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* Teachers: Citizenship: European Union
* Return of the hitmen
* Take heed, Tony – disregard the under-25s at your peril
* Way of the world | Craig Brown | Columnists | Opinion | Telegraph
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* The Local – Åke Green cleared over gay sermon

Teachers: Citizenship: European UnionBBC News
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Return of the hitmenGuardian Unlimited
“It was a scam, but Pete got it. “Alas, no one else did: recorded under the puzzling name Agents Aren’t Aeroplanes, the Upstroke stalled outside the singles chart. Leaving aside Cyprus’s legendary ninth place in the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest, the trio’s first real success came that year with You Think You’re A Man, by rotund US drag queen Divine, previously best-known for pretending to eat dog excrement in John Waters’ 1972 arthouse film Pink Flamingos. “I’ve still got a review of that on my wall at home,” says Waterman. “It says, ‘For a man who started his career eating dog shit, this record is a step in the right direction. ‘ I thought, we’ve made it! This is it! We’ve arrived!”Initially, the trio specialised in a pop take on “hi-NRG”, the electronic dance music that soundtracked early 80s gay clubs. Indeed, they were so closely associated with the gay scene that on their first meeting, Dead Or Alive frontman Pete Burns automatically assumed that Waterman was homosexual.

Take heed, Tony – disregard the under-25s at your
Perhaps because my peers are advancing professionally, moving out of home and possibly taking themselves a bit too seriously, these parties are now all about decanted vintage Sangiovese, sourcing figs out of season and mildly pretentious faux-brow conversation. Apart from shedding light on the distinction between a borlotti and a cannellini bean (the yoga and Pilates of the fagioli world, apparently), a GUDP last week unearthed another disconcerting trend. When our host’s new girlfriend announced, between bites of seared organic scallop, that she would not be voting, I blithely assumed she was talking about Britain’s Eurovision entry, which was being decided that evening. Just minutes ago, she had been extolling the virtues of “spreading democracy” and earnestly citing events in the Middle East – including the extraordinary developments in Lebanon – as vindications of the war in Iraq.

Way of the world | Craig Brown | Columnists | Opinion |
Eagle-eyed viewers of the 1971 series of The Black and White Minstrel Show were quick to notice that three background minstrels were actually Daleks with heavily painted faces, wearing brightly coloured top hats and tails. But later the same year the Daleks were dropped from The Black and White Minstrel Show in Bexhill-on-Sea following complaints of threatening behaviour towards their fellow performers. “It’s not nice to be informed you are going to be exterminated by your fellow artistes” complained top Eurovision songstress Clodagh Rodgers. 9) Following their dismissal from The Black and White Minstrel Show in November, 1971, the three Daleks hoped to make a living as a male striptease group touring the country, but without success. “We were ahead of our time,” one of them now reflects, bitterly. When The Full Monty met with international acclaim eight years ago, a senior Dalek complained that they had stolen his idea, but the case was settled out of court. 10) Over the years, Doctor Who has employed many female assistants, among them Leela, Sarah Jane, and Romana, a Gallifreyan.

Penelope goes panto – Oh yes she doesSligo Weekender
Former Eurovision star Marc Roberts plays the role of Prince Charming and what a prince he makes. Marc has had a huge year in the music business and having toured Australia with Daniel O’Donnell last year he has now written five songs with Daniel on his latest album. The show also stars Lavinia Slater-Gilmartin who hails from Ballina and is actively involved in musicals in Mayo for many years. This is her first step into panto but her commanding performance as Penelope has to be seen to be believed. The show also features seven highly talented singers and dancers from Ballina called Spirit who have just completed their first album which goes on sale in early January.

Business Day – News Worth KnowingBusiness Day
De Kock now plans to run Ilha Da Vitoria in the Paddock Stakes at Kenilworth in January en route to a tilt at the Cape’s richest race, the J&B Met, three weeks later. Trainer St John Gray, whose big race hopes centred on SA Classic winner Jam Alley, saw his outsider, Bluesky County, emerge as the surprise package to pick up the second cheque of R500000. Another long shot, Cup of Grace, ran the race of his life for third place and turned the tables on Eurovision who had beaten him in the Java Handicap. Jam Alley took fourth place but never mounted a serious challenge. However, he fared better than two other fancied runners, Royal Approval and Western Prospect, who failed to produce their best form. Geoff Woodruff fears his whole string may have contracted a virus. He said: “Royal Approval went here as fit as a fiddle, but unbelievably was blowing heavily after the race.

The Local – Åke Green cleared over gay sermonThe Local
“We regret any mistakes we have made and are prepared to make up for them,” she said. htmlSociety–>.

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