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* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
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* Christmas Waugh tale, Boycs and Shoaib (again)
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Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
Composers and song writers have time until 5th December to finish their potential 2006 Eurovision Song Contest entries. Foreign composers and writers are allowed to participate, but only if the country they are from also accepts foreigners in the national selection. This means, for example, that Belgian composers and writers are welcome to send in their music. After the deadline, an internal jury will listen to the songs. 50 of them will participate in a selection behind closed doors.

Steppes in the right
If you hanker for a hint of bohemia this winter – if you miss the swirl of a full skirt around your legs (feminine as well as warming) – you will be happy to know that the gipsy has been reincarnated as her first cousin: the folklore fanatic. The theme takes its inspiration, principally, from bygone Russia, but, as ever, the cross-references result in a cultural melting pot of ideas, patterns, textures and colours. Jean Paul Gaultier, inspired by his visit to Kiev as a guest of honour at the Eurovision Song Contest, based his.

Chiara in
After returning from Kiev, Chiara completed recording her new album ‘Here I Am’ which is packed with powerful ballads written by some of the world’s best songwriters. Chiara will be performing most songs from that album along with numbers from Joss Stone, Barbara Streisand and Christina Aquliera. Another highlight of the evening will be the performance of the two songs that brought her and Malta success at the two Eurovision Song Contests in 1998 with “The One That I Love”, and 2005 with the unforgettable “Angel”. She will be performing live with her band.

State of the nationGuardian Unlimited
The last time it happened was thanks to a transsexual called Dana. For a brief moment, the world became aware of Israel for a reason other than bombs, bullets or bloodshed. When Dana International won the 1998 Eurovision song contest, a different Israel suddenly came into view, one never seen on the television news. Courtesy of the comely Dana, Israel was exposed as a place not only of soldiers and politicians, but of DJs and drag queens, too.

Lord of the controversySan Diego Union Tribune

"RIVERDANCE": The seven minutes that shook the world of Irish dance occurred in 1994, when Michael Flatley created an interval feature for the Eurovision song contest. Seen by an international television audience, "Riverdance" proved such a hit it was expanded into an evening-length production in 1995. Flatley starred, along with Jean Butler, but he left the show amid contention after 13 weeks of performances. "Riverdance" continued, and Liam Harney (whose bicoastal company is located here and in Boston) initially took Flatley's role. There are currently three international touring companies, performing this evening in Amsterdam, Osaka, and Charlotte, N.

Christmas Waugh tale, Boycs and Shoaib (again)
“It was a mixture of bad bowling, good shots and arse. ” Good old-fashioned Australian bluntness. Admirable honesty Part Two The ICC’s otherwise admirable Intercontinental Cup, the first-class tournament for countries just under Test status – which was won by Ireland – had been bedevilled by a bonus points system that makes that used by the Eurovision Song Contest seem child’s play. But in a rare moment of candidness, the ICC website admitted that the scoring system was “harder to fathom than Sudoku”. Expect some changes ahead of the 2006 competition. Professionalism with a capital P.

‘Honk!’ the musical – an EGG-cellent evening for all the…
The dedicated and talented cast, who are all Stagecoach Malta students, has been rehearsing hard since the last week of August. The role of Ugly is being played by Isaac Cutajar, Cat is Sarah Dalli, Ida is Andrea Gauci, while Ugly’s ‘dad’ Drake is being portrayed by David Chircop, who recently played the lead in ‘Wuthering Heights’ in the Stagecoach UK production as well as the part of a street alongside with Ray Winstone in the ITV film ‘She’s Gone’. The ebullient Bullfrog is Justin T. Mamo and his comical sidekick Leapfrog, is being played by the runner up of the Junior Eurovision, Damian Buhagiar. Other cast members include Maxine Calleja Urry (recently Blousey in ‘Bugsy Malone’), Bettina Paris (Young Cassandra in ‘Helen of Troy’), Becky Camilleri, Sophia Cefai, Andrea Grech and Julie Grima. These are more than ably backed by a chorus of Geese, Froglets and assorted Farmyard Animals. Edward Mercieca is the Artistic Director of ‘Honk!’.

Comment: Sue DenhamSunday Times – The Sunday Times
Only 207,000 tuned in to RTE 1 at 8. 30pm to watch Bertie Ahern’s 30-minute speech. An anniversary Eurovision song contest on RTE 2 at the same time pulled 335,000. Perhaps if Fianna Fail had asked O’Rourke to sing. Queen likes those from the North to have a Nobel prize or twoWhy is privy councillor Ian Paisley, whose wife is about to be enobled, ignored at important British establishment events? Take the banquet in honour of King Harald of Norway held last Tuesday in Buckingham Palace.

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