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* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
* Hasselt 2005: Malta and Norway!
* Business Day – News Worth Knowing
* – linking the world to Zimbabwe
* Riverdance is going to get jiggy with it
* Sibt il-Familja
* Stephen Simmonds disqualified from Melodifestivalen

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
After a visit to the kids room, it’s time for Sweden. There seemed to be a camera problem, but the performance of M+ was good. Grown up Eurovision Song Contest participants can learn something from this contest! The Russian singer Vlad seemed to be convinced on stage, although he didn’t catch the right camera a few times. Vlad, just follow the red lights on top of them and everything will be allright! FYR Macedonia had a spectacular opening and a great performance as well. Time for a video about all the hard work behind this contest!

Dutch Tess might have been a bit nervous, but there was no reason for that! There is no sign from the soar throath she suffered from over the past days. Tess, have some tea and relax, everything will be just fine! The first real problems came up at the beginning of Philip from Serbia & Montenegro. Apparantly there was a sound problem, for which Philip, carrying a football, had to start over… it’s almost freezing in Hasselt! Spain is again one of the favourites of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The first seconds of the song are impressive and the strong vocals can do the rest! A happy yell at the end of the Belarussian performance marks the end of this rehearsal. The next rehearsal, with audience, takes place tonight. Whoever may win, all countries selected great singers and entertainers. Whoever are among the favourites or not, things can turn out different during the actual show.

Hasselt 2005: Malta and Norway!
com News. Day by day, esctoday. com will present you the 16 participants, two per day. Today: Thea and her friends from Malta and Malin from Norway! 13. Malta – Thea & Friends – Make it right
Thea & Friends will represent Malta at the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Business Day – News Worth KnowingBusiness Day
So the winner of SA’s richest race at Turffontein tomorrow may well be Royal Aproval or Eurovision. Woodruff won the 1999 running with El Picha and his next win came in 2002 with Laurie Jaffee’s import, Eventuail. Terrance Millard was a co-owner in El Picha, and the former maestro trainer may have more to celebrate tomorrow as Royal Aproval looks a great prospect in this 2000m Grade 1 contest. While this Al Mufti filly is no Makybe Diva, it is worth noting that the four-year-old reserves her best performances for Turffontein and last season she won the Fillies Guineas and Oaks at the city track. Woodruff feels Royal Aproval may fare better of his two runners as Eurovision would prefer a longer trip, but Glen Hatt’s mount rose to the occasion when second in the Durban Gold Cup and could do so again tomorrow. – linking the world to
It is not the fact that Commonwealth leaders are less accessible, escaping the press and assorted lobbyists by going into ?retreat? for most of the time. It is not the proliferation of non-government organizations in attendance, kidding themselves that they influence the proceedings, such as the Commonwealth Peoples Forum – ?underlining the relevance of civil society as an instrument of democracy?; or the Commonwealth Youth Forum -?discussing issues and coming up with action plans?. Nor is it the prospect of Friday?s opening ceremony, to be attended by 53 presidents, prime ministers and a sultan, expected to have all the dignity of a Miss World competition and the pomp of a Eurovision song contest. All this is disturbing enough. But the real indicator of the club?s distress is revealed in the latest report of Don McKinnon, the Commonwealth secretary general. An extraordinary omission in the document suggests that members have allowed themselves to become little more than a eunuch at a brothel: avid voyeurs but unable to participate. It should have been a celebration of an association whose time has come.

Riverdance is going to get jiggy with itTaipei Times
Not to be confused with Michael Flatley’s “other” foot tapping traditional Irish dance combo, the Lord of the Dance, which has paid numerous visits to Taiwan over the past three years, Riverdance was the first all Irish dance troupe to bring the Irish jig to mainstream audiences the world over. Flatley’s group was initially formed to perform at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, but Riverdance actually proved more popular than many of contest’s lackluster musical acts. Within a year the show that was choreographed to be a little more than a six-minute celebration of Irish culture that took to the stage in between acts had morphed into one of the most popular shows of all time. Since Flatley quit Riverdance in 1995 the group and show have not only spawned numerous copycat acts, but have led to global interest in all things Irish. Riverdance has performed nearly 10,000 concerts, has played to packed houses in over 30 countries, and has netted merchandising sales in excess of US$35 million. And as if all that isn’t enough to impress, then audience figures certainly should, as an estimated 2 billion people worldwide have seen the show.

Not every nation is fortunate enough to have the sort of anthem which stirs the blood and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up in the way that, say, France’s Marseilles or even the rather magnificent Russian anthem does. For every Star Spangled Banner out there, there are half a dozen pompous, tuneless dirges which would be pushed to score null points were somebody to invent a Eurovision Anthem contest. Perhaps the driving force behind Scottish and Welsh independence is a burning desire not to have anything to do with God Save The Queen, whose melody is also pressed into service by at least one other nation which really should have been able to come up with something better. In the sporting arena at least, the Welsh and Scots have opted out and come up with their own anthems, guaranteed to put fire in the bellies of their players and beer in the bellies of the fans. Given the recent results of the two nations the musical mission seems to have been accomplished in the latter case but not the former. Flower of Scotland is as melodically and rhythmically complex a song as can ever be bellowed by 50,000 people while the unofficial Welsh anthem is quite simply a masterpiece.

Dominic Said gives his opinion about what the local papers published this week and Maria Ferriggi shows a number of crafts for Christmas time. Sue Rossi is the programme’s special guest. Sibt il-Familja links live with Hasselt, Belgium just a few hours before Thea Saliba takes to the stage to represent Malta in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Marvin gives another delicious recipe while Andrew is at Ta’ Qali gym with instructor Charles Gauci with information about different parts of our body and their care during training. Noel takes us to another interesting holiday destination: Palma de Mallorca with a competition having a trip to Verona for two as a prize. Sibt il-Familja is on air every Saturday at 15. 00 and repeated at 23.

Stephen Simmonds disqualified from
Earlier this year Stephen released his third full-length album called This Must Be Ground. Back in 2003 Carola was disqualified in a similar way when she refused to participate in Melodifestivalen with the song N?r l?ven faller that she had sung on the demo sent to SVT. On Monday at 9:30 CET, SVT will hold a press conference about the preparations for Melodifestivalen 2006 so far and where the media will be introduced to all the artists competing, besides the four wildcards that will be made public later.

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