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* six4one represents Switzerland at Eurovision Song Contest 2006
* Luxury 5 star passover experience, in the city center
* Radio’s Wogan becomes Sir Terry
* The hook of the draw
* [UPD] ’12 names for Israeli 2006 selection’
* Airy-fairy Blair lies in a French ditch looking at the stars
* Happy man: Nik Patel, 19

six4one represents Switzerland at Eurovision Song Contest
In 1996, she graduated cum laude as Bachelor of Music, and continued her studies at the University of Louisiana’s School of Music, where she majored in opera singing, performance and teaching, receiving a Master of Music degree. In addition to playing a variety of roles in numerous operas and musicals, she performs as a soloist and has also worked with the Sarajevo Philharmonics. In 2005, Tinka took part in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s national Eurovision Song Contest heats. Here, she was the TV audience’s favourite but was placed second by the nine-strong jury. For two years, Tinka has had her own radio talk show on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s biggest radio station. In addition to that Tinka is in her 4th season as host of the highest ranked TV show in the country, the “TV Bingo Show”. Another well-known singer comes from Malta: Keith Camilleri… He is popular with all the Maltese for his passionate voice. Regular guest on Maltese TV shows, Keith enjoys the popularity in his country and travels around the world to pursue his dream of becoming an internationally famous artist. In February 2004, he took part in the Maltese national Eurovision Song Contest heats, coming an excellent fourth with the song “Tango for two”. In 2005, Keith again enjoyed musical success in Malta with the track “Sunshine in your eyes”. This year he also participated in a project performing in Italy with Robbie Facchinetti of the world famous group “I Pooh”. Marco Matias’ roots are in Portugal. Although his parents emigrated to Germany, he returns regularly to his homeland.

Luxury 5 star passover experience, in the city centerJerusalem Post
It’s fascinating to see how quickly Yehimovic (who in the past was highly critical of haredi society), has declared an intention to reach out to haredi women on consumer issues, including the closure of shops on Shabbat. It’s amazing how leopards change their spots for the sake of fulfilling political aspirations. SIXTEEN-YEAR-old Israeli singer Liel Kolet will be a member of the newly formed Six for One group that will represent Switzerland at the 51st Eurovision Song Contest in Athens in 2006. It is not the first time that an Israeli has represented Switzerland at Eurovision. Esther Ofarim did so in 1963. Eurovision proved to be a marvelous springboard for her career.

Radio’s Wogan becomes Sir TerryBBC News
The Irish-born host, who presents a morning BBC Radio 2 show, recently obtained dual citizenship, allowing him to use the title “Sir”. Sir Terry, who used to present an evening BBC One chat show, has more than eight million listeners. He also presents TV coverage of the annual Eurovision Song Contest and the Children in Need telethon. Sir Terry, the most popular breakfast host nationally, was originally due to receive an honorary knighthood but his dual citizenship meant it was changed to an ordinary one. The broadcaster was born in Ireland before the country became a republic in 1949, entitling him to UK citizenship. A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said: “As Sir Terry obtained citizenship after the original announcement, his honorary knighthood was changed to an ordinary one. ”

After receiving his accolade, Sir Terry said he was “surprised” and “delighted”… Born in Limerick in 1938, Wogan went into banking after college before switching careers to join Ireland’s national Radio Eireann as a newsreader and announcer. He moved into light entertainment as a disc jockey and host of Irish TV quiz and variety shows before joining BBC radios. He has provided his popular commentary of the Eurovision Song Contest for more than 30 years. His chat show Wogan ran for 10 years until 1992. The presenter will revisit stars he first interviewed on the show for a new series, Wogan Now & Then, to be broadcast on UKTV Gold. Princess Michael of Kent and impressionist Rory Bremner are among the guests due to take part.

The hook of the
Maybe it’s something in my genes. How else can I explain an addiction to this and other internationally televised extravaganzas such as Jeux Sans Frontieres (Games Without Borders) and the Eurovision Song Contest? Apologies to those of you in parts of the world who have never heard of Stuart Hall and Terry Wogan!I suspect there are a few of you out there who are likewise closet admirers of these world gatherings. Multiple languages used simultaneously, lots of synchronized electronic music, celebrities famous only in their home countries. Get my drift now? This is all right up my street – and perhaps yours too. Anyway, as such spectacles go, the World Cup draw tops the lot. I’m being serious here, lest you accuse me of being unnecessarily whimsical.

[UPD] ’12 names for Israeli 2006 selection’
com, Yedi’ot Acharonot News. com and newspaper Yedi’ot Acharonot, Israeli broadcaster IBA will organise a KDAM festival to select its 2006 Eurovision Song Contest participant. A date has not yet been set, but according to our Greek colleagues, the 12 participants will be chosen from the list below. ? Ninet Tayeb
? Shai Gabso
? Har’el Skaat
? Har’el Moyal
? Adi Cohen
? Tzipi Mashhid
? Shlomo Gronich
? Avi Toledano
? Eti Ankri
? Tzvika Pick (writer of Israel1998)
? Momi Levi
? Yossi Azulai
? Sarit Hadad (Israel 2002)
? Yael Bar-Zohar
? Idan Reichel
? Metropolin
? Maya Buskila
? Eyal Golan
? Miri Messika
? Hadag Nachash

Thanks to an outstanding performance of Shiri Maimon, Israel already qualified for the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest final, on 20th May in Athens, Greece. UPDATE: According to broadcaster IBA, the list ciruclating on the internet is false. Official information about KDAM 2006 can be expected within weeks.

Airy-fairy Blair lies in a French ditch looking at the starsSunday Times – The Sunday Times
Nothing ventured, nothing gained is an admirable aphorism. But by yesterday the core strategy was collapsing. Blair has long seen the EU as a cross between a Ditchley weekend and a Eurovision song contest. Britain mooted that its rebate might be up for grabs and the European pack howled at once for the cash. Blair himself had said, over and again, that Britain would pay its “fair share” of the cost of EU enlargement.

Happy man: Nik Patel, 19News & Star
“It is sad she has had to bitch about us to get publicity for her solo records. ”

Mel herself recently had to fund her new single and album after being dropped by her record label, and her planned tour was halted. n JAVINE Hylton, who narrowly missed out on being voted into Girls Aloud, will represent Britain at the Eurovision Song Contest on May 21. The single, Touch My Fire, is out on Monday. The singer has revived her ailing pop career and is currently caught up in a whirlwind of promotion and rehearsals. Other stories from this category that may
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