choosing a toy fish from Walters&Kazha’s basket, holding an envelope with the finalist’s name. The results of the draw:

1. Laura Grigorjeva – Bam, bam, bam (Bam, bam, bam)
Laura is 10 years old, from Riga.

The euro-derision
It has changed Italians in many ways. When losing the lira, we lost a bit of our national identity. Although in my songs I sang about a united Europe, this loss of identity worries many of my countrymen. “FRANCE Fabienne Depuga, 32, logistics assistant for a Parisian designer spectacles company, said: “Paris was always expensive, but now it seems impossible to live here.

The Other KatrinaCorante
She actually had some success, even winning the Eurovision Song Contest for England in 1997, but she wanted back in the pop game. So how do you make a comeback in 2005?You go tho the Web, of course. She has her own record label, so does.

Javine speaks about nightclub nightmareDigital Spy
The singer, who represented the UK in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, lost control of her movement at a bar in Notting Hill, West London, after drinking two vodkas and cranberries. “One minute I was dancing. The next my legs went numb,” Javine told the Sunday Mirror. “I woke up the next morning with a banging headache and started vomiting and shaking. “Although Hylton decided to go ahead with a recording of Disco Mania for ITV1, producers had to call a doctor an hour after she arrived.

Centenary dinner dateCharlton Athletic Football Club
A number of former players will also be present at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, Hyde Park, London. Tickets, priced ?95 each or ?900 for a table for 10, will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. The dinner will also feature a specially produced film by ITV Sport, to be
introduced by Addicks director and BBC chairman Michael Grade, charting some
of the key moments in the club’s history. Anyone interested should contact assistant to the chief executive Steve Sutherland at.

Culture & Lifestyle | 09.01.2005 German Lyrics Crossing BordersDeutsche Welle
Eastward expansion
In eastern Europe, German texts are becoming more and more popular, and not just because of the already-mentioned “Kraljevski Apartman. ” The Romanian rockers “Ricochee” recorded an entire album in German — to “keep alive the German influence on the Transylvanian culture,” as they say. In Slovenia, “Sestre” sings in German, and in Poland, “Ich Troje” even entered a song with German lyrics in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest. “In Warsaw, German folk singers from the 1960’s are trendy,” Mindner said. “There are even dedicated radio stations for this music.

A day in the half-life of ChernobylThe Age
If I were writing a postcard, it would say: “Having a greattime in Chernobyl. Wish you were here. Ukraine has been a happening place since Ruslana, dressed like awarrior, won the Eurovision Song Contest last year. WesternEuropeans laugh at the kitsch of the contest, but eastern Europeanstake it very seriously, seeing participation as a sign ofacceptance in their new European home. Now that the OrangeRevolution, culminating in the election of the reformist PresidentViktor Yushchenko after widespread protests against corruption, hasput Ukraine squarely on the map, tour operators are expecting atourism boom. In its way Kiev, or Kyiv, as the Ukrainians say, is aspicturesque as Prague or Budapest. For now, it is also a lotcheaper.

Wogan hits the target amid all-star
“”But Renton,” said Wogan in reply. “The golf is awful. “An inspired bit of casting as commentator, Wogan brought all the skills he had honed on the Eurovision Song Contest to bear on the All Star Cup, those of wryness, dryness and unyielding sarcasm. “How old is he?” he asked as a decidedly useful-looking Haley Joel Osment, the child star of the movie The Sixth Sense, addressed the ball. “I don’t think he’s still a teenager,” said Laidlaw. “Ah, he didn’t grow then,” said Wogan. But the nation’s favourite morning DJ seemed most thrilled to see the ginger locks of Chris Evans out on the course.

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