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* Post-Eurovision revival
* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
* Eurovision ambitions for Lisa Scott-Lee
* Guildo Horn plays in a musical
* Jordan plans movie about her life
* The Star Online eCentral – Malaysia Entertainment
* Winter Olympics Turin 2006
* Two songs win place in Song for Europe final
* The Local – Police lies jail innocent people – justice chief

Post-Eurovision revivalJerusalem Post
Music fans will remember him as Israel’s entry at the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest. The song he sang five years ago, “Never Mind,” was supposed to be the title track of his album. But after a poor showing – Sondak placed just 16th in the contest – the song was thrown out and does not appear here on Af Elayich. Sondak writes in his press material that it took him three years to find songs “that spoke to his heart. The disc comprises 13 tracks, plus a video clip to the title song.

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
11th April: Ehud Manor (64). Manor wrote as many as seven songs for the Eurovision Song Contest, among Abanibi for Izhar Cohen (1st in 1978), Hi! for Ofra Haza (2nd in 1983). 12th May: Monica Zetterlund (67). She represented Sweden in 1963, her song En g?ng i Stockholm received no points at all in London. 13th June: Frans Smit (54), husband of Sjoukje Smit (Maggie MacNeal) died, suffering from cancer. He composed Amsterdam in 1980, when it came 5th… 13th June: Frans Smit (54), husband of Sjoukje Smit (Maggie MacNeal) died, suffering from cancer. He composed Amsterdam in 1980, when it came 5th. 16th July: Camillo Felgen (84) represented Luxembourg at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1960 and 1962. In 1960 he came last (13th) with So laang we’s du do bast, in 1962 he came 3rd with Petit bonhomme. 23rd August: Glenn Corneille (35) dies in a car crash. In 2003 he took part in the Dutch national selection with Idols winner Boris Titulaer and the song She would. 7th September: Sergio Endrigo (72, photo).

Eurovision ambitions for Lisa Scott-LeeDigital Spy
The singer was recently forced to give up her solo career after agreeing with MTV to do so when her latest single failed to get into the top ten. Now Scott-Lee views the contest, to be held in Athens next May, as a way of re-igniting her career. “People may laugh but some acts have had a lot of success after being in the contest,” she is quoted as saying. Last year the UK was represented by Javine Hylton, who failed to turn around the country’s poor performance in recent years.

Guildo Horn plays in a
Horn, who is referred to as “Der Meister (The Master)” by his fans, and the rest of the cast received standing ovations and rave reviews. Horn, who secured a 7th place for Germany at the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Guildo hat Euch lieb’, plays a good-hearted bank clerk, who, by mistake, founds himself in hell while his devilish counterpart, a gangster, takes his place in heaven. The play, written by Frank Nimsgern, which premiered in Guildo Horn’s hometown Trier yesterday, is described as “outreagously funny”. Critics called Horn’s performance “convincing”.

Jordan plans movie about her lifeDigital Spy
The glamour model, real name Katie Price, has said that it is the one ambition she hasn’t yet fulfilled. “I always wanted to do American Playboy and I done the cover of that and the spread inside,” she explained during an appearance on LBC Radio. “I always wanted to sing on telly which I did, I done the Children in Need and obviously the Eurovision and I’ve always wanted a record deal which I’ve just got. “And I’ve always wanted to bring a book out which I’ve done, and in fact my second book comes out February 1. My next thing is to do a film to my book. I’m going to do it, whatever happens I will do it.

The Star Online eCentral – Malaysia EntertainmentMalaysia Star
Bryan Adams, Neil Young and power trio Rush are all part of rock?s history and the likes of Alanis Morissette and more recently Avril Lavigne have been making their presence felt too. But what of Canada?s French-speaking province Quebec? Are its musical exports as convincing as the ROC (Rest of Canada, a term partly coined because of the separatist tendencies of Quebec). Well, naturally the pop superstar Celine Dion comes to mind (despite the fact that the lady actually won the 1988 Eurovision song contest representing Switzerland)! Lesser-known but no less respected within their field are the progressive metal band Voivod, post-rock sound merchants Godspeed You Black Emperor and current cult favourites The Arcade Fire. Nonetheless, a strong argument could be made for the fact that the music scene in ?la Belle Province? has never reached the majestic heights it did in the 1970s, although many of these acts that flourished during this time never reached the wide audience they deserved because of their steadfast determination to sing in French (then a major issue). Amidst the jazz-rock stylings of Maniege, the daring experiments of Et Cetera and Pollen (who released one utterly brilliant album in 1976) and the ethereal folk pieces of Beau Dommage and Opus 5, one act stands out.

Winter Olympics Turin 2006BBC News
Where such access cannot be provided, e. for technical reasons or because coverage of the sports action chosen by the sub licensee is not included in the multilateral Eurovision signal, the EBU shall coordinate access with the host broadcaster, either direct or through its member(s), all access costs being at the sub licensee’s expense. All costs associated with accessing and delivering the feed and production of any programming shall be borne by the sub licencee. Sub licencees choosing the Simulcasting option shall provided a link to the BBC Sport Winter Olympics Player on bbc.

Two songs win place in Song for Europe
The songs will take the 4th and the 15th spot respectively for the final nights of the 3rd and 4th of February. The complete list of participants for Song for Europe 2006 is the following: (composer, lyricist and singer respectively);You too Augusto Cardinali, Giovann Attard, singer J. Anvil; Amazing Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg, singer AnnaBelle; Only till the morning John David Zammit, Paul Callus, singers Ali and Lis; Stay with me Chan Vella, Paul Callus, singer Lara Azzopardi; Echoes of Gaia Charlene Grima, Natasha Grima and Deo Grech, singers Natasha and Charlene; I promise you Miriam Christine Warner, singer Emmanuel Xuereb; I do Aldo Spiteri, Fabrizio Faniello, singer Fabrizio Faniello; Tell me Paul Giordimaina, Fleur Balzan, singer Eleonor; This heart of mine Paul Ablea, Joe Julian Farrugia sung by Trilogy; So good Alfred Zammit singer Andreiana; Time Paul Giordimaina, Fleur Balzan, singer Paul Giordimaina; Reachin?out Paul Giordimaina, Fleur Balzan, singer Pamela; Stronger Charlene Grima, Deo Grech, singer Christian Arding; Waves Vinny Vella Jnr, Ray Tabone, singer Nadine Axisa; lt just comes natural Clinton Paul, duo Josef Tabone and Amanda Farrugia You?re my dream Jason Cassar, Sunny Aquilina, singer Kevin Borg; High alert! Ray Agius, Godwin Sant, singer Claudia Faniello; Spare a moment Ray Agius, Godwin Sant, singer Olivia Lewis. For more detailed information about Malta’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest see.

The Local – Police lies jail innocent people – justice chiefThe Local
“We regret any mistakes we have made and are prepared to make up for them,” she said. htmlNational–>.

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